For The King II – Status Effects Guide

For The King II – Status Effects Guide 3 -
For The King II – Status Effects Guide 3 -

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Full details about status effects in the game.


Status Effects

We’ve enhanced and improved the status effects from FTK1. We wanted to give the game more depth by adding new challenges and foes that make players think about their next move. We also added acid as a cruel joke.


Dazed status effect is new for FTK2. It makes use of the new grid and disables secondary action for the targeted. You will lose your secondary actions next turn when dazed. That means you won’t have any items and won’t be able to move! For The King II - Status Effects Guide - Status Effects - 44CDB9A The enemy can make this worse by repositioning you. If your Blacksmith is pushed back, you’ll lose the ability to move the next turn.


Stun works in a similar way to FTK1. It simply removes you from your next turn. These attacks may not cause any damage, however, they can slow your team’s progress and in some cases, give you a tactical advantage.


After one round, you’ll suffer ticking damage until the fire is extinguished.

This can also happen if you burn your floor tiles. So, make sure to move before ticking damage occurs!


When you become entangled, it will prevent you from moving or performing physical attacks. This can be the bane for any melee class, leaving you with few options.

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When you’re struck by lightning, one of your rolls will fail. This can be a significant burden for magic classes that rely on every roll to land their spells.


Curses can be powerful incantations uttered by magic users. They will dramatically reduce one of your stats and must be removed before they stop.


Once you are confused, your character’s actions will be random. You could change equipment, use consumables, or flee!


Poison will cause you to take damage in the overworld and reduce your stats. This can have a big impact on your ability to fight and also how you roll.


In FTK2, it’s best to avoid acid. If you stumble into acid and your gear is dissolved, your best equipment may be destroyed. Gone. For good!


When you feel threatened, you may flee the battle and leave the rest of your party to face the remaining enemies. Fleeing can also affect combat positioning, forcing your character to run toward the back of the line.


Be careful with freezing abilities. You will suffer 25% more damage if you are frozen.


If you bleed during combat, you will start taking damage over some time.

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