Glass Heart – How to Access Brayson and Good Ending

Glass Heart – How to Access Brayson and Good Ending 1 -
Glass Heart – How to Access Brayson and Good Ending 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Glass Heart – How to Access Brayson and Good Ending Following this guide step by step.

How to Access Brayson + Good Ending

Brayson is the not-so-secret 6th love interest that is introduced during Will’s route. In order to obtain the option to romance him, you must play through Will’s route and obtain the bad ending, which entails [spoilers ahead!! Do not proceed if you do not wish to be spoiled]:

Meira goes into cardiac arrest at the end of Will’s route, he gets into a car accident on the way to the hospital. This car accident is fatal in the Bad Ending, and Will is killed. Brayson’s romance is a continuation of this storyline, and is accessed on the Dream Selection Screen with the option Learn to Love Again

These are the following choices that must be made to obtain Brayson’s good ending. You don’t have to choose all of them, but it is recommended that you do as much as possible to maximize the chance of the good ending. You will hear a chime if you select the correct answer and nothing if you select the incorrect answer!

(PS. this is the route with the fewest choice screens, so you will have very few chances to increase affection points compared to the other routes)

Chapter 1

“Hey…you okay? Meira?

I’m just missing Will

“You’re really okay?”

I’m happy for you!

Chapter 2

No choices! Just reading in this chapter :3

Chapter 3

“Do you think she’s going to stop investigating on her own?”

Chapter 4

“Are you even hearing yourself?”

I’ll practice with Brayson

Chapter 5

“It’s true that I’m not taking pets tonight. I know it’s hard for a brute like you to tell the difference between a pet and a lady so let ME be the judge of who will bask in my presence”

May I approach you?

“Why don’t you start instructing her? Tell her what she should do with me.”

Unbutton his shirt

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