Grand Theft Auto V – All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide

Grand Theft Auto V – All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide 6 -
Grand Theft Auto V – All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide 6 -
All Collectables Locations


Media Player/Sticks

5 Media Player/Sticks
4 Circoloco sticks as well as 1 MoodyMann stick to find

Location 1 (NightClub)
It will be placed next to the computer used by Tony Prince. (Office)

Location 2 (Arcade)
It will be placed on the left countertop of the Arcade Bar.

Location 3 (Casino Roof Terrace)
It will be placed on a table in one of the shaded lounge areas against the wall.

Location 4 (LS Car Meet Mod shop)
It will be placed on top of a red workbench by the mod shop.

Location 5 (LS Car Meet inside)(MoodyMann’s)
Locate MoodyMann’s white gauntlet hellfire and in the trunk is the 5th Media Stick!

  • Circoloco stick Rewards =
    2. new songs to be added to the music player (4 found from the sticks and the 20 exclusive tracks given upon finding all of them)
  • MoodyMann stick Rewards =
    10. summer-themed tracks added to the Media Player


Still Slipping Radio Antenna

There are 10 Radio antennas scattered throughout the Game.Grand Theft Auto V - All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide

  • First, visit the J? in Mirror park
  • Fix all 10 of the Radio antennas
  • Reward = $250 000 + RP
  • Bonus Reward = Still Slipping Radio Station before launch


Movie Props

Help Solomon Richards return his collection of famous movie props
7 Fixed props

  • Meltdown: Film Reel Behind a trash can outside Solomon’s Office entrance at Richards Majestic Productions, Backlot City.
  • WIFA Award: On a table in the back office of Vanilla Unicorn in Strawberry. The player must pay for a private dance to access the backrooms.
  • Indian Headdress: In the restrooms of The Diamond Casino & Resort between two urinals.
  • Alien Head: Near the top of Beam Me Up in Sandy Shores.
  • Mummy Head: On the porch of a house off Route 68, near the border between Great Chaparral and the Grand Senora Desert.
  • Clapperboard: On a desk in the air traffic control tower on the ground floor, Fort Zancudo.
  • Monster Mask: On a rock at the west side of the Altruist Camp, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.3 Different vehicles some static and some on the move
    (Only spawn in one location)
  • Mummy Coffin:
    1. A Pony Parked on the east side of the Epsilon Center, Rockford Hills.
    2. Parked in the parking lot of the Kortz Center, Pacific Bluffs or
    3. Heading north past ULSA on North Rockford Drive, Richman.


  • Tiger Skin:
    1. A Rumpo Parked in Simmet Alley, Textile City.
    2. Parked outside Darnell Bros., La Mesa or
    3. Heading east over the San Andreas Avenue Bridge, La Mesa.


  • Globe:
    1. A Rebel Heading east past Procopio Truck Stop along the Great Ocean Highway.
    2. In the parking lot at Willie’s Supermarket, Paleto Bay or
    3. In an alleyway behind The Hen House, Paleto Bay.


  • When prop is collected = reward $10,000 and 5,000 RP
  • If all 10 of them is collected = unlock the “The Space Interloper” outfit
    Found inside a cardboard box in Solomon’s office
  • After completion of getting the outfit an additional $50,000, totaling $150,000


Signal Jammers

There are 50 Signal Jammers scattered throughout the Game. Grand Theft Auto V - All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide

  • When A jammer is destroyed = reward of $2,000 and 1,000 RP.
  • If all 50 of them is destroyed = rewarded with an additional $50,000, totaling $150,000
  • Bonus reward = Avi Schwartzman will become available as a support crew for The Diamond Casino Heist.


