Gloom and Doom – All Achievements and endings Guide (spoilers)

Gloom and Doom – All Achievements and endings Guide (spoilers) 1 -
Gloom and Doom – All Achievements and endings Guide (spoilers) 1 -



Defenestration = Hateblast someone through a window 3 times 
As Roger: Flee, down the stairs, make a break for the door, try to open living room window (1/3) 
As Gloom, in Joh’teolath office: hateblast plague demons out of the window (2/3) 
As Wynona, in the dark alley: Ask Gloom to chase away Cheong and Brock (3/3) 
Every Horn Counts = Kill an incubus 
Unmissable. Kill Roger 
Good Clerk = Do a good deed in the video store 
! Exclusive with “Bad clerk” 
Video store, recommend a better movie for the 2nd customer (the girl) 
Bad Clerk 
Video store, let the lady customer rent a bad movie. 
On next day you’ll get the achievement 
Unhappiness in slavery = Reunite a demon family 
! Exclusive with “I knew this would come in handy” achievement 
In Joh’teolath office: spare Joh’teolath destroy the controlling device 
Achievement will be awarded later when questioning demons under the bridge 
No peeping = Stop a pervert 
Lake, as Gloom, waiting to meet Michael: investigate man in tree, scare him 
Stop and Listen = Help someone by being a listening ear 
Furever Home = Find a home for Sonic 
After meeting Nathaniel, drop Wynona to save jumping lady, listen to her 
Later, as Wynona, try to find a home for Sonic on the IRC, local news channel 
You’ll get achievement next day when yo go to see Sony. 
Ultimate Geek = Win a trivia quiz without getting any wrong answers 
Answer correctly at Ham and Nam’s quiz: 
Heather Duke, Bobby, Taming of the shrew, Robert Smith from Cure, Streets of Fire, 
Ninja dog, Princess What’s-her-name, Green Hill Zone, Hadoken!, Lara Croft 
Drop the “The” = Repeat JT’s greatest contribution to movie quotes 
As Wynona, when meeting Lorael 1st time dark alley: hound her about her name 
You’re doing great! = Reflect and recognize that you’ve achieved a lot already 
Likely unmissable. When meeting Nathaniel at skate park 2nd time 
I knew this will come in handy = Use a secret weapon at the cathedral 
In Joh’teolath office: spare Joh’teolath, get the controlling device 
At the cathedral: use the device 
Angel of Mercy = Reach a good ending without the death of any major angels 
Super Angel of Mercy = Reach a good ending without Gloom directly killing anyone other than Roger 
Follow the non sinner path with Wynona (see endings below) 
As Gloom, don’t kill Wynona when she arrives to your hideout. 
In Joh’teolath office: hateblast plague demons out of the window, spare Joh’teolath 
Don’t kill Joh’teolath on next encounters 
As Wynona: don’t order Gloom to kill Cheng And Brock 
Answer correctly Ham and Nam’s quiz and don’t kill them 
Cathedral assault: attack from the sides = Gloom will only hateblast the demons 
In heaven, stop Wynona from Killing Michael 
Approach gate defended by Lorael and ask Wynona to burn her wings 
When meeting Muriel before the heaven exit, choose Muriel 


Most choices are not important for the endings, except:

  • the early bad ending 6 
  • sinful choices (see below) 
  • choices made once you reach heaven

Early ending: as Wynona, when meeting Gloom 2nd time: decide you don’t want to die 
ENDING 6“Hell of Earth” 
ACHIVEMENT As if we’d end the game like that, chyeah 
All other endings depend if Wynona is on the sinner path or not. Sinner choices:

  • let the lady customer rent the wrong movie 
  • keep running in the nightmare dream 
  • skip school 
  • ask Gloom to kill Cheng And Brock, 
  • (not strictly required) ask Gloom to kill the dog


  • Not sinner path endings + heaven choices
    • kill Wynona 
      ENDING 4 “The more the things change …” 
      ACHIVEMENT “A New Hobby” 
    • don’t kill Wynona
      • don’t let Wynona kill Michael
        • choose Muriel 
          ENDING 7 “Just like a dream” 
          ACHIEVEMENT Like a power ballad 
          no major angel killed: ACHIEVEMENT Angel of Mercy 
          don’t kill anyone except Roger: ACHIVEMENT Super Angel of Mercy 
        • choose Wynona 
          ENDING 1 “No fate” 
          ACHIVEMENT “No fate”
      • let Wynona kill Michael
        • let Wynona kill Muriel 
          ENDING 2 “An Irreversible mistake” 
          ACHIEVEMENT “Wrong way on a one-way track” 
        • stop Wynona 
          ENDING 4 “The more the things change …”
    • Sinner path endings:
      • Do not kill Wynona in heaven: 
        ENDING 3 “New Celestial Order” 
        ACHIEVEMENT “Fanboy Fantasy Fullfilled” 
      • kill Wynona in heaven: 
        ENDING 5 “Doom has been brought” 
        ACHIEVEMENT “Fatality”


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