Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Useful Strategies Guide

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Useful Strategies Guide 5 -
Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Useful Strategies Guide 5 -

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Non-endless Strategy for Stages

For the non-endless stage 1, 2, and 3, players generally use two strategies titled “Chokepoint”, fortress, and capital: Damage or Crowd Control.


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A complete run’s statistic board showing the damage possible of certain weapons. Most enemies die before they reach CQC range.

This type of build depends on how you deal with Rushers. You can either tank and fix them with the “Repair Shop”, which is available, or redirect to your health or healing using the Scarecrow and Lifesteal accessory or Heal Orb. CQC weapons like Kururu’s Knight’s Sword/ Velmanway and Cloaking Leaves can be used. You can also use damaging accessories like Primal Strength, Dragon Scale, and Primal Strength to combine high DPS. Or you can go AOE with the Flail, bows and runes and accessories like the Mallet of Prosperity or Honey to catch Rushers and take out most of your enemies before they reach them.

These two methods can be combined and I encourage you do so.

Crowd Control

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A run that shows the power and versatility of CC AOE builds. If the Hallucinatory mushroom would have appeared, I would be able to finish the hardest stage without any problems.

Also known by the Black Hole design. This build depends entirely on the Obsidian Pendant. You can get beyond five consecutive black holes with the right accessories (the Pomodoro Mallet of Prosperity, Pomodoro, Pomodoro, and Hallucinatory Mushroom) once the Duplicator has been upgraded. Bonus points for using Anis/Estelle to increase black holes pull range or the Smokescreen/Magnet or Graveyard deployables that further onenemies. If done properly, it is possible to AFK a Capital man (beware of bosses). Black hole can be prevented from cloggining by taking some form of damage. They can be quite ineffective against high HP enemies like Holy Knights and Samurai.

Accessories like the Pomodoro, Pomodoro, and Duplicator are useful for Crowd Control as well as Damage. Their versatility is astounding and can make all the difference between glory or damnation.

A combination that adds great CC as well as the extreme DPS of Velmanway, with weapon AOE boosters Mallet of Prosperity or Hallucinatory Mushroom in stage 4 – “Nighttime Chokepoint”.

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX - Useful Strategies Guide - Strategy - D9FCBF9

Velmanway has a reach that extends beyond the stage’s edges. He offers full Rusher protection in a high DPS AOE build. Velmanway also offers CC in abundance, providing pull and slow at any time.

Strategy for Every Stage

A third strategy, which is more common for the endless stages 4, 5 & 6, titled “Nighttime Chokepoint”, ‘Nighttime Fortress’ and ‘Nighttime Capital”, involves the use of high hit rate weapons such as the Obsidian Pendants, Cape, Velmanway and Elven Rings to quickly activate keystone accessories Giant Slayers and Bubbly Lotion. This strategy is good and can be used to get you through hours of endless play. It ignores enemy HP scaling as the waves progress. It is a kind of cheese to Endless mode. But it isn’t really “cheese” if this is the only way to keep pace with enemy HP scaling later waves.

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX - Useful Strategies Guide - Strategy - D5F9F17

A player has a nearly perfect item setup. However, rerolls did not guarantee them the last Accessory Slot as the Bubbly Lotion. This was crucial for their Endless mode score. They chose Primal Strength to replace it, out of irony.

Endless runs will cause you to plateau if your build isn’t perfect. Enemies won’t overwhelm you because of game performance issues locking theirspawn rate. The important lesson to take away is to focus on collecting every type of item and then leveling them up.

Early, Mid, and Later Game

You must remember that success in this game cannot be achieved without success. This applies both to you and your characters when they fall into Garvecian’s hands. Early game is a time to really suffer and to learn the weapon combinations that work best for you, your character, and your play style. Heroes start cheap and you’ll likely get around 10,000G your first time. You should try all their playstyles.

Midgame is where you start to grind gold for more attribute upgrades. Maximize your Exchange Centre deployment time and make sure the Audit Office is at maximum level by the end. This will ensure you are efficient and able to focus on surviving the longest possible time. You can get item enhancements more often than new products in the game, so it is a good idea to choose one Audit Office level rather than an Exchange Centre. You can farm unlimited gold, and there is no penalty for death. This makes it a great introduction to stages 4+. You can also try getting the accessory, National Debt (not American), and the Pheromone accessory, for more gold drops and a challenge. The Brothel with the greatest potential gold gain is the last strategy. The Brothel can only be used with strong CC, such as the Obsidian Pendant or Smokescreen weapons. A good gold farming strategy will net you over 1,500,000G in just one non-endless run. This is assuming that you are using the Brothel optimally. However, the endless mode will result in a lower potential gold gain due to your inability of dealing damage. If you focus on gold-making items, your gold gain will decrease before defeat as enemies overwhelm you.

Late game is when you have nearly maxed your attribute upgrades, and are using optimal builds to challenge stage three and higher. The goal is to clear as many levels as possible using the best combination of items after luck in your item choices. There are many resets after making poor choices and rerolls. The focus is to build the best possible building, defend the Capital, and get high scores in the endless waves.

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