Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – List of all cheat commands for Marvin mode

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – List of all cheat commands for Marvin mode 1 -
Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – List of all cheat commands for Marvin mode 1 -

Here is a list of all commands that activate Marvin mode in Gothic 3 Forsaken gods Enhanced Edition.

Warning about Cheats

Cheat and console commands can cause your game and quest chains to be broken. Use them responsibly or you will lose your gaming experience.
Sometimes it is better not to cheat your way out of a situation than to reload.

Getting Started

In Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced edition It comes with an inbuilt Community Patch cheat mode.
You just need to quickly type marvinon the keyboard. A message stating that Marvin Mode is enabled will appear on screen.
To access the console, press tilde to the left number one key under ESC.
To access certain cheats, you can also use keyboard shortcuts.
The Cheats in Gothic 3 are the same as in Gothic 3. You will be familiar with Marvin mode from previous Gothic installments such as Gothic 2. Most keyboard shortcuts don't require you to hold CTRL when you use them.
My opinion is that Marvin mode in G3 makes it more annoying than G2. It isn't really necessary, except maybe In rare cases, you might get stuck and your last save will be way back. . In this instance, you will need to use CTRL + K shortcut for teleport forwards . You can hold it, and it will allow for you to cross the map at an incredible speed. It works just like speedrun and Noclip. At the same time.
K and F8 are useful commands for G2 because of the time it takes to get there. You can use them to get there faster. G3 has sprint, so you don’t have to use that to save time.
Some total conversion mods add sprint to G2 based upon Speed Potion effect so that you don't always have to use them, such as Returning 2.0 with Stamina stat and Odyssee 2.0 featuring jewelry effects.
Systempack hack No_Take_Anim=0 is not available to skip the slow pick-up animation in G3. To pick things up quickly, you can just crouch and hold CTRL and spam left click.
Character helper is also available, but he focuses on story. He can speed up the story to certain points. Typeinsert sh console
p.s. If Marvin mode doesn't start, and you are certain you have typed it correctly and quickly, you can try this: Open the ge3.ini file in Gothic 3 Forsake Gods/Ini and change the line: TestMode=false – TestMode=true. After that, cheats should work.
Default path to the installation is C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\common\Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods. To get to the game, you can right-click it in your Steam Library and select Properties, Local Files, or Browse.


Most Common Commands

Commands are in bold. Description is in regular
Console commands you can type in:
God – Invincibility
Teach all – Learn every skill
Help– Show command list
fullhealth– regain health
Kill– Kills your target
Give[item_name] – Get a specific item
Spawn[item_name] – Create a specific item or NPC
give It_Gold[amount]- Get a amount of gold
idkfa– Give all
give Cat_Armor– Give all armors
give Cat_Weapon– Give all Weapons
give Cat_Artefact – Give all jewelry and such
control: Take over an NPC
watch– Change camera
teachattributename will set an attribute of your choosing to a specific height i.e. teach STR 90
Attributes for teachcommand
STR – Strength
DEX – Hunting Skill
INT– Ancient Knowledge
ALC – Alchemy
SMT – Smithing
THF – Thieving
HP – Health Points
MP– Mana Points
SP– Endurance/Stamina Points
teach LP– This will award you with a number unspent skill points that can be used at a trainer, god statue, i.e. teach LP 100
Key combination commands:
F8– Revive/Reset Player
CTRL+K: Teleport noclip forwards. If you hold it, it becomes a speedrun or fly, or swim cheat.