54 Playing Cards

There are 54 Playing Cards scattered throughout the Game.
Grand Theft Auto V - All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide

  • Collect them to earn Casino Chips and RP.
  • The first five collected cards each give 100 chips, with each next one giving 50 chips more than the previous,
  • The final card gives the player 2550 chips. = Total for collecting all cards is 66,650 chips
  • Collect them all to also unlock bonus rewards and an exclusive reward in Red Dead Online
  • Bonus reward#1 = Special High Roller outfit
  • Bonus reward#2 = Deck of playing cards on the private table inside the Master Penthouse
  • Bonus reward#3 = New decoration for the Master Penthouse,
  • Exclusive reward = Get a Cardenas Poncho in Red Dead Online


Locations & Descriptions:

1. At the Sonar Collections Dock, on the wooden railing.
2. On an opening inside the Cable Car terminal.
3. On an ATM on the side of the barbershop in Paleto Bay.
4. On the desk inside Beeker’s Garage.
5. On one of the tables located east of the Procopio Truck Stop.
6. Next to a campfire near a path on Mount Gordo.
7. On the desk at the back of the LTD Gasoline store in Grapeseed.
8. Inside the McKenzie Field Hangar at McKenzie Field.
9. On a window sill at Cape Catfish.
10. On a table outside the Park View Diner on East Joshua Road.

11. On a table tennis table at the Foreclosed North Alamo Pier.
12. At the observation deck in Raton Canyon.
13. On a speaker at Stab City.
14. On a wrecked forklift behind a house in Sandy Shores.
15. Inside the Sandy Shores Fire Station, Sandy Shores.
16. On a washing machine next to the entrance of the You Tool store.
17. On a porch railing at the Senora Desert Trailer Park.
18. On the pool table inside the Yellow Jack Inn.
19. On the letter L at the Rebel Radio Building, Grand Senora Desert.
20. On a workbench at the side of a house on Joshua Road.

21. On the porch of a house in Great Chaparral.
22. At the back of the Discount Store in Great Chaparral.
23. Inside the booth at the west entrance of Fort Zancudo.
24. On the north side of Chumash Plaza, Chumash.
25. At the back of a 24/7 store in Chumash.
26. At the back of an LTD Gasoline store in Richman Glen.
27. At the bathrooms in the car park of the Galileo Observatory.
28. On a tool cabinet in a shed at La Fuente Blanca.
29. On the counter of the Ammu-Nation at the Tataviam Truckstop, Tataviam Mountains.
30. At the back of the Rob’s Liquor store in Murrieta Heights.

31. At the back of the LTD Gasoline store in Mirror Park.
32. On a workbench at Auto Exotic, Hawick.
33. On a table inside the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank, Downtown Vinewood.
34. On one of the chairs at the Gentry Manor Hotel.
35. On a table tennis table behind a house on Didion Drive, Vinewood Hills.
36. On a sofa inside a garage at a house on Steele Way.
37. On a large chess piece behind a house on Sam Austin Drive.
38. At the entrance to a swimming pool on Boulevard Del Perro.
39. On a small stone wall in Richards Majestic.
40. At a kiosk on the Del Perro Pier.

41. On a coffee table inside the barbershop in Vespucci.
42. On a piece of gym equipment at the gym on Vespucci Beach.
43. On a bench at the Puerto Del Sol Station.
44. On a coffee table near the changing rooms in the Ponsonbys in Burton.
45. On a bench at the fountain plaza of the FIB Headquarters, Pillbox Hill.
46. On a table at the back of the Ammu-Nation in Pillbox Hill.
47. In the Vanilla Unicorn s*rip club, on a sofa near the entrance.
48. Inside the Davis Fire Station.
49. Near the counter inside the tattoo parlor in El Burro Heights.
50. Inside a wrecked bus in an alleyway in La Mesa.

51. On a table at the back of the Ammu-Nation in Cypress Flats.
52. On a table at the Jetsam Terminal, Terminal.
53. In a booth at a car park near the Maze Bank Arena.
54. On a bench at Los Santos International Airport, outside the underground transit entrance.


