Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – Teleporter stones location guide

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – Teleporter stones location guide 1 -
Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – Teleporter stones location guide 1 -

This guide contains the teleporter stone locations for quick travel between cities in the game. This guide is available on Steam for your convenience.


It is located on a circle of stones around a stone. North of town.

You can leave the building from which you started the game. Continue down until you reach Silden. Continue straight until you reach the entrance to Silden. Then turn right, and you’ll see the stone circle. Stonehedge is also nearby. Here you will find the scavengers who ate the healing plants in the quest for the alchemist.


Boris is located on a stone near some hunters. On the road to Trelis or the Orc Camp.


In the Castle area. Ogit, the Orc Shaman is located in the cellar below the building. Ogit is located in the building to the right.


On a table in a warehouse. If you are entering Montera in the direction of Trelis, go forward and slightly to your left. A tall building will be visible with an Orc Shaman. It is located right next to the Smithy.


Inside a treasure chest in a building with a tower.

You will see a building with an observation tower. In front of it, a rebel named Gabriel is sitting at a campfire. Enter this building. If you are entering Gotha you have gone too far.

3 Gorn was held in that building in the original Gothic.

Another stone is also available in the smithy.

Cape Dun

It is located on a shelf in a warehouse.

Follow the path to Cape Dun when you enter. You will eventually see the smithy. The warehouse is located right in front of you. It was home to 3 Urkrasss in Gothic 3. There is also magic ore.


On a stone in a cave/collapsed mining at the town’s entrance.

Go uphill towards Faring if you cross the bridge from Gotha. You will find a cave to your right before you enter Faring. Follow the path with snappers inside that cave to enter it. The treasure chest will be of high-level. The teleporter stone will be found there.


On a table in Conz House or on the lower roof of the cliff lighthouse’s bench.

If you enter Ardea via Reddock’s side, go to the first building on your left. Conz will often sit at the desk with the stones.


In Gotha’s cave. Also, inside the Innos temple, at an Innos statute.

You can enter Vengard by going from Gotha. Follow the path until you reach a campfire that has two directions. Turn left, walk a bit, then turn right. The Innos temple with its golden inlays will be visible.


A treasure chest is located on the floor. This is where you’ll find the treasure chest if you enter Reddock. Proceed towards the chest. There are golems near the chest.


On a rock to the entrance of the campment.


A chest is located on the right side of northern entrance.


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