Firewatch – Achievement & Bugs Fixes Guide

Firewatch – Achievement & Bugs Fixes Guide 1 -
Firewatch – Achievement & Bugs Fixes Guide 1 -

Fix for those having trouble unlocking certain achievements in Free Roam. Obtaining achievements is relevant to what equipment you take with you when leaving the lookout tower


After going into Free Roam and taking all equipment from the lookout tower and doing the Raccoon achievement, it did not pop for me and I started researching other people who had the same problem and their solutions.
I found this forum post: – [] 
Supposedly the achievements are tied to what equipment you have. I have found this to be true in my experience and wanted to direct others having problems toward a solution
This solution works for both the Raccoon achievement and the Ol’ Shoshone achievement in slightly different ways

Ol’ Shoshone (Free Roam)

Reboot the game (just in case) and start a new Free Roam game from Special Features. Take ONLY the ax with you to the lookout and head to the secret area (the ax is necessary to get into the secret area). You can find the place to use the ax near a Dead Elk, and you must clear some brush by hand to reach it. At the area, you will find a note and a tape. After picking up the tape, the achievement will unlock (I did not have to play it, not sure how to)

The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter (Free Roam)

Similar to before, reboot the game (just in case). Start a new Free Roam game from the Special Features section on the main menu. This time take NOTHING from the lookout, and go to the location of the Old Cabin (east of the secret area). Enter the basement of the old cabin and open the stove for the raccoon to pop out at you, the achievement should pop


Shoutout to KGB-izzy for detailing the original method in the forum post. I figured it would apply to the other achievement I was having trouble with, and I ended up being right. I hope by making this guide I can help others who were wondering why certain achievements won’t pop for them. I hope the developer fixes this eventually

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