Navy Revolver – Mystery of the Los Santos Slasher

A Revolver from Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Join an online session
  • There are five clues that you have to find to trigger this special event.
  • Clue 5 has different spawn locations.
  • After finding all the clues, the Slasher will send a message threatening the player.The Slasher appears 2 minutes after you get the message if these conditions are met:
    • During these 2 minutes, you were on foot.
    • You are in Blaine County.
    • Maniac spawns between 07:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. (If you find the 5th clue before this time you’ll have to wait.)


  • Wait for the killer to spawn and be ready to kill him. If you die, he will keep trying to ambush and kill you. Recommend waiting for the slasher at the Sandy Shores Airfield in the Grand Senora Desert area. It is a nice open area with no walls or buildings, this will help you spot the slasher quickly and take him down.
  • Once you have the Navy Revolver, Kill 50 people using the gun.
  • Getting 50 kills with the revolver will give you a reward of $200,000
  • Bonus reward = it will then become “discover-able” in Red Dead Online.


Clue #1
Is on the side of a wall in Great Chaparral. The clue is a message written in white on a wall that reads “CAN YOU FIND ME?”
Clue #2
Found at the side of Sandy Shores Airfield runway. You will have an amputated hand in between some other junk such as a trash bag, an old tire, and some sort of table.
Clue #3
Machete which you can find sticking on the entrance of a barn on a farm in Grapeseed.
Clue #4
Bloody Hand Print you can find on the door of a public toilet located behind Bayview Lodge in Paleto Bay Forest area.
Clue #5
Murderer’s van

  • Near Fort Zancudo. You will find it near the Lago Zancudo river and swamp area
  • Near Mount Gordo area. You can find it on the side of the railway
  • Palmer-Taylor Power Station near a big tank. You can find the van beside the red tank.
  • Underneath the bridge/highway located near San Chianski Mountain Range. Right beside the railway track.
  • Raton Canyon by the river. The van will be in between the trees overlooking the river.


Double-Action Revolver

A Revolver from Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Join an online session and wait for an e-mail with a photo attached to it to begin the Treasure hunt.
  • The email will contain a picture from a location somewhere in Los Santos
  • After receiving the email you have to travel to the location that will be circled on the map
  • After finding the first clue you’ll activate the ‘treasure hunt’ indicated by a message on-screen.
  • There will be three yellow question marks on the map, head over to each one and find the clue in the marked location.
  • Once you have all three, you’ll get a final message saying the last part of the puzzle has been revealed and also marked on the map, head over and you’ll find the Double-Action Revolver inside the chest at the final location.
  • Once you have it get 50 headshots for a cool $250,000 + RP,
  • Bonus an exclusive variation of the revolver to use in Red Dead Redemption 2



Location 1: Del Perro Pier
You will find the clue stickied to one of the pillars supporting the pier on the west coast of Los Santos.

Location 2: Cassidy Creek #1
This clue can be found on the top of the hill looking over a bridge at the Cassidy Creek, located in the Raton Canyon area in the northern part of the map.

Location 3: Cassidy Creek #2
Another possible location of the clue at the Cassidy Creek bridge is the tree at the river bank downhill.

Location 4: Vinewood Hills
Find the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills (the central part of the map). The clue is stickied to a Baytree Canyon poster to the north of the observatory.

Location 5: Pacific Bluffs
The clue is stickied to one of the tombstones on the Pacific Bluffs graveyard located just above the Del Perro Pier.

Location 6: Tongva Hills
Search for vineyards in the Tongva Hills area. The clue should be right under the bridge.

Location 7: San Chianski Mountain Range
This clue is located on the far eastern coast of the map. There you will find a small fisherman’s jetty.

Location 8: Hill Valley Church
In the north of Los Santos County, in the Great Chaparral area, you will find a graveyard of the Hill Valley Church. The clue is stickied to one of the tombstones.

Location 9: Tataviam Mountains
Travel to the beach south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station on the eastern part of the map. You should see the clue on one of the rocks on the seashore.

Location 10: Alamo Sea Marina
Travel to the Alamo Sea and locate a broken boat at the Sandy Shores. The clue is chilling on one of the rocks nearby.

