Ghostlore – Tank Fire Summoner Build

Ghostlore – Tank Fire Summoner Build 2 -
Ghostlore – Tank Fire Summoner Build 2 -

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Sentinel – Exorcist – Berserker

This isn’t a trigger build, we’re a pure summoner. We’ll be using two minion types, and a few buffs/debuffs that will destroy our enemies.


Sunbirds – Battlefield Control and Decent Damage

These magnificent birds will protect you from projectiles, slow and even blind enemies.

Guardian Spirit – Main damage. Radius basing AoE fireball and pulse projectiles.

Amazing damage and clear, pop one or two pieces of the pack and it’s gone in moments.

Mandala – Damage that increases ground aura.

Left on manual casting to control casting. Minions benefit!

This skill has two purposes.

It lets you move guardians who would otherwise be unable to move. It also takes full advantage of passive buffs for class on the setup tree to have 72% curse effectiveness to knock down even the most powerful of health monsters.

Battle Roar – More absorption.

Fully automated with 2x berserker cast to repair any damage.


Recently I’ve been rolling in packs and dropping damage aura before wrapping myself in guardian spirit. I am sometimes swapping between recalling them using Exorcism or casting them manually in the center of packs before rolling in. Depends on the situation or preferred playstyle.

With the above level 50 tree and un-optimized gear, you’ll be netting 100% increased buff strength on Mandala and a huge 72% effectiveness of the curse on Exorcism.

I’ve decided to leave gearing out for now, as it is flexible. You’ll want to focus primarily on minion damage and resistances.

WiP – more to follow after I’ve minimaxed a few gears and glyphs. This build still uses equipment I bought while leveling up and performing well.

Talent Tree

Ghostlore - Tank Fire Summoner Build - Talent Tree - 3CF34BC

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