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Fraymakers – Fix for Controller Configuration 1 -
Fraymakers – Fix for Controller Configuration 1 -

Welcome to Fraymakers – Fix for Controller Configuration Guide.

This guide will help you configure your (fighting-) controls in the way that you want while still being able to navigate menus by pressing A or B (or any other buttons used for menuing on your controller).

The problem

Fraymakers lets you configure your controls. You can select menu items or confirm in menus by pressing the “attack key”. Likewise, the “special” key can cancel or go back in the menus. You can no longer use the standard keys to access menus if you modify your attack or a special button. Instead, you will need to use your attack/special key. You can’t unbind your general attack button if you want to use separate buttons, such as tilts or smash attacks.

These issues can be solved largely by using the steam controller configuration.

Unbinding attack/unique means that you won’t be able cancel or select in menus with your controller. Unbinding attack will stop you from changing keybindings with your controller. This is because you cannot select the binding you want to change. Only unbind attack when you have another input device (e.g. mouse) ready.

Important: One button can be a*signed simultaneously to any option. Attack is a*signed to A. Assigning A to any other option, e.g. Jump, will immediately unbind the attack


It is quite simple.

Configure Fraymakers controls as you wish.

You can use the steam controller configuration for a second action layer. This maps your A button (or any other button you wish to use to select or confirm in menus), to the button that you have configured for “attack” and your button B (or any button you wish to use to go back, cancel in menus), to the button that you have configured for “special”.

You can choose one button to activate or deactivate the menuing layer (or both).

You can a*sign a button that you don’t use to unbind an attack. This could be a button you don’t use, such as the option button, bumper, trigger or stick press/click.

Fraymakers: Assign attack to this button

Next, a*sign your A button (or any other button you want to use for confirm menus) to enter that button into your menu action layer.

Enabling controller configuration support

You must enable support for your steam controller in the steam big-picture mode to use the steam controller configuration.

Click the rectangle with two arrows at the top of your steam browser window to enter big picture mode. These are the buttons to close, min/maximize, and close the window. Fraymakers - Fix for Controller Configuration - Enabling controller configuration support - A675EF7

Once you are in big picture mode select the gear at top right. Click Controller Settings to enable support for the controller type you use.

Start the controller configuration.

Open the steam controller configuration. You will find two versions of the steam control configuration: one for big picture mode, and one for normal mode.

This guide will show you how to use the steam controller configuration in “normal” mode (not big image).

To open the controller configuration in “normal” mode:

  • Go to your library
  • right click fraymakers
  • Click “manage”
  • click “controller layout”

The latest ui overhaul is not available in the big picture version. It can be used if you wish, but some options may be named differently or placed in different menus.

To open the controller configuration in big picture mode:

  • Go to your library
  • select fraymakers
  • Hit “manage game”
  • hit “controller configuration”


Set up the action layers

Open the control configuration.

Select “Edit layout” in the controller configuration.

Now, add a new action layer (not a set).

Go to “Action Sets”, and click the gear for the default action set.

Select “add layer” then name it “menu”.

The “menu layer” copies the default configuration and makes some changes. The default layer can be modified to affect the “menu” layer.

Note: Always make sure you are a*signing buttons in the controller setup. You can select which layer you want to edit by pressing lb/rb at the top left.

This is how it looks if you edit default controls.

Fraymakers - Fix for Controller Configuration - Setting up the action layers - 4DAC5A3

This is how it looks while editing the action layer.

Fraymakers - Fix for Controller Configuration - Setting up the action layers - 3A49546

Choose the default configuration (without the “menu” layer).

You should not use this button while playing fraymakers. This button is used to switch from fighting configuration to menuconfig. This guide will use right stick click. Go to joysticks > right joystick behavior > R click. Select “action sets” from the top > “add Action set layer” and choose the “menu” layer you have created.

Note: The “Display Name when Changed” option will not work if there is a large picture mode open when starting Fraymakers. It is not necessary.

Select the “menu” layer.

To switch between configurations, again choose a button. I choose “right stick click” again. You can choose any button you don’t use when menuing.

