Genesis Rising – Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial

Genesis Rising – Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial 1 -
Genesis Rising – Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial 1 -

I made a guide explaining how to modify save file, but in this one I will make in depth game save file guide, what does each color mean for example and how to modify campaign settings….


I made a guide how to modify your save file, I am just adding this on top of it, I do not really want to change my original guide, because this is kinda off the main topic and actually changing campaign files instead only save game files
Link to guide: Modify save file – [] 


In save file editing you can change your color on minimap, here are some color values

(Barely Yellow/Pink, Maybe a skin color)

(Cy-breed color)

Black on minimap, nothing on ships (And any number above this is also the same)

1Light Green
8Light Blue
10Fluorescent Green
11Weird Green/White
12Light Green/Cyan
14Defiance Red


Galaxy status responding to their missions

To be able to change the environment and travel to any system you want, you will need to use those values and paste them just how I said in that other guide
Lifewave Galaxy
256-First Mission
255-After completing first mission 1 Defiance station
254-Mission where you first meet Lapis
434-Free roam after you complete the Lapis mission. 3 Defiance stations and 1 your
245-Second mission in game [Secret tanker ship]
246-Two Cy-breed stations
431-Inviting Cy-breed
479-After inviting Cy-breed, the one with more Cy-breed stations
Caravan/Passage World
257-First mission
258-After first mission
Great Moon/Factory
249-First Mission
Trade World
260- Only one environment it exists
Great moon
249-Fourth mission in game, where you have to destroy that one big Defiance station
248-Great moon explored, after this fourth mission, 2 Defiance stations
432-Inviting Judge mission
611-Aftermath free roam system, after you defend yourself,where Lapis hide in asteroid fields
Cold Whites
356-First mission where you met Il
411-Free roam after meeting her
433-Inviting Il, where you have to get that art ship
449-Free roam after inviting
612-Where you go get Il for playing with you
412-That mission you play as Judo to destroy all defiance
414-The one with big church
608-Lapis throwing asteroids at you
609-Free roam after with Lapis and churches
Celebral World
558-The ones mission where those 3 aliens play tricks on you
593-Free roam in that system

Trick in campaign

The game is kinda bugged and maybe did not intend any of those, or maybe some are secrets and meant to be, but never the less, here are some little hacks I found on the way while playing the game
* Second mission (Cy-breed world)
As you enter the system there is a tanker you see, and game makes you collect genes from it, first thing you should do is, drain ship from all the blood it has, and use invasion gene to add it to your fleet. This ship is incredibly overpowered, starting with 6500 HP which later gets increased as you add more genes, so it can match a space station amount of health. 5 slots is maybe a lot, but it is perfect for this ship. This ship will only carry your game later on.
You must wait for the timer to go out and you must not plant the bomb then, because if you do, your ship will explode and you won’t have it, so prepare to fight defiance instead, it will be worth it all
*Third mission (Passage world)
After you complete all those dialogues and defeat defiance and protect Cy-breed, you have a amount of time to escape, do not escape, if you wait, the game wont end, you wont lose. You will just encounter 2 motherships and 2 defiance 7 slot ships. Go on and destroy it, reconstruct it from your mothership, and get out, now you have a really nice strong ship early in game, which in combination with Tanker will just make you unstoppable.
*Fourth mission (Trade world/Fax)
This is actually first time you have a decision making in this game, you can either receive two talk heads or leave him with 3. I recommend you do get them
*Caravan (With 3 defiance and 1 Cy-breed station)
There is a out of map space station you can actually use invasion gene on, might be useless but its nice to know that you can get it
*Lifewave galaxy, first Lapin encounter
Use invasion gene for one of the Lapis builder, because those are the only Lapis builders that are able to make stone structures out of asteroids, and that is kinda fun to be able to make in game
*Earth (After Juno sends you in portal)
In here you can actually go and destroy civilian ships and use reconstruct genes on them, so stack up on them as they are exclusive for past only. You send a poor civilian ship to travel all to future to find universal heart

