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The Ballad of Elwyn the Bard


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Greetings to ye my fair friend. This is not the typical Gems Of War guide, so I pray thee keep your expectations as such. My goal is simply to increase your enjoyment of the game with a little extra fun. There are no tips or tricks in this guide on playing the game, but rather some insight into Elwyn the Bard and his adventures with Taskmaster the Paladin.
In case you have not met Elwyn the Bard in person, or have been blessed to have seen him in concert at thy local tavern as he was passing through, let me introduce you to him.
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Ballad Of Elwyn the Bard

Battling my way through the Pan Vale quest,
helping Elwyn and giving the bard my best.
Instead of attacking me at every turn on sight,
the enemy is trying to evade me with all of their might.
If only it was my overwhelming power that made them flee,
but no, twas Elwyn’s off-key ballad rather than me.
The hero’s story though, it ended not,
as battle raged with temper’s hot.
As cold, hard steel in sunlight flashed,
as human, demons and monsters together clashed.
While howls of pain and flowing blood abound,
Elwyn the Bard was nowhere to be found.
Through eyes stung by streaming sweat I see,
the cowardly Bard, Elwyn, hiding behind a tree.
Between swinging swords and dodging foes,
I plotted hanging that coward by his toes.
The battle pitched as allies fell and burned,
to my enemies favor the contest rapidly turned.
Unbeknownst to me, a rogue had snuck behind,
I heard his club draw back to strike me blind.
Before his killing blow could follow through,
a lute smashed over his head from out of the blue.
There stood Elwyn, tattered lute held in trembling hand,
and that’s how Elwyn the Bard became hero throughout the land!
(C) 2022 Taskmaster, All Rights Reserved


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Well fair traveler, tis all I can offer you in way of accolades and praise for the hero Elwyn. If you by chance ever encounter him as you roam the lands of Krystara, make sure to show a modicum of gratitude in the way of silver or gold coins.
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Until next time friend…

Written by Taskmaster

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