All Keys Commands

After activating Marvin mode, type marvin fast and press the following keys on your keyboard to activate them. These key commands are in bold. The regular letters, not bold, explain their effects.
F6Accelerate/brakes the play time
F7 OnPlayerToggleSloMo
NUM 7OnIncEnclaveTheftCount
NUM 8 OnIncEnclaveMurderCount
NUM 9 OnIncPoliticalCrimeCount
F12Quit Application
LEFT CTRL+S Toggle Global Stats
LEFT CTRL+M Toggle Memory Statistic
RIGHT CTRL+M Snapshot Memory Statistics
F1 Snapshot
F2 Toggle Fullscreen
F3Toggle RenderMode
LEFT CTRL+NUM 1 A Toggle AvS solid
LEFT CTRL+NUM 2Toggle Object Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+NUM 3 A Toggle AvSpixel Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+NUM 4Toggle Performance solid
LEFT CTRL+NUM 5 A Toggle Performance Object OVERDRAW
LEFT CTRL+NUM 6 A Toggle Performance Pixel Delete
LEFT CTRL+O Toggle object overdraw
LEFT CTRL+P Togglepixel Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+C Toggle Color Mapping
LEFT CTRL+U Toggle Solid Plus Wireframe
LEFT CTRL+G View Gamekeys
LEFT CTRL+R toggle Rays
LEFT CTRL+F4 Pause Game
LEFT CTRL+Q Collision Shapes
LEFT CTRL+FControl Concentr
LEFT CTRL+W A Watch Focus
LEFT CTRL+SPACE Toggle editor
F8Reset (Revive) Player
LEFT CTRL+V Toggle Vegetation
LEFT CTRL+E Postprocessing Cycle
LEFT CTRL+I Cycle Lightningmodes
LEFT CTRL+L Cycle Moving Light
SHIFT+S SpeedTree
LEFT CTRL+B Toggle Bounding Boxes
LEFT CTRL+HOME Fixed camera
LEFT CTRL+K Teleporter Forward, (Speedrun) Hold for continuous effects
LEFT CTRL+H Goto Startposition
LEFT CTRL+A Debug AI Toggle
LEFT CTRL+R Profile All
LEFT CTRL+N View Navigation
LEFT CTRL+N+P Pause Navigation
LEFT CTRL+N+M Reset Navigation
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR RIGHT Move Start Nav Point Left
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR REAR Move Start Nav Point Right
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR UPS Move Start Nav Point Up
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR DEAD Move Start Nav Point Down
LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR Move Goal Nav Point Left
LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR REAR Move Goal Nav Point Right
LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR DEAD Move Goal Nav Point Down
LEFT CTRL+0 Walk Animation Combining

All Console Commands

As above, console commands can be found in boldnow.
godInvincible mode. Infinite mana, health
fullhealthRefills Health
idkfaPlayer receives all items/skills in this game
defeatsomething you should not use!
audio.fAmbientVolume sets ambient volume
audio.fEffectVolumesets effect volume
audio.fMasterVolumesets master volume
audio.fMusicVolume adjusts the music volume
audio.fVoiceVolume adjusts the volume of the voice
camera.fAziSpeedScalescales azimuth angle velocity around target(default:)
camera.fElevSpeedScale measures the elevation angle velocity around target(default:)
camera.fFieldOfViewtoggles camera's field-of-view (default:90
camera.fMaxDistToPlayer is the maximum distance that can be clamped to the player
camera.fMoveSpeed sets movement speed for the free camera (default: 300.0fe17Y).
camera.fMoveSpeedAccel sets movement speed modificator if [SHIFT] (defaults to 3.0f)
camera.fMoveSpeedDeccel sets movement speed modificator when pressed [CTRL] (default : 0.5f)
camera.fRelaxCamerasets camera pos relax factor
camera.fRelaxDistsets camera dist relax factor
camera.fRelaxFOV is the camera fov relaxation factor
camera.fRelaxPlayer is the player pos relaxation factor
camera.fRelaxXAxis Sets the camera x-axis relax factor
camera.fRelaxYAxis sets camera y axis relax
camera.SetMode is the current camera mode
camera.ShowPosition is the current position of your camera
camera.ToggleModeChange allows or disables mode changes on the camera

caps.EntityProcessingRangeSphere Changes the EnterProcessing range. Must be greater than the processing range
caps.EntityROI changes processing range, must not be larger than EnterProcessingRange
which changes far clipping plane
caps.FarClippingPlaneLowPoly is a far clipping plane change for lowpoly mesh
caps.GlobalVisualLoDFactor Global property of visual mesh lodding: 1.1.0f = default value >1.0, used only for high-end systems, 1.0 for slower machines

