Genshin Impact – How to Search for Fragments Near Geo Statues

Genshin Impact – How to Search for Fragments Near Geo Statues 1 -
Genshin Impact – How to Search for Fragments Near Geo Statues 1 -

Once considered a Breath of the Wild clone, Genshin Impact has proved to be its own game. Thanks to its predecessor’s ubiquity in China, persistent marketing overseas, and a good beta release, Genshin Impact had the biggest launch of any Chinese game.

Between its art style and inviting world, Genshin Impact has a lot to draw players in. While its combat is flashy and fast-paced, it also has players slow down to explore its world. World quests in the game have several steps, and while they often include combat, there are also some scavenger hunt segments. One gives the players the mission to “Search for Fragments Near the Geo Statues.” Here’s a brief guide on how to actually find these fragments and what to do with them.


Starting The Quest

Geo Statues are part of a quest called The Chi of Guyun. This quest can be triggered by talking to Yan’er at the ruin in Bishui Plain. After exploring the ruin, three strange stones can be found nearby next to chunks of amber, which will become a common color throughout the quest. Once those have been found, travel to Qingce Village, which might be most accessible through Genshin Impact‘s fast travel.



Finding The Fragments

By now, players should have some idea what the fragments are. They are not fragments of stone or an exotic material; they are fragments of a message. Asking around Qingce will direct the player to Granny Ruoxin. She will point the player in the direction of two fragments they need. One is near the Geo Statues, and the other is at the highest point of Qingce Village. For players who have already unlocked the Tri-Seal, this exploration and activation should seem familiar.

Both locations have several statues to interact with. Activating them in the correct order will give the players incomplete fragments. For the Geo Statues, the order is North, South, North-West, North-East, South-West. At the highest point, players can see each statue corresponds to a landmark. Activating the statues will go quicker if players have been exploring the world with friends to get familiar with the map. The order to activate them is Wind-swept Ruin, Snow-capped Peak, Adepti’s Abode, Liyue.


Using The Fragments

After players have obtained the fragments, that’s not the end of the quest. Bringing them back to Granny Ruoxin will direct players to a vault, the quest’s last area. Be sure to bring some top tier characters to this area, as there will be battles to fight and loot to be won.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile devices, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version in development.


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