Garry’s Mod – Chronicles of Pumkin Guide

Garry’s Mod – Chronicles of Pumkin Guide 1 -
Garry’s Mod – Chronicles of Pumkin Guide 1 -

The New Testament of Pumkin


Chapter One;

Pumkin, a shining being, was born in the beginning before the Universe’s existence. He floated in the vast darkness. He decided he was all alone, and he made Mighty Car, his right-hand man, in the Second Year. Then he created the first of many Species. To help govern and maintain the Universe, he created Pengus, Prebiscis Monkies and Fat Albertians. Face Banks were created to manage currency for all those who lived in Boat Heaven with Pumkin. He then appointed Mr. Krabs as the overseer of slave auctions. The First Lands were then created, the first being known as Lego Island. It was utopia, and everyone could do everything except eat the Holy Pumkin seed. The other Cordovas were then created to inhabit the Universe. He then began to populate the Universe with different Species such as Robots, Weebs and Furries. These Species were to be ruled over by a single Species called the Simpins. Finally, Pumkin made Gopnik and Cali, Boomhauer and Sparky, Schild, Sparky and Sparky to punish those in the Shipyards.

Chapter One; Chapter Two

Cali, the goddess of salt, was created by Pumkin. Cali was a massive space person who could not float on water. The Salt of Pumkin had entered her bloodstream, making her mad. She crashed into the Earth at Twig speed, causing the First Mass Extinction, which saw the end of all life on Earth. It was a time of fire and death. Pumkin sent her to the Shipyards and she created a group of supporters, known as Calianity. Boomhauer, the Hillbilly of Salt and Schild, the Germon of Gayness, Neko, the Weaboos of Autism, Chaz, the of Anime, Sparky, the Groomer for Pedophelia, Gopnik, the Brony, and Gopnik, were her followers. They settled on KFC Island in the Shipyards and continue to create ships and sail the saltiest oceans known to man.

Chapter One; Chapter Three

Cali, a KFC Island Evil Goddess, became Cali and wanted to rule all Lego people. She created an army Roboslaves who were enslaved by Simpins, mostly farm folk, to invade Lego Island. They ate the Holy Pumkin seed and Pumkin was furious. He said, “Give me the Salt,” Cali’s forces couldn’t produce salt. The Forces of Cali were forced out of Cali to mine salt, which had at this point turned into a Salt Mine with only one grain that prevented them from going to Boat Heaven. Simpins were eventually released.

Chapter One; Chapter Four

Pumkin created many Species, but some were more cancerous than others. One prime example was the Furry. They are gaybos that mate with one another and other kinky. They marched into the Salt Mine, taking all the workers, Simpins, and Robots with them to mass-produce fur suits. Pumpkin was angry again when he realized what had happened and summoned the Fat Albertians who could build ACF tanks quite well. The Super Lego Nuke was eventually created with the help of the Fat Albertians. They placed it over Furstantinople (the Furry Capital), and detonated the nuke. This triggered the brief but devastating Simponian War 9999 in which 99% of Furries were killed. After their Capital was destroyed, the war was over. The victorious Fat Albertians sent the remaining Furries back to Shipyard Salt Mine to work with the Roboslaves to be ruled under Cali. Simpins were released and treated as ordinary Legos or Fat Albertians.

The Lesser Species of Pumkin

Bacon Hair is the lowest class in society. They can even be kept as slaves by robots. They are the Roblox.

Black Guest: A little better than Bacon Hairs, but still worthless and without rights.

Noob – Gays from Roblox’s hell world

♥♥♥♥♥ : They are mobile poverty and bring the poor to the rich.

Robot – Humanoid machines with artificial Intelligence, they are often enslaved in Cordovas. They are not allowed to exist. ACF tanks are considered Robots. They are hated because they can create Anthro planes from a normal Robot that was bred with an ACF plan.

Pinks: Who looks like a g*y with aids?

Furry – A group of deformed humanoid creatures who live in dumpster babyyurt towns. They infested TTN.

Mega Blok, They include Roblox, Minecraft, and FNAF. All of them have prepubescent voices. They are not liked by anyone.

Weeb : They look like Cordovas, but are more cartoony and have larger eyes that take up a lot of space in their heads. Their brains are small because of this. Sometimes they will sneak out of their moms basement to get mountaindew, doritos and pizza while playing CSGO and arguing in youtube comments such as degenerates.

Lockland – Child with neurodegenerative disorder.

Penguin: They were like Pengus, but were really retarded. Their ability to fly was taken away and the group was sent to an iceberg. They all had to move to a tropical island after the iceberg melted. They always cringe.

Redditor: Depressed mentally disabled people who consume freddies.

Ugli : They are garbo, and they live in the forest and eat snails. They found ACF tanks there and enslaved the ACF tanks, creating FMC.

Simpin – Evolved donuts who were once enslaved in Map_Continents. They have the same power as their former masters since the reformation.

Orangotang : These are monkeys that are separated because of their flat faces.

Goomba Fallen Mahros who converted to Calianity

Bonoboe Gorrila – Poor map continents without builders club.

Long Head Gang homies who inflict violence on innocent people in groups.

Supre Hero Roblox with supa-kung fu powers that can be used to RAPE

Aliens : unknown


Written by [PCA] Boomhauer

This is all about Garry’s Mod – Chronicles of Pumkin Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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