caps.RenderDebug toggles rendering entity debug infos
caps.ScreenObjectDistanceCullingSimple Distance Screen metric object culling used. All objects below threshold are removed
compile navigation (Re-)compiles navigation scene!
console.font is the font for the output window
console.dimy is the y height of a console in pixels (default 250
console.dimx is the x width in pixels of the console (default: renderer width)).
console.posy is the y pos for the console in pixel pixel (default 0.
22A06301066Defines the x position of the console in pixels (default:0).
console.filterlevel is the spy filter level (default 5, -).
console.outputlines specifies the number of buffered input lines in the console (default: 5 000).
colorscheme Choose next color scheme
controlcontrols given entity or focus/editor entity, if no name is given (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+F F)).
DebugShowDiffMem shows memory output in traceview and zspy
DebugShowMemshows memory output for traceview and zspy
DisablePrefetcher Disables prefetcher
dispose Removes items from the inventory
dViewGameKeys()Prints all active debug-actions and gamekeys on screen (. Key: LEFT CTRL+G
edit Edits the current entity
EnablePrefetcher Enable prefetcher
focus.ShowTA() toggles focus ai debug mode in (to key: LEFT CTRL+A
game.bTestMode toggles testmode on or off, 0 : off, 1 : on (default.1
game.Chat() Start an irc chat
game.ForceCrash Guess what!
22A06303985Exception for floating points
game.SetTime A Sets the World Time Liket..SetTime 12
game.ShowVersion prints the current game version
game.WatchFPSopens an output statistic control
Give Place an instance of the item in the player’s inventory
Geto Beams player and camera to the given entity
gotocamerabeams player in camera position (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+PAGE UPS)
illumination.CycleLightningModes cycles through all lightning mode (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+I
illumination.CycleMovingLight cycles through all modes of moving light (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+L
illumination.SetPixelHemispherePixelLightning Set the lightning to pixel mode
22A06307947Set the lightning to simple mode
illumination.SetVertexHemispherePixelLightning Set the lightning to vertex mode
illumination.SetVertexHemisphereVertexLightning Set the lightning to vertex mode
invisibilitysomething you should not use! All enemies will not react to your actions
killsomething you should not use because you can kill essential characters that way Kills targeted enemy
music.bEnableAutoUpdate allows or disables automatic updates
music.bEnableTriggers Enables or Disables Accepting Triggers
music.sDayTime sets daytime
music.sLocation is the location
music.sSituation describes the situation
PhysicFPSsteps at the physicscene @ [n] fps
physics.dToggleActorAxes Activates visualization of the axes by the physic agents
physics.dToggleBodyAxes Activates visualization of the axes on the bodies of the physicist actors
physics.dToggleContactForceToggles visualization of the contact force acting on the bodies and physic actors
play ani syntax : play ani [a1][a2] [ib] [name] Plays the ani [a1] from [a2] with optional mixing [ib]
player.fForwardSpeedMax sets maximum forward speed for the player in m/sec. (default: 300.0
player.GotoStartPosition() beams player to starting point (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+H)).
spawnspawns an example of the given entity name
triggertriggers given entity or focus/editor entity, if not given
versionprints engine version
quit closes application window
historyprints a history of entered commands
helpprints help lines for each command
clearclears console output
physics.dToggleBodyMassAxes Activates the visualization of the mass-axes for the bodies of the physicist actors
physics.dToggleRays Shows ray debuglines (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+R
physics.dToggleStatistics Shows some physics debug output
RemotedebuggerStarts a remote debugging session [localhost] on the target machine, if nothing is entered
show positiondisplay current camera position
spy.AddCommentadds an observation line to the spy
stats.dToggleGlobal() Toggles global stage-debug-output output (assigned key: LEFT CTRL+S
teach teaches (s) and/or skill(s e17Y the specified spell(.
timer.fTimeScale sets (default timescale value to 1.0
toggle memdebugtests memory for corruptions (SLOW!))
untriggeruntriggers the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given
view.dShowLabels() illustrates all relevant label sets
view.dShowLights()visualizes all relevant light psets
view.dShowNavigation()visualizes all relevant navigation psets (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+N)
watchcontrols given entity or focus/editor entity, if no name given to key: LEFT CTRL+W
world.ToggleFolder Enables or Disables the given sector folder
world.ToggleSector activates or disables the specified sector


I appreciate your time and I hope that you enjoy the game.

Written by ♥ZER0♥ %K♥

This is all about Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition – List of all cheat commands for Marvin mode; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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