Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast 3 - steamlists.com
Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast 3 - steamlists.com

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast: A Dive into Mast’s Powers

Welcome to the thrilling world of the Goddess of Victory: Nikke. Our spotlight is on the main character, Mast, a brave girl with a burning desire to journey across the immense sea. We first came across Mast during the “Brand New Year” event in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. This bold fighter is part of Ark’s naval force, the Aegis, serving alongside her partner Helm.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast 1 - steamlists.com
Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast 1 – steamlists.com

A Look at Mast’s Abilities

Mast’s skill set is quite fascinating. Her initial skill, Pirate’s Grit, is a passive ability filled with two incredible effects triggered under certain circumstances. The first one comes into action when her critical attack strikes up to 2 times, casting a Sea Breeze on her targets. This mystical Sea Breeze cuts their defenses by 1.9% of Mast’s DEF per stack, maxing out at 50 stacks. It sticks around for a short 3 seconds, much like a refreshing gust of wind.

The second effect of Pirate’s Grit is activated when Mast’s HP dips below 70%. In this scenario, she grants herself and the two allies with the highest ATK a massive 50.94% continuous Critical Damage boost. Now, that’s a great way to swing things to your advantage!

Next, we have Mast’s second skill, Pirate’s Sight, another passive ability. Once the fight begins, this skill kicks in automatically. Mast and the two allies with the highest ATK get an impressive 23.56% boost to their Critical Rate for a full 30 seconds. It’s like possessing the keen sight of an eagle, spotting those critical vulnerabilities.

And finally, we have Mast’s Burst Skill, the grand Sail Through the Tempest! This active ability generates waves that impact both friends and foes, making a significant impact. Do note, it comes with a cooldown period of 20 seconds.

With this powerful skill activated, Mast shares 86.2% of her Max HP with herself and the two allies with the highest ATK. While it doesn’t replenish health, this generous sharing provides an extra 25.19% Critical Damage. Truly breathtaking! This effect lingers for a thrilling 7 seconds.

Let’s also address the enemies unfortunate enough to be hit by the Sea Breeze. When Mast triggers her Burst Skill, these foes receive 4.52% of their final ATK as damage. The Sea Breeze stack count is reflected every second for an additional 7 seconds to add to the fun. It’s a whirlwind of damage!

Mast’s Role as a Support Character

Now, let’s dissect Mast’s skills to understand her role as a Support character. She does a good job of enhancing critical rate and damage for herself and her allies. Yet, when placed against regular attack buffers, she might not be the top pick. That’s because critical hits aren’t always as potent as pure attack buffs due to damage calculation methods. Since critical damage is added rather than multiplied, attack buffs are generally more efficient.

Regardless, Mast is a solid Supporter who works well with Nikke, particularly ones like Modernia. This fierce Nikke doles out massive damage with her high firing rate and has a built-in Critical Damage buff. Mast’s abilities work harmoniously with Modernia, creating a formidable team.

Moreover, Mast’s ability to decrease enemies’ defenses is valuable for the team, irrespective of their classes. With her critical rate-enhancing abilities and the fast firing rate of her SMG, Mast can quickly build up the Sea Breeze debuff on enemies. However, remember that her second skill, Pirate’s Sight, only lasts for 30 seconds at the start of the battle and doesn’t retrigger during extended fights. So, it’s important to capitalize on those crucial moments!

Team Synergy and Recommended Allies

Let’s discuss Mast’s Burst Skill, Sail Through the Tempest! It’s a unique ability that raises the Max HP of herself and her allies without actually restoring health. Hypothetically, this ability should pair well with Nikkes like Alice, Guillotine, and Scarlet. These Nikkes have passive effects that kick in at specific HP levels, enabling them to maintain these specific percentages and have their passives active throughout the entire conflict. It’s like catching the perfect wave!

In conclusion, Mast is a solid Supporter who excels when teamed up with Nikkes, capable of fully leveraging critical boosts, especially those who wield high fire rate weapons like Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, and SMGs. Snow White and Sugar are two of the top recommended allies for Mast. They both have innate critical rate boosts and can significantly benefit from increased critical damage.

Key Considerations and Final Words

However, be cautious of long, drawn-out fights. Given that Mast’s second skill, Pirate’s Sight only lasts for 30 seconds at the beginning of the fight, she might not be the best pick for extended battles, particularly those challenging Interception missions. Sometimes, a swift exit might be the best strategy!

Summing up, Mast is a competent character who can stand her ground when paired with strong allies that complement her abilities. Although she doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to change the game’s established meta, considering she’s produced by Elysion and their lineup is still growing, Mast is definitely a worthwhile consideration for those demanding Tribal Towers climbs.

Embark on a thrilling journey through the perilous seas of Goddess of Victory: Nikke. Set off with Mast and her reliable crew, ready to seize the wide-open sea of excitement that lies ahead!

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast 2 - steamlists.com
Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Should You Pull For Mast 2 – steamlists.com

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