Garry’s Mod – Billy Copy & Paste Showcase Walkthrough

Garry’s Mod – Garry’s Mod – Billy Copy & Paste Showcase Walkthrough 1 -
Garry’s Mod – Garry’s Mod – Billy Copy & Paste Showcase Walkthrough 1 -

dear god i am ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ evil.
Pretty much this is a showcase of the ‘This Is Billy’ copy and pastes, For now we barely have any Billy’s so if you’d like to help you may make your own Billy in this comment section.
Billy Amount: 6
You will be credited if your Billy is in the showcase, If you don’t want to be credited send a message about it in the comment section
Please give me steam points, I’m starving

This Is Billy, Billy doesn’t say “/e free” – made by: ???

this Is Billy

Billy doesn’t say “/e free” because he has a functioning brain
Be like Billy.
Make Billy famous. Copy & Paste Billy Everywhere so he can explore roblox

  • Can be found on Roblox
  • People hate this one


This is Jeff – made by: The Scallywag

This is Jeff

Jeff doesn’t download 43 anime playermodels and ERP with very suspicious people.
Be like Jeff.

  • Can be found on this guide
  • I made this just to piss off the weebs who ERP


This is Billy, he has a stick – made by: The Scallywag

this is Billy

Billy has a stick, However the stick Billy is holding is glued onto his hand.
Billy is in a ‘Sticky‘ situation

  • He is in a sticky situation
  • He has done over 2 warcrimes


This Is Blue Billy – made by: The Scallywag

this Is Blue Billy


Blue Billy is blue however even if he is blue he still cannot make the perfect stew.
Give Blue Billy an F in the chat, His dream is to make a perfect stew.

  • Blue Billy is tall
  • Blue Billy is addicted to stew
  • Professional chef
  • his dream was to make a perfect stew


This Is Billy, he is sad – made by: The Scallywag

this Is Billy

He is sad because he has a slightly more bigger head than the others, He thought it wouldn’t be a problem in till he kept banging his head on nearly anything accidentally.
Give Billy an F in the chat as well, Please?

  • He has a big head
  • Most of the time he will have a frown on his face
  • His head hurts


This Is Spoiler Billy – made by: The Scallywag

this Is Spoiler Billy


Spoiler Billy really hates spoilers, He decided to hide himself from the spoilers but now he can only see darkness in till someone hovers their mouse onto him. That doesn’t mean he can’t see anything however, He can only see movies, Expect him to be at every cinema you go.

  • Hates spoilers
  • Doesn’t regret his choices
  • He can only see darkness and movies
  • He can see everything once you hover onto him




I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Garry’s Mod – Billy Copy & Paste Showcase Walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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