Gloomwood – Guide to all endings & secrets walkthrough

Gloomwood – Guide to all endings & secrets walkthrough 1 -
Gloomwood – Guide to all endings & secrets walkthrough 1 -

A community-driven guide to finding information

Notes on sorting

This guide will group “Secrets” as things that the observant player can find that could help them progress with resources. “Easter eggs” are more difficult to find and won’t help the player. Instead, they are intended to be a reward.

Unfortunately, I can’t be everywhere online at the same time. New Blood/Gloomwood have a large following. Comment here if you find something and I will add it on the list. This will make it easy for us all to have a central resource of all the great things this game has to offer.


The Fishery

1. The Watch tower is on the roof

The guards mention the watchtower guy, but it is not currently found in the (early acces 1 – build. To sneak through the hole above, you can stack one barrel near the door. You will be given some health items in return for your exploration. If you enjoy a challenge, you can also mantle the tree behind the fishery so that you can hop through a window.

Easter Eggs

The Coastline

Two guards will be waiting at the pub’s door looking scared. You’ll hear rumors about a horrible monster inside. Unfortunately, this feature is still in its infancy. To toggle) past the door, you can press and type “noclip”. However, it appears that the developer knew that you would like to try this.

The Lighthouse

To get to the city gates, you will find a switch on a bookcase in the basement of the lighthouse. You will need to remove a few additional guards and get a document that serves the credits.


Written by James Cain

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Gloomwood – Guide to all endings & secrets walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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