Location 11: Grand Senora Desert
Go to Grand Senora Desert and locate the airfield at the Sandy Shores. The clue is stickied to the doors of the hangar.

Location 12: Catfish View
For this clue, you’ll need to fly over on the very top of the hill at the Catfish View area, which is a part of the San Chiamski Mountain Range.

Location 13: Los Santos Golf Club
You will find this clue on the bridge located on one of the fields of the Lost Santos Golf Club.

Location 14: Palomino Highlands
Head to the southeastern part of the map. One of the islands near Palomino Highlands has a clue located on the beach.

Location 15: Procopio Promenade
Travel to the northmost area of the map — Paleto Bay. There you will find a destroyed bridge with a clue right underneath it.

Location 16: Great Chaparral
You will find this clue at the abandoned mineshaft located in the Great Chaparral area.

Location 17: Sandy Shores
East of Sandy Shores you will find the Beam Me Up art installation. Above the installation, you will see a hill with a lookout on top of it. The clue is lying on the table at the lookout.

Location 18: Mount Chiliad
This clue can be located on the lookout of Mount Chiliad, located either to the south of Paleto Bay or north of the Alamo Sea.

Location 19: Two Hoots Falls
One of the clues can be obtained from a totem standing at the small park in the Tongva valley — Two Hoots Falls.

Location 20: Senora National Park
The last possible location of the clue can be found at the rocks of the Senora National Park in the Sandy Shores area.


100 Action Figures

There are 100 Action Figures scattered throughout the Game.
Grand Theft Auto V - All Collectible Items Location & How to Get them All Guide

  • First, wait to receive a message on your mobile from the owner of the Hardcore Comic Store (which is located in West Vinewood).
  • This owner of the Hardcore Comic Store will tell you that someone has stolen his entire collection of action figures and will ask you if you can recover them.
  • For each Action figure picked up you instantly earn $1,000 and 1,000 RP
  • After recovering all the figures, the owner of the Hardcore Comic Store will send a message to go to the store and enter the store for an additional reward of $ 50,000
  • If all 100 of them is collected = rewarded with an additional $50,000, totalling $150,000 and 150,000 RP with bonus rewards
  • Bonus reward#1 = costume and hairstyle of Imposing Fury(Exclusive Impotent Rage Outfit )
  • Bonus reward#2 = also get eight decorations to use on your Penthouse shelves.

Action figure # 01
Location: it is inside a ticket office, at the back of the Los Santos International Airport.
Action figure # 02
Location: Located at the back of the Crastenburg sign, at the Hotel Von Crastenburg at Los Santos International Airport.
Action figure # 03
Location: It is inside a small office building on Pier 400, Elysian Island.
Action figure # 04
Location: Inside the Bugstars Warehouse, Elysian Island.
Action figure # 05
Location: inside the control booth at the entrance to the Los Santos Naval Port.
Action Figure # 06
Location: in a crashed bus that you will find in a rusted warehouse, south of the Murrieta oil field.
Action figure # 07
Location: At the back of the rusted warehouse, south of the Murrieta oil field.
Action Figure # 08
Location: East of the Ammu-Nation store in Cypress Flats; the figure is between some garage doors.
Action Figure # 09
Location: it is at the base of one of the towers of the Rancho neighborhood.
Action Figure # 10
Location: it is inside the office of the LTD Gasoline store, in Davis.
Action Figure # 11
Location: In a doghouse, in front of a house in Chamberlain Hills.
Action Figure # 12
Location: in a public toilet in the Rancho neighborhood.
Action Figure # 13
Location: In the poor homeless neighborhood below the highway in Strawberry.
Action Figure # 14
Location: close to some decorative elements in Simmet Alley, in Textile City.
Action Figure # 15
Location: in the booth next to the La Mesa train tracks.
Action Figure # 16
Location: in an excavator in La Mesa, in the Los Santos River drainage.
Action Figure # 17
Location: On a shelf inside the El Burro Heights fire station.
Action Figure # 18
Location: in a public restroom, near Mirror Park lake.
Action Figure # 19
Location: Inside a self-opening garage at The Lost MC’s club in East Vinewood.
Action Figure # 20
Location: Inside a maintenance tunnel near the entrance to Vinewood East.
Action Figure # 21
Location: it is inside the closed Pillbox North station
(it is reached by accessing the maintenance tunnels that are near the train tracks)
Action Figure # 22
Location: going north in the Burton underground station, you will find the figure on a bench with advertising.
Action Figure # 23
Location: It is on the navigation arrow sculpture in the Arcadius Business Center on Pillbox Hill.
Action Figure # 24
Location: in the fountain that is in the square next to the Maze Bank Tower.
Action Figure # 25
Location: Inside the LTD Gasoline store office in Little Seoul.
Action Figure # 26
Location: It is at the base of a billboard, on the south side of Vespucci Canals.
Action Figure # 27

