Fistful of Frags – Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough

Fistful of Frags – Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough 1 -
Fistful of Frags – Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough 1 -

FoF has a few tedious Achievements, that can be cheesed in pretty easy ways. In this Guide i will explain how to gain all achievements in approx. 10-11 hours. Ive done em all in 12, with alot of lazing around, so min-maxing should cut that time down by alot.

A Word on how i categorized this Guide.

So the Categories will work as follows:

  • 1. Achievements that are self explanatory, no cheese required, just do what the Description says
  • 2. Cheese certain Achievements with a specific Bot Setting
  • 3. Console Command cheese.


Self Explanatory

So these Achievements are completely self explanatory, and dont have a need to cheese them in a special way, at most, theres a simple way to speed it up. I got them by playing normally, and didnt bother finding a Strategy for them in Return. The following List has no particular Order, but theres also no need for that.
I recommend doing all these on fof_Roberlee, its a small-ish map with loads of action.
Frag Robber: Kill some enemies severely injured by another player, while that player is still close to the victim (I want to add to this one, i dont remember if i got this one against bots, or if damage has to be done specifically by players, please let me know if you get it against bots)
Best Friends: Kill a few Steam friends with bare hands (Needs a Steam User that is on your Friendlist)
More Dead Than Alive: Get some frags while your health is lower than 15 HP (can damage yourself with Dynamite if you want to do it as fast as possible, but should come naturally.)
Overweighted: Kill enemies while reaching 100% overweight due weapon accumulation (You can either camp the boxes, or just pick up all Guns that Bots drop untill youre extremely slow and cant sprint anymore.)
Overpowered: Kill enemies with dual Colt Walkers (Camp the Golden Box, you need the Revolver Pickup twice, so wait on the box after you get the first one, untill you can pick the Box a 2nd Time.)
My Name is Nobody: Your first kill in a game among other human players. (Doesnt work in Botgames)
Hat-Shooter: Drop 15 enemy player’s hat by shooting over their heads (Just aim above the Head.)
Dutch Courage: Kill some enemies while being under whiskey’s effect (fof_Roberlee has a Bar in the middle at which Bots tend to bunch up around.)
The Unforgiven: Kill enemies ending their streak of 7 or more kills (Hyper simple with a friend, an unbearable pain with bots. (This took me longer than completing 500 Games, if you cant find anyone to do this with, put lowest amount of bots, and let the bots kill you 7 times, then kill them.)

Achievements cheesable with custom bots

First off, sub to this Workshop Mod: – [] 
Create a Custom Server, i recommend the Map fof_robertlee, use maximum bots, and at “Custom Script” in the Bot Settings, pick “red dynamite bots.txt”
Defuser: Pick lit dynamite sticks thrown by other players (Bots will go wild with TNT, just try to pick their Sticks up)
A Fistful of Dynamite: Get some kills with explosive chain reaction effect (their own dynamite kills them) (Just spam Dynamite at enemies, i just spammed untill i got it, simple with dynamite bots)
Detonator: Get some kills shooting at a lit dynamite (Just shoot the Dynamte that bots throw, alternatively, you can use the melee only bots, go to the bar, and throw dynamte at the bot’s feet, and then shoot it.)
Use the Melee bots settings for this one:
Kick their a*ses: Kick some enemies into water, fire or a large fall
You can do this on fof_robertlee, pick melee bot settings, full amount of bots, and wait on the lower back of the bot, as you can see in the Screenshot. Where the red arrow points, bots tend to bunch up alot, check if any are in there every now and then, bait them outside, and kick em in the Water.
Fistful of Frags - Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough - Achievements cheesable with custom bots - 4E5D4A8

Console Command cheesio

Here we will tackle the Robin Hood Achievement, in my opinion, insanely hard to do without commands, allthough its pretty simple with a Friend, if you have one (I dont) So the following Setup was the best Way for me to get them in no Time.
Robin Hood: Make headshots with bow from long range
Create Custom Server, pick melee bots, allthough it doesnt matter, maximum bot amount, pick the map fof_fistful. When the cooldown ended, write fof_bot_stop 1. On fistful. I know 2 Spawns were you can arrow them in the Head (must be a Headshot) This Achievement is super annoying, because you actually have to be extremely far away. Both Spawns are on the lower part of the map, in the corner next to the Gallows.
See these Screenshots to see where to stand. You can move a little bit closer maybe, i dont know the exact places i was standing, its been some while since ive done these.
Spot 1:
Fistful of Frags - Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough - Console Command cheesio - C5623DC
I think you might be allowed to shoot from the Green Arrow Location aswell, but i cant say for sure.
Spot 2:
I actually just realized that the Devs fixed 3 of my 4 Farm Spots for this Achievement, i guess, another good Map for these Headshot would be cripplecreek, let me know if you find any good spots, you gotta be extremely far away though, keep that in Mind.
Now, last but not least. Arguably the biggest BS achievements, that you can farm easily with console.
Map, settings etc. on create Server mostly doesnt matter beside these two Settings:
1. Have Bots enabled.
2. Game MUST BE ATLEAST 10 MINUTES!!!!!, anything below wont count for the cheevo.
Put these Commands in console:
-sv_cheats 1
-fof_sv_obj_warmuptime 0
-host _framerate 1
This will make your Games go by in Seconds, you still have to join a Team, before that Game is over, this should take 30 minutes max.

End of Goide

Let me know if anything is confusing, or you have additional Questions. I whipped this Guide up from Memory, as its been some TIme since i did the Achievements myself.
Thanks for reading this, have a nice Day!
Fistful of Frags - Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough - End of Goide - 8A3F876

Written by koRRupt[ed mInd

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Fistful of Frags – Basic Gameplay & Achievements Walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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