I go to joysticks > “right behavior” It now says “Joystick (inherited). This means that our menu layer has copied the configuration for the joystick from our default/fighting layers. I change it to “Joystick”, a*sign “R click” with the “action sets” > removeaction Layer, and then select the “menu” layer.

You can choose a different mode-changing button in the menu layer than the default configuration. However, the default layer button should be used to input the normal action of the button in the fighting layer. Remember that the default configuration is copied to the fighting layer. Although it is unnecessary here, the fight configuration can be changed from fighting to menu mode.

You now have two configurations that you can switch between by pressing the buttons.

Change the attack button

You must be careful when changing the attack button as it is used to confirm/select in menus.

If you want to jump with A and attack with A, you will need first to a*sign a new key to attack (see the default Xbox controls below). Once you have a*signed a different key for attack, you will no longer be able to select items by pressing A. Now you will need to press the button designated as attack button. (We will fix this later using the steam controller configuration.

If you a*sign A to jump first (so there is only one binding per button), attack will be unbound at A. In this case, you will not be able confirm/select menus with your controller. You will also be unable to change key bindings with your controller, so you are stuck. This does not apply if you use a mouse to select keybindings.

These are the default controls that an xbox controller will use:

Fraymakers - Fix for Controller Configuration - Changing the attack button - 52E839F

Configuring your controls

Open Fraymakers.

Navigate to “options” > Controls in Fraymakers

Click “+ New Profile” at top. Name your profile and choose your controller type as “device Type”.

(You can switch between the profiles you are editing by clicking “select profile” at the top of the page.

You can configure your controls however you like, but don’t unbind attack unless you are comfortable using a mouse to select bindings you wish to change.

Configure your controls however you like

It would be best to remember that cancelling can be done by hitting a special key. You cannot cancel the button a*signment dialog by using a controller. You can only cancel the button a*signing dialog by pressing escape on a keyboard.

You will not be able to confirm/cancel menu items if you have changed your attack or special buttons.

This can be fixed by opening the steam controller configuration.

Select the menu layer.

To input your configured attack button, a*sign the button you want to use to select/confirm in the menus (A to me).

To input your special button, a*sign the button to which you want to go back or cancel in the menus (B for Me).

(Because I still want the ability to input all buttons while I am in “menu”, I a*sign my attack button A and my special B to input B.

Swap to Fraymakers

Go to “Training”

Select you controller profile beneath your character portrait.

Fraymakers - Fix for Controller Configuration - Configuring your controls - 8072B9E

Your profile should now be active in Fraymakers everywhere, not just in Fraymakers controller configuration.

You can activate the menu layer by pressing a key that you have previously configured (I press the right stick).

Every time you press A (or any other button), it will input your “attack button” and select/confirm in the menus. The same goes for B (or any other button) which will input your “special button” and will go back/cancel within menus.

You can deactivate the menu by pressing the key you have configured (right-stick click again for me).

Navigate menus in menu mode, then switch to “fighting mode” when you are engaged in a fight.

Switch back to menu mode after the fight and back to “fighting” when you are in a fight again.

Restart Fraymakers, as it seems to lag horribly when you open the ingame control configuration.

Save your configuration

I recommend exporting your steam control configuration to save it in a separate save slot.

Click the gear symbol in the layout overview. Once your configuration has been selected, click export to name it. Now you can find your layout under the “your layouts tab”. If you have made any changes to your layout, you can select “Update Layout” and “Save New Layout” to save the new version.

“Unbinding” attack

Unfortunately, you cannot unbind an attack entirely.

You can, however a*sign an attack to a key you don’t use (I “use” one of the bumpers to this end, but you might want one of the stick presses).

Next, in the menu layer, a*sign the button you want to use to confirm in menus (A) to input this button.

Issues & Fixes

The configured controls prevent you from fighting or menuing

Make sure to select your control profile below your character portrait.

Fraymakers - Fix for Controller Configuration - Configuring your controls - 8072B9E

The game is extremely slow

Fraymakers seems to lag when you enter its control configuration. This can be prevented by restarting Fraymakers every time you go to its control configuration (the Ingame Configuration, not the Steams Controller Configuration).



This is all about Fraymakers – Fix for Controller Configuration; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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