Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Controls & Basic Mechanics

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Controls & Basic Mechanics 3 -
Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Controls & Basic Mechanics 3 -

Welcome to this post Everything you need to know about Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Controls & Basic Mechanics may be found in this guide. Take each step in accordance with this guidance.

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX (AKA Daisenka / Great Senka) basic guide. Lore, early, middle, and late game tactics, game mechanics, attributes, characters, weapons, accessories, deployables, and achievements are all included.

Controls & Mechanics

Enemies are spawned from the right side of the screen. Your goal is to stop them from reaching the left, and reduce the HP of the Keep as well as maintaining your health.

You can play the game with only one hand. There is no need for a mouse and all controls are accessible via the keyboard. This gives you free rein to do whatever you want.

To move using WASD, you must move your mouse. After their reload time, weapons in Daisenka automatically attack in the direction they are facing. A vital mechanic to understand is how to strafe; this allows you to move your character in the direction of attack since moving frequently makes your character be facing the direction of the movement. I strongly recommend that you keybind this to the LSHIFT key instead of the default F key because it allows unlimited movement while strafing instead of holding up your index finger while strafing. In addition you can dashing using the SPACE key. While dashing, you are vulnerable and can rewind collisions. You can still attack without a delay, however different characters have different lengths of dash. The dash cooldown can be displayed as a red line over your health bar in yellow. Similar to dashes and dashes, different characters have varying HP pools and regeneration. Your HP is reduced due to collisions with enemies.

Other aspects, such as the rate of crit as well as luck, attack speed, the range of the items that are allocated also differ from character to character. Every character has the ability to “pull” enemies into fighting you, instead of attempting to invade the Keep. The range of this pull is different and certain enemies (Rushers), resist your pull more strongly than others.

Use the keys A and D to select choices respectively to the left and right.

To confirm/Select, go back or cancel to a previous selection, you can use the Z/X keys.

Use the C key to construct structures, and the ESC key to stop the game.

Use the 1 or 2 keys to zoom in and out. Zooming out is an essential element of the game. It lets you see Rushers and other enemies along the edges of your screen and also allows you to alter the boundaries of weapons like the Kunai that “bounce” around the edges.

Support for controllers is also available.

As characters receive damage, Armor Break applies. This does not affect defense, and only cosmetically alters the character’s sprite.

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX - Controls & Basic Mechanics - Controls & Mechanics - F2B29F1Enemies drop gold when or your constructions kill them (except for the Propaganda poster). Gold can be used in-game to reroll items at any level (the cost for doing so doubles each time), and attribute upgrades.

I suggest you take to look over the tutorial in-game. It also provides support for controllers and keybindings, as well as more information.

Experience Level and Items

As you defeat enemies, your character gains experience. Your character’s level gives you three kinds of items that include weapons, accessories, and deployables. You can increase the variety of options by adding the attribute “More Options”. Each character has a maximum number of quotas for every type of item. This is determined by the character and the associated attribute “More Slots for [item types]”. The attribute “EXP up” or the accessory “More Slots [type of item]” can boost the amount of experience. These attributes increase the number and difficulty of defeating enemies and thus increase the experience gained.

There are three types of items: Deployables, accessories and weapons (with yellow backgrounds). Each one has its own purpose and weapons cause damage or have unique effects, while accessories boost your character’s stats, and deployable are used for a variety of functions.

Upgrading your level will only give you 100 gold bags or 25HP when your character has reached its maximum allowance for each item level and category.

Push deployable can be driven by your character moving against the sides. Different characters have different speeds for pushing. Pushing a structure towards the edge of a stage could be used to bring it back. It is possible to do this by moving diagonally away from the edge, and then moving into the side orthogonal. However, boundaries for buildings are closer to edges and characters are usually able to move around buildings and return to them easily.

Treasure Chests

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX - Controls & Basic Mechanics - Controls & Mechanics - EB21DA6Defeated bosses drop treasure chests on the ground. If you collide with a treasure chest your character is required to open the box. Each has a chance to contain either one, three, five or eight items; dependent on your luck. A treasure chest that has eight items will be added to your character’s statistics and called”jackpot “jackpot”. The contents of the treasure chest are guaranteed to be an upgrade for the weapon, accessory or deployable you already have. If you have an initial weapon (Knights Sword, Elven Bow, Lightning Rune, Assassin’s Dagger, Sanguinous Ring, Trample or Bayonet) at level 10, the treasure chest will be the first to upgrade your character’s respective starting weapon to its special version. You can upgrade any weapon that’s not part of your current character if you possess the “Starting weapons upgrades not yet unlocked” attribute. If all your items are at a maximum level, the contents will be bags of 100 gold.

Boss drops can be beneficial in the mid- to early-game in the early to mid-game, when you need to maximize your damage potential by increasing the amount of items you drop. However, in the later game, players should be careful with treasure chests and put off upgrading their initial weapons. If you are able to afford the cost of Experience Up or Pheromones and boss drops are no longer of significance.

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