Action Figure # 28
Location: in the mouth of a shark sculpture on Vespucci beach.
Action Figure # 29
Location: Inside a garbage can on Pleasure Pier, on Del Perro Pier.
Action Figure # 30
Location: on the railing of a lifeguard tower on Del Perro beach.
Action Figure # 31
Location: On a grave in the Hill Valley Cemetery.
Action Figure # 32
Location: It is at one of the tables on the top floor of an Up-n-Atom Burger restaurant, in Del Perro Plaza.
Action Figure # 33
Location: Inside one of the caravans at the east entrance to Richards Majestic.
Action Figure # 34
Location: behind a fence in an alley in Burton.
Action Figure # 35
Location: It is on the stairs of a building, in the center of Vinewood.
Action Figure # 36
Location: At the Hardcore Comic Store sign in West Vinewood.
Action Figure # 37
Location: In the hallway of a house below the pool on Milton Road, West Vinewood.
Action Figure # 38
Location: near a tennis court in the Steele Way mansion in Rockford Hills.
Action Figure # 39
Location: inside the small cave of the Richman mansion, in Richman.
Action Figure # 40
Location: in the box of hole number 6, on the south side of the Los Santos Golf Club.
Action Figure # 41
Location: at the base of one of the Kortz Center sculptures.
Action Figure # 42
Location: On a sofa on the upper floor outside of a mansion in Richman.
Action Figure # 43
Location: Above a garden lamp at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center in Richman Glen.
Action Figure # 44
Location: In a playground located within the Vinewood Hills Dog Exercise Park.
Action Figure # 45
Location: near a pool in one of the Lake Vinewood Estates mansions.
Action Figure # 46
at the Vinewood Lake Intake Tower.
Action Figure # 47
Location: On one of the banks of the Vinewood Bowl.
Action Figure # 48
Location: On one of the banks of the Vinewood Bowl.
Action Figure # 49
Location: next to a pool, behind the La Fuente Blanca mansion.
Action Figure # 50
Location: Inside the bottom of the Land Act Dam.
Action Figure # 51
Location: Next to the sign at the entrance to NOOSE headquarters in Palomino Highlands.
Action Figure # 52
Location: Within 24/7 at Tataviam Truckstop, in the back room.
Action Figure # 53
Location: Inside the train control tower near the Palmer-Taylor power plant.
Action Figure # 54
Location: In a kind of wooden doghouse in the Grand Senora Wilderness, east of the Redwood Lights Track.
Action Figure # 55
Location: On a shelf next to a large building south of Redwood Lights Track.
Action Figure # 56
Location: Next to a dumpster at Cherry Pie Farm in Great Chaparral
Action Figure # 57
Location: At the Juice Stand at the top of Arthur’s Pass Trails in Vinewood Hills.
Action Figure # 58

