Geometry Dash – Basic Jumping Strategy for PC Users

Geometry Dash – Basic Jumping Strategy for PC Users 1 -
Geometry Dash – Basic Jumping Strategy for PC Users 1 -

The basics of Jumping in the hit game Geometry Dash (PC ONLY)

Opening Geometry Dash

To find a spike that is suitable to jump over, you will need to position your mouse cursor onto the Geometry Dash shortcut on your desktop. Locate the left button on your computer mouse, and then press it twice in quick succession. (Please note that you will need to have played Fruit Ninja first to figure out how moving the mouse works.) Congratulations, you have opened Geometry Dash.

Finding a spike

Now that you are playing Geometry Dash, locate the play button on your computer screen. It takes the appearance of a large box with an arrow facing right on it. Found it yet? Position your mouse cursor on the button and, in real life, press the left-most button on your mouse. You are on the level select screen now. Text shall appear, reading Stereo Madness. You must click on this text, like you did with the play button. If done correctly, you should begin the gameplay. Well done. You do not have to use your cursor anymore to play the game. Instead, you take the form of a small square shaped entity referred to as the icon. You can find it on the left of your screen. It will be moving towards the obstacles it must face, but it will always stay in one x axis on the left. Soon, you will come across a spike. It will take the shape of an isosceles triangle, with a gradient on it. This gradient is black at the top, fading down to transparent (with minimal noise). As you progress through the game, they will come in all different shapes and sizes, which you will discover by inevitably dying.

Grief and despair

The icon will die many times in this game, be it from spikes, saw blades, blocks, etc. You will NOT be harmed in real life, but you will be putting the entity inside of this game, which you teach to jump, through endless torture and suffering. Every time it comes into contact with a hazardous object, it perishes slowly and painfully, only to respawn seconds later and relive the horrifying experience again. If you wish to keep this innocent being alive forever, then it is advised that you:

  • step away from the game now
  • turn off your computer by pressing the power button
  • come to your senses
  • take a calming walk in the park (optional)

If you would like to continue playing, knowing that you are a horrible person who enjoys putting poor creatures through unending agony and damnation, please wait until the icon gets closer and closer to its first spike.

Acceptance and jumping over spikes

You accept that you may fail the task of jumping over the spike. As the cheerful music plays in the background of the game, the icon creeps ever closer to the spike. It will NOT stop and wait for you to jump. Jumping works by pressing the left-most button on your computer mouse when you feel that the cube will make it over the spike when it jumps. Please note that the cube jumps 3.6 blocks at normal speed. If successful, the icon will be on the other side of the spike. If unsuccessful, it will explode with brutal, agonising pain and respawn at the beginning of the level, moving towards the spike again. Once you are on the other side of the spike, there will be more coming your way which you will need to jump over in the same manner. However, they may be shorter or smaller or even larger. Spikes are all different.

Giving in

Blocks also pose a threat to you, and you must jump on top of them. You can jump off of blocks onto other ones, and most importantly, you can hold down the left mouse button to keep on jumping. Blocks can be:

  • squares
  • rectangles
  • floating
  • grounded
  • other

Once you feel that you have jumped over and on top of enough obstacles, you can press the Escape button (Esc) on your computer keyboard to open the pause menu. Your mouse cursor will appear again and some buttons will show up on your screen. Do not be alarmed. Your icon will not move anymore unless you unpause. We do not require to play anymore, so we can press the Escape button again. You are at the main menu. Press the Escape button again to go further back into the main menu. Press the Escape button again and some text shall appear. Position your mouse cursor on the “Yes” button and press the left-most button on your mouse.
You may open the game again, but it would put yourself in greater risk. It is advised that you read some more guides to help you on your Geometry Dash journey. Close this guide and leave.

Written by OQPO

This is all about Geometry Dash – Basic Jumping Strategy for PC Users; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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