Final Profit: A Shop RPG – Locations of all tracks in the game

Final Profit: A Shop RPG – Locations of all tracks in the game 1 -
Final Profit: A Shop RPG – Locations of all tracks in the game 1 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Final Profit: A Shop RPG – Locations of all tracks in the game. Follow this guide step by step.

Track List

1. Already Made Up my Mind – Mab’s Garden in Faeona. Located in the lower middle of area 2. I’ll Repair it Myself: Over the wood bridges/trees canopy outside Faeona. In the Palace area, there is a hidden entrance on the right.

3. Fields of Gold — In the area to the south of Tutetown.

4. Tutetown Shop (top left) – The first shop in Tutetown.

5. Entry Level Business Next to the Bar in Tutetown

6. ? ? ?

7. I like Coffee and Nice Hats. Sell Margothorn Hats at Tutetown and then go and talk to Margothorn (around 125 hats are sold?

8. Quiet Bar Quiet Town- Inside the Tutetown bar

9. Odina’s Gem Tech Lab, bottom Right

10. The Representative — Fire or forgive your representative after becoming a Lord Business

11. A Vile Scheme. The balcony of Grand Merchant Aberton’s House in Enterpriston requires the purchase of the house

12. The Horse Dimension, above the main horse house in horse dimension (between Tutetown’s and Enterpriston’s shortcuts).

13. Remember Why – The area with a famine memorial in the rain. Top left behind a branch.

14. True to My Oath- Inside Marx Castle – Bottom floor

15. Kurze Ruhe. You will have to cross an invisible bridge in the lake area where the bug is.

16. The Council in Faeona – Petition Center

17. Enterpriston, Inside the information center

18. Frenetic Auction – Top left of the main bidding area.

19. The Biztorium – Unlocked by Default

20. A Crafty Duo – Inside Enterpriston’s crafting house, on the right

21. The Bureau Office is located upstairs in Enterprise. Can only access after getting Five’s card

22. Castle Marx: On the battlements at the bottom right.

23. Apple Magic – In the Apple Labyrinth at the other side of a river

24. Apartment Life – The Fourth Floor of the Apartment Building in Enterpriston

25. Garden Respite: In the garden located on the 2nd floor of the apartment complex

26. The Ratporium. 500g purchased from the rat found in the sewers of Enterpriston, after buying 3 planting containers.

27. Slick Biscuits- In the beehive – after paying off four angry bees

28. Phoenix – In Ghost Bird lava Maze. On the right-hand side, on an island, requires the pushability to get to

29. A Queen in mourning – Inside Marx Castle on the second floor, Queen’s room

30. Those That Maintain Metropolitan – Lobby of Bureau of Business Headquarters Capital, left Side

31. Would You like To Buy Some Oranges? Complete the Orange Salesman’s questline when you have collected 50 apples. Once the questline is complete, an Orange Salesman can be found at the end of the application labyrinth. Talking to this man will reward you with a track.

32. Faeona. In the commerce district in Faeona. On the left, behind a home.

33. Training! Training!

34. Fae Nobility/Royalty — To the left of the palace at Faeona in the upper area

35. See? I’m REAL – Bottom Left of Graveyard among Trees

36. Train Investigations- Train platform after becoming the Lord of Business.

37. City of Business, between Lord Five and Mr. Tony’s head office.

38. HOOWHO!? – In Lich Owls’ lair in Apple Labyrinth

39. Blackmail in the bathroom where you can buy fermented te,

40. Gem Tech Lab – Past the gem alarms & to the Right

41. ? ? ?

42. Lady Plenty – Parking lot in the northern part.

43. The People Who Believe In Me – in Lord Five’s office at the capital

44. Minappletaur (top middle) – Go around the left side ring of the Minappletaur.

45. Final Profit – Infront of the giant trees to the left of the Faeona palatial (Unknown spawning condition, possibly winning the game by the Final Profit ending).

46. ? ? ?

47. The End of Business, top right parking by the Bureau of Business Headquarters. (Unknown condition of spawning, possibly related to a certain ending)

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