Ghostlore – Best Build for Geomancy

Ghostlore – Best Build for Geomancy 1 -
Ghostlore – Best Build for Geomancy 1 -

Hello and welcome, Ghostlore – Best Build for Geomancy guide.

Geomancy is an earth mage physical spell that creates spikes on the ground. This spell hits enemies multiple times, dealing heavy damage. This guide will explain how to build a powerful earth mages character that can handle all content.


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Geomancy is an earth mage physical spell that creates a wave along the ground. This spike wave hits enemies multiple times, inflicting heavy damages. This guide will explain how to build a powerful earth mages character that can handle all content.


Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Powers - 1DBF8EE

Choose Geomancer as the starting class. Exorcist will be your 15th level class and Sentinel your 30th level class. Geomancy should be linked to a support that has a -100% cooldown so that its cooldown is 0 seconds. The supports have been highlighted in green. You can do this by using 4 -20% cooldown support from Geomancer along with 2 -10% cooldown support from Sentinel. Then, connect as many Skill Multiplier support to Geomancy. Note that 5 cooldown support also gives you -100% skill damages dealt. So you must link at least one Skill Multplier Support or you will not deal damage.

Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Powers - 276C0D4

Link your minions together with Additional Minion and Minion health multipliers as well as a Trigger on Kill support to avoid having to manually cast it. The minions in this build will only be used for support, and not to deal damage. They heal you and trigger your curses.

Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Powers - 5EC5CE0

Exorcise should be linked to Trigger on Minion Hit, and to the Hex bonus (for a +20% curse power). Exorcise reduces enemy defenses to a great extent, increasing your dps.

The remaining supports on the middle square in the Power grid are only there to activate the Class Bonuses. They do not have any impact on the power of your build.

Class Bonuses

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You receive a Class Bonus every time you spend 4 points on a class. Feedback Loop should be your top priority, as you will have virtually unlimited MP and can use Geomancy. Hex, Near Death Experience and other good bonuses are available from the Exorcists. The Sentinel class also has amazing bonuses. Sharpshooter increases your damage, while Survival Instincts and Warden of the Forest make you a tanky character. Multicast increases our curse and skill charges. Fire Affinity makes the Fire gems in our weapon more powerful.


Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Food - BD716E9

Food provides permanent stat bonuses for your character. It is very important to keep 6 meals active all the time! Kueh Lapis is a good choice for the movement bonus. Fill in the other slots with Health or Fire Damage. The food shop offers only six menu items at once, so if Kueh Lapis does not appear then you can complete a level and check again. You can either farm the ingredients needed to make food in the world by clicking on sparkling items, or buy them from the food vendor who will appear at the beginning of each zone. The bonuses that you get from eating food is random. If you receive an unsatisfactory bonus, such as only 5% of movement speed, you can click on the X button and try again.


Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Glyphs - 2CDD5C0

Glyphs can be found in the wild, and they offer a large bonus to power. These are similar in design to Diablo 2 charms. I would suggest focusing on Skill Damage and HP as your priority statistics.

Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Glyphs - 5FCF91D

Ilo is the most suitable compound Glyph to use for this build. In the endgame, we only need Ilo Compounds. If you want to use Nasin Compounds, you can do so at first if their stats are good. Then, later on, when you’ve got the resources, you can turn them into Ilo Compounds using the glyph craftsman. Compound Glyphs activate their bonuses based on the glyphs that are in them. This means you may have to add a useless glyph into your grid to activate a Compound Glyph. Don’t worry if you don’t need to activate all the components. The increased Fire damage is used to increase our weapon’s damage, even though Geomancy does no innately deal fire damage. For a small price, you can upgrade the rarity on a Compound Glyph to give it more stats. Also, you’ll want to add the “% damage leeched as HP”, since this will increase your survivability. You only need this stat once.


Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Gear - 2F7D0BA

The most important stats of your weapon in order are Additional Damage (in that order), Crit Chance (in that same order), Crit Multi and Cast Speed. Don’t miss out on the additional damage that gems can provide! I recommend socketing Fire gemstones, as the Fire-related element of the Ilo Compound Glyph has the easiest activation of all the elements. The base damage does not affect your DPS.

Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Gear - 81E5B98

As you prepare your other gear, ensure that you have enough Resistance for all four resistances to reach 75%. After you have as much HP and as much Avoidance as possible, focus on gaining as much Avoidance as you can. Other stats, such as Skill Damage (or Crit Chance), Cast Speed, Item Find, or Item Search can also be useful, but are less important than defensive statistics.

Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Gear - C2458BC

After beating the Campaign, you unlock Hell Gate Island. It is an endless mode where Hell Ingots are dropped. The ingots can be used with the guard at the gate to reroll stats for your gear and Compound Glyphs. Hell Ingots are a great way to make powerful gear!

Ghostlore - Best Build for Geomancy - Gear - CC0F632

The ultimate goal is maintaining your defenses while achieving a 70%+ crit rate and a 400%+ multiplier. At this point, you should be able to kill Hellgate 8 bosses within a few seconds.

I’ve also linked a loot search filter that you can use more efficiently to find good items. Save this file as a.filter and place it under Ghostlore -> Ghostlore_Assets, StreamingAssets, Filters. This filter will hide the majority of items, so use it only in endgame. – []


  • You can drag Ointments off your Commodity Cube onto your left mouse hotbar to get a permanent speed boost for movement and constant debuffing, provided you have an adequate stockpile.
  • Geomancy spells can be used to maximize damage. Ensure you aim and position your spell so the enemy is hit with as many spikes as possible.
  • Use the Alkahest to disassemble unwanted gear and glyphs. You’ll need a lot of the materials that it produces to craft your own gear.
  • If you die while in a Hell Gate, you will lose any progress you have made on the difficulty level. You can save your game in the Hell Gate and then load it when you die. This will save you from having to redo all of the Hell zones. This is useful to progress through Hell Gates with higher difficulty levels.


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