Action Figure # 59
Location: in a red kayak, at the White Water Activity Center located in the Tongva Valley.
Action Figure # 60
Location: At the counter of a poolside beverage bar at the Pacific Bluffs Country Club.
Action Figure # 61
Location: Inside the Rob’s Liquor store, at the back, in Chumash.
Action Figure # 62
Location: Inside a garbage container with bags located next to the 24/7 store in Chumash.
Action Figure # 63
Location: in an ice chest at the RON gas station on the west side of Route 68.
Action Figure # 64
Location: In a flower pot near the entrance to the main Marlowe Vineyards building.
Action Figure # 65
Location: next to a statue of the jets, on Fort Zancudo Approach Road.
Action Figure # 66
Location: It is in the trunk of a cut tree, in the cemetery next to Hill Valley Church in Great Chaparral.
Action Figure # 67
Location: In the trailer of a rusted caravan, in West Harmony.
Action Figure # 68
Location: inside the Los Santos Customs office, in Harmony.
Action Figure # 69
Location: Inside the Northwest Watchtower of Bolingbroke Correctional Facility
Action Figure # 70
Location: Inside the Sandy Shores Airfield Control Tower.

100 Action Figures Continues

Action Figure # 71
Location: In the side entrance of a house located north of Sandy Shores.
Action Figure # 72
Location: Found inside the Liquor Ace store in Sandy Shores, in the back room.
Action Figure # 73
Location: It is in the stern (rear) of a boat outside a house, west of the Sandy Shores airfield.
Action Figure # 74
Location: It is on top of an outdoor toilet in Stab City.
Action Figure # 75
Location: inside a garbage dump in Fort Zancudo.
Action Figure # 76
in the center of one of the oxidation tanks surrounded by water of the Zancudo Treatment Plant.
Action Figure # 77
Location: Behind the Hookies bar in North Chumash you will find it next to some portable toilets.
Action Figure # 78
Location: It is outside a shed, on one of the islands in Paleto Cove.
Action Figure # 79
Location: at one of the feet of the large lumberjack statue at Bayview Lodge.
Action Figure # 80
Location: it is inside the sawmill in the Paleto forest.
Action Figure # 81
Location: you will find it inside a small cave below the Altruistic Camp.
Action Figure # 82
Location: it is inside the tunnel that passe
Action Figure # 83
Location: You will find it on the observation deck at the top of Mount Chiliad, to the left of the strange mural.
Action Figure # 84
Location: Inside a garbage dump next to a house in Paleto Bay.
Action Figure # 85
Location: At Clucking Bell Farms in Paleto Bay, you’ll find it on the windowsill next to a closed shutter.
Action Figure # 86
Location: it is located at the mouth of a drainage tunnel, on Procopio beach.
Action Figure # 87
Location: It is on a worn sofa and outdoors in Dignity Village.
Action Figure # 88
Location: It is on a worn sofa and outdoors at Braddock Farm.
Action Figure # 89
Location: It is inside a tire hanging on the side of an abandoned warehouse in Galilee.
Action Figure # 90
Location: You find it inside a Rainé vending machine, located in the exterior entrance area of ​​an abandoned supermarket, with breakable windows, in Grapeseed.
Action Figure # 91
Location: It is on the ground between the two large semi-open doors of a barn, at O’Neil Ranch, in Grapeseed.
Action Figure # 92
Location: inside a doghouse, in the house near the El Gordo Lighthouse.
Action Figure # 93
Location: Found on top of a wooden post on the front porch of a house in Catfish View.
Action Figure # 94
Location: It is a tool rack, inside a small train car repair shed, in the San Chianski Mountain Range.
Action Figure # 95
Location: Found on the porch floor of Maude’s trailer in Grapeseed.
Action Figure # 96
Location: On the hood of an abandoned Regina model vehicle in Sandy Shores.
Action Figure # 97
Location: It is inside the letter U on the Humane Labs and Research sign, of the complex with the same name.
Action Figure # 98
Location: Found on a desk inside the Davis Quartz control center.
Action Figure # 99
Location: on the fuselage of an airplane located in the desert of Grand Senora
(it only appears when you have already collected the 98 previous action figures).
Action Figure # 100
Location: it is at the door of the same crashed plane as the previous figure, in the Grand Señora desert (it only appears when you have already collected the previous 98 action figures).


Interactive Maps to help find Everything –

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