Modify campaign



All further folder directory for this will be located in
Genesis Rising\worlds\05_campaign zip

1. Make all enemies to friends

Go to directory as wrote bellow
Now this surely is little boring or annoying, but essentially I will explain basics how to do it for each system and the system environment
As in the previous section we saw and described status for each system, this is the same, so you will have little ease understanding which one is which
We will focus on lifewave galaxy
Open the lifewave_galaxy folder and pick any environment you wish for
I will open 2_lifewave_galaxy_explore , where there is only one defiance station
As you open the file, which can be opened with any text editor, I use Notepad++,
Everything is explained to you by the comments so you surely know what to do on your own
But, to make them all be your friends, just change two highlighted lines
Genesis Rising - Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial - 1. Make all enemies to friends - F46D787
change ‘no’ to ‘yes to make it able in diplomacy tab [isDiplomat]
Genesis Rising - Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial - 1. Make all enemies to friends - B03905A
change ‘no’ to ‘yes’ so you are able to improve relationship with them [attitudeImprovable ]
There are many interesting options for enemies or friends, for example
aiType 1
Which allows you to change the AI game play strategy
attitude 1
Which allows you to change if AI ishostile or neutral

2. Having motherships in your fleet

You surely saw you were not able to use invasion or reconstruct gene on motherships or some really heavy ones. Well now you still can’t, but at least you can modify your fleet and add one yourself
This one requires a little bit of work, but it is simple
In your save file folder, entities.set is a file with all your ships in current fleet you own, you can change each ships HP, genes or ability to trade it. In this file we will simply add another ship, but we cannot just put any random value we want, we must copy from already existing ships and just make it our own.
*First thing to do
9 // num entities
Genesis Rising - Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial - 2. Having motherships in your fleet - 0C23728
Change the third line to sum of all your ships in fleet you want to have
*Second thing to do
We navigate into same campaign folder but we open up sets
If you want Defiance mothership, then you go to any system that actually owns it
For this campaign the defiance fleet is inside defiance_fleet , so open that file
For other systems it would be maybe defiance_revenge or any other, just find your required file, these are basically NPC’s fleets during the mission, if there are 4 defiance npc’s, you will have 4 files with each individual set of fleet
Now just copy the whole part of text where is says, def_mothership and paste it on your entities.set file
Genesis Rising - Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial - 2. Having motherships in your fleet - 3AD4DE6
This is how it looks in the enemies fleet list
But that is not it yet, you have to change on specific number i underlined red to 0
First the def_mothershipXXXX YYYY Y
The first number must be same as second number and Y must be set to 0, as far as I can see, that 0 defines which party does the ship belong to, and you are party number 0. So that is all you gotta do
Genesis Rising - Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial - 2. Having motherships in your fleet - CB4DA80
This is how it should look
Rest you can change on your own if you like
upgradedMotherProduceMedium no If the mothership is upgraded
numGenes How many genes can the ship hold
I managed to put Fax,Giant Head, Defiance mothership, and Ice Queen main ship in my fleet. You can see in the screenshot here:
Genesis Rising - Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial - 2. Having motherships in your fleet - 5627EA9
So it is possible to play with this and it wont affect anything


There is much more to modify in here, if you know how to texture files, you can easily replace them in Data folder. Sadly I do not know that. Beside that I found a problem with trying to modify multiplayer games, You maybe once tried to open up a LAN game and play with NPC’s and you start with low maintenance. Well after changing it in game files, the game won’t boot up, it wont even boot after restoring the values to original. So if someone can figure it out it will be amazing, I would like to play with bigger maintenance in LAN games

Sorry bro

Sorry Genesis, it was like 4 years, damn , there literally is no way to change resolution in game files, i have no idea where this game stores settings

By Inanis🌸

This is all about Genesis Rising – Game Files Config + Modify Save File Tutorial; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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