Garry’s Mod – How to open

Garry’s Mod – How to open 2 -
Garry’s Mod – How to open 2 -
A comprehensive guide on how to openthe game Garry’s Mod.



We all know that feeling, you see a steam sale and you decide to get yourself a brand new game to play with your friends that goes by the name of Garry’s Mod. But you find yourself facing a giant issue.. you don’t know how to openthe game.

Well worry no more as this guide will help you open your new game and get to playing with your friends!

Step 1

The 1st step to opening Garry’s Mod is to mentally prepare yourself, it is important to ask questions such as “why am I here?” and “what is the point of anything?”

After you have asked these questions I recommend getting a massage or meditating.

Step 2

Now after you have yourself prepared for this gigantic adventure you are about to embark in, you must gear up and prepare physically for the dangers ahead.

You must get yourself some weapons such as an AR-15 or a Pump action shotgun.

Another think you must have are some food and something to drink. For food I recommend some twinkies and for a drink I recommend a monster energy drink to get the adrenaline pumping.

Step 3

Now you have made it halfway through your journey of finally playing Garry’s Mod, but there is one last big important step you must complete just right to survive.

Find a woman on the street that you find attractive, talk to her, get to know her, start dating, have a kid at 19, get married, buy a house, let the relationship go downhill, become addicted to cocain or herion (I recommend herion), slap the wife, get a divorce, and get ready for the next step!

Step 4

Ahh, finally step 4 my favorite.

First things first make sure you still have your AR-15 and Pump action shotgun from earlier. After checking you have them and a healthy amount of ammo locate a gas station or grocery store (doesn’t matter). Once there put the cashier up at gun point and hold everyone in there hostage. Demand money from the cashier and make your escape with the money before the police arrive.

*Important notes, if one of the cashiers or customers start attacking you, get out of there, wait a month or two, and try again at another location preferably in another continent.

Step 5

With all of the money you now have from the robberies you may now buy yourself a keyboard and a mouse. (If you already have both of those, ignore step 4) Once you have access to the keyboard and mouse, plug them into your computer. Once they are plugged in and working, you may now continue to the last step.

Step 6 (final)

1. Go to your desktop and double click the Garry’s Mod icon and the game should launch.

2. Open Steam, go to your library, locate Garry’s Mod, and click the big blue play button.

I hope this guide helped you play your new game, if you have any questions leave them down below.


Written by ImNotOnFire33

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Garry’s Mod – How to open, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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