Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Best Strategy How to Beat Aggressive Nightmare Mode

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Best Strategy How to Beat Aggressive Nightmare Mode 2 -
Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Best Strategy How to Beat Aggressive Nightmare Mode 2 -
A guide on how to beat Aggressive Nightmare Mode using a unique strategy created by Tru3P1ay3r.


Are you struggling to obtain that fourth star?

Well, do I have the strat for you. This is a strategy that I have been using for almost 3 years now, and it has gotten me the win very consistently.

What is Aggressive Nightmare Mode?

Aggressive Nightmare Mode is Night 6 (Nightmare Mode,) but with the Aggressive cheat enabled.

The Aggressive cheat doubles Springtrap’s A.I during the night you are currently playing. This mode is sometimes referred to as Nightmare Aggressive Only, or NAO for short. This name stems from the current night being Nightmare Mode, the Aggressive cheat being enabled, and no other cheats being enabled.

How do I access Aggressive Nightmare Mode?

To access the cheats, you must first have obtained the first 3 stars on the main menu. The first star can be obtained by beating Night 5, the second star can be obtained by beating Night 6 (Nightmare Mode,) and the third star can be obtained by achieving the good ending.

Once you have obtained those three stars, you can access the cheats from the extras menu. Enable the Aggressive cheat, and ensure that it is the only cheat enabled. Then, go back to the main menu and begin Nightmare Mode.

What should I do at the start of the night?

For the first in-game hour, Springtrap doesn’t really do much of anything. He just roams around the place randomly. At the start of the night, just sit in the office with the maintenance panel open. After about 30 seconds have passed, reset the ventilation. This will help out in some clutch scenarios later in the night.

This works because Springtrap is unable to enter any vents until the clock strikes 1 AM. You can just let him roam around the building and listen for the dangerous ambience. When you hear it, he’s entered CAM 5. If it becomes louder, he’s entered CAM 2. If it becomes quieter, he’s entered either CAM 3 or 4. If it stops completely, he’s entered either CAM 6 or 8.

You’ll want to have the maintenance panel up during this period for two reasons. First of all, having the panel or monitor up causes the ventilation to drain much slower. Second, it’s a far better choice than having the monitor up, as it eliminates any risk of a Phantom Foxy attack and prevents the camera system from failing early.

Once the clock strikes 1 AM, continue to the next phase.

What should I do during the rest of the night?

Open the monitor and find Springtrap. Once you find him in a room, seal the adjacent vent. If he is in CAM 06, seal CAM 13. Although CAM 06 has no adjacent vent, he could go to CAM 07 and enter that vent. If he is in CAM 08, seal the vent adjacent to either CAM 08 or CAM 06 (this one’s up to preference. I usually seal the CAM 07 vent.) After that, just leave him be. Keep flipping up and down the monitor as to prevent a video or ventilation error from happening too early. When you hear Springtrap move, follow him to the camera that he moved to. If he moved to a camera with a vent, seal the vent in the room he just moved to.

Basically, the strategy here is to LET Springtrap roam around the place. You don’t need to lure him to specific places. In fact, that’s a bad idea, as it requires you to use the audio much more frequently, and therefore you’re going to have to reboot it more often.

This strategy greatly reduces the amount of errors that occur during the night, and eliminates much of the RNG that other strategies contain.

When should I use the audio lure?

While you shouldn’t use the audio a lot, it still is necessary. If Springtrap gets to CAM 05, use the audio to lure him back to either CAM 06 or CAM 08 (preferably CAM 06, as he only has two possible locations to go to, whereas if you lure him to CAM 08, he has three possible locations to go to, and he may just go to the room with an unsealed vent. Plus, you may get caught by the Phantom Puppet, which usually ends a run.)

If Springtrap has made it to CAM 04, CAM 03 or CAM 02 before you could lure him back, switch to CAM 02, and seal CAM 15. From there, you’ll still want to let him roam by himself. If he gets to the outside window, lure him back to CAM 02 (sometimes this won’t work, but it usually will if you’re fast enough.) If he goes back to CAM 05 by himself, lure him back to CAM 06 or 08, where you’ll continue to let him roam. Make sure to reseal the CAM 07 or CAM 09 vent when you lure him back.)

What do I get for beating NAO?

Upon completion, NAO grants a fourth star on the main menu. Keep in mind that this star is only granted on version 1.03 and later, so make sure that your game is up to date.

Does this strategy guarantee a win every time?

No. Sometimes, RNG will just not be in your favour. Sometimes, Springtrap may just make his way down to your doorway with no way to stop him. Or, he may go into a vent and crawl through it so fast that you can’t seal it in time even if you get there before he does.

If he walks past the window before 5 AM, restart the run. Springtrap is too fast for you to lure him back to CAM 01 when he’s right outside the door, and even then, he can come back right after you lured him. If it’s around 5:20-5:30AM, however, reset the ventilation, and just wait it out. You should win the night anyway.

This strategy probably doesn’t guarantee the win EVERY time, but it’s at least much more consistent than the old strategy.

If you need a visual representation of my strategy, here’s my no commentary video of it:

That’s about it. I wish you the best of luck with this strategy. If you found this helpful, let me know.

(Guide and strategy created by Tru3P1ay3r, guide edited and uploaded by Ambience.)

By Ambience

This is all about Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Best Strategy How to Beat Aggressive Nightmare Mode; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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