Fraymakers – Guide Adding Yamato from KAMIKO

Fraymakers – Guide Adding Yamato from KAMIKO 1 -
Fraymakers – Guide Adding Yamato from KAMIKO 1 -

Welcome to Fraymakers – Guide Adding Yamato from KAMIKO Guide.

This guide will help you how to unlock the secret fighter Yamato from KAMIKO and how you can play as her in Fraymakers!





Step 1 –

Launch Fraymakers

Step 2 –

Play online with Welltaro and the green skin to win a 5-time streak, without losing it.

Step 3 –

Exit Fraymakers

Step 4 –

Fraytools can be downloaded and installed.

Step 5 –

Learn how to code hscript, and how to make animations.

Step 6 –

Crumble as you make a mistake that is hard to fix. Programming is a pain and it’s a miracle that it hasn’t been replaced by something better.

Step 7 –

Once you are done, upload the super secret file “Yamato.fra”.

Step 8 –

You can now play as Yamato with success

I’ll explain how to unlock Fraymakers if you used an older version of Fraymakers.

Step 4 ALT-

Create a Twitter Account

Step 5 ALT-

Follow @FraymakersGame on Twitter and @YamatoForSmash

Step 6: ALT –

Comment on any @FraymakersGame posts esclaiming “Put Yamato (KAMIKO into Fraymakers !!!” (Keep in mind that it is case sensitive.

Step 7 ALT-

After an hour, launch Fraymakers

Step 8 ALT-

You can now succeed as Yamato

Okay gamers, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this guide and scored some amazing combos with Yamato!

P.S #YamatoForFraymakers 🙂

P.S.S. The Yamato render in this thumbnail was done by @Sortableshelf19


Written by WeegeeLord9

I hope you enjoy the Guide about Fraymakers – Guide Adding Yamato from KAMIKO, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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