FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Land of Eorzea Adventure – Beginners Gameplay Tips

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Land of Eorzea Adventure – Beginners Gameplay Tips 1 -
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Land of Eorzea Adventure – Beginners Gameplay Tips 1 -

This is a general overview for starting your adventures in the land of Eorzea. It is a short starting guide that gives some basic tips that are easy to miss, but make playing the game a lot more fun!
Note*: This guide still has the potential to be expanded greatly. Last updated 2/1/2018


Welcome to Eorzea, Steam!

I absolutely adore this game. While I would like to get into the overall design philosophy and who the target demographic of the game is, this guide will just be focusing on starting the game and streamlining the experience so that you’ll not find yourself getting stuck in your first few levels!
Things to keep in mind: This is a Final Fantasy game. It is also an MMORPG. Traditionally in MMORPGs, you can skip quest dialogue and blow through the content. While it is still possible to do this here, please note that there is a pretty solid story throughout the game and immersing yourself in the dialogue of the quests helps make sense of things. As it is an MMORPG, expect to group up with people occasionally, but as it is also a Final Fantasy game you can solo a lot of the content until you hit the end-game.
Now… Onto the guide!
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Introduction - 8EC8F1C

Chapter One: The first launch!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter One: The first launch! - CB7FA99

  • Picking a Data Center and Server

    When choosing a data center, you can try to connect to one in your region (though most, if not all EU and NA servers are based in Canada).
    If you don’t care about any of that and are looking for the best server for thing A or thing B, here are some tips.
    There are two types of servers: Legacy and Normal. Legacy servers are servers that were created for players of FFXIV1.0. They are harder to establish yourself in due to how expensive things are on MB and how outgeared most players are. The most popular NA Legacy server is Balmung. Legacy servers are locked from transfers out of it (so if you roll normal, transfer to Legacy, you can’t leave right now. OR, if you start on legacy, you won’t be able to transfer out*). Gilgamesh is the highest population NA server. Ragnarok is highest EU population server and Tonberry is highest SEA server (also has largest about of english speakers).
    The unofficial Legacy RP server is Balmung. The unofficial normal RP server is Gilgamesh.
    (For more server stats: check out – []  )
    *Update: As the economies of non-Legacy Worlds have now had time to mature, restrictions on World transfer for players on Legacy Worlds will be lifted on March 1, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. (PST)

  • Beginning the game, you have the opportunity to create any kind of character that you’d like.

    Pick the character appearance that you like the best (if you are one of those people who like to BiS (Best in Slot) race doesn’t really affect much in the end-game). Why? Because you’ll only have an opportunity to change your character appearance once (or pay to do so after the first time). Due to the fact that you can level all cla*ses and jobs on your character, it is best to pick something that you like. I don’t think I can stress this enough.. PICK A CHARACTER YOU LIKE.
    Please note: There is only one race that you should be picking, Lalafell 😉 (just kidding!)

  • Your starting cla*s determines what city you start in.

    The cla*s that you start with, determines what city you will start in. You will not be able to travel quickly to the other cities until you are around level 15-20.


    Conjurer, Archer, Lancer

    Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge

    Limsa Lominsa
    Marauder, Arcanist

  • What cla*s should I play?

    FFXIV uses the Holy Trinity (Tank, Healer, DPS) for its party content. Each cla*s leads to a different job and when using Duty Finder, you’ll be put into an appropriate slot based on your cla*s.
    Tanking Cla*ses: Gladiator, Marauder
    Healing Cla*s: Conjurer
    DPS: Arcanist, Pugilist, Thaumaturge, Archer, Lancer
    Tanking Jobs: Paladin, Warrior
    Healing jobs: White Mage, Scholar
    DPS Jobs: Summoner, Dragoon, Monk, Black Mage, Bard*
    I’ll expand on jobs in chapter 3
    *Bard is a support DPS, that uses songs to boost DPS or restore MP/TP
    If you aren’t wanting to tank or heal, make sure you pick one of the other cla*ses! Tanking and healing are rewarding cla*s/job roles but carry a good bit of responsibility

  • You can change cla*ses at level 10*

    As long as you are up-to-date on your starting cla*s quests, you can switch cla*ses at level 10. To change a cla*s, go to the cla*s guild that you would like to change to. Talk to the receptionist, accept her quest, and turn it into that cla*s guild master. It’s easy, fast and fun! To swap cla*ses after completing the quest, just equip the appropriate weapon.


Chapter 2: Getting off the boat (or the cart)

*This section is still being edited
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 2: Getting off the boat (or the cart) - 38A8CC9

    Post introduction: What the hell is going on..?

    As soon as you get through your introduction scene, you’ll be bombarded with a new UI as well as a bunch of quests. There is an onscreen tutorial about controls as you go, but here is your priority list as a new player.

  • Do your main scenario quest:

    This is so important, that I can’t stress it enough. In order to unlock almost EVERYTHING in the game, you have to do your main scenario quests. How can you tell the difference between them and your other quests? They have a special meteor icon around the Q marker. This icon looks like… FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 2: Getting off the boat (or the cart) - 06C4F57
    For your first battle cla*s, you can almost level to 50 by doing these quests alone (as well as dungeon and fates… but more on that in a bit). Try to make sure you stay up-to-date on these quests, they are the backbone of your unlocks!
    Update: 2/1/2018: Main Scenario Quests are now persistent at the top left of your UI. You can toggle this off and on, but you should have no trouble figuring out what is next in your line of quests!
    FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 2: Getting off the boat (or the cart) - EB9DCDE

  • Do your battle cla*s quests (or crafting quests!)

    The other thing you should try to knock out is your battle-cla*s quests. In order to unlock jobs later on, as well as several skills and the ability to unlock new cla*ses, battle cla*s quests must be completed. Your journal should be able to provide insight into these. You’ll get a new battle cla*s quest every 5 levels!

  • Attune to Aetheryte crystals and chocobo porters

    In every major city there are Aetheryte crystals spread out at different locations. Attuning to all of these makes teleporting around cities a breeze. The large crystals can also be used to set your home locations. Anytime you enter a new map, you should try to attune to one of the crystals. Large crystals that you’ve attuned to can be teleported to from nearly anywhere in the game, making travel less tedious. Keep in mind, there is a gil fee for teleportation!
    Chocobo porters are the equivalent of WoW “Flight Paths” and are cheaper for travel but take a little bit longer. They are connected in networks as well and unlocking more of them allow for a larger range of travel. Chocobo porters are cheaper and better for use at low levels than teleportation.

  • Join a Free Company (or don’t!)

    A Free Company is FFXIV’s equivalent of a guild. If you’ve played MMORPG’s before, a guild is a community of players that work together with a common mindset. Free Companies in FFXIV have several perks such as an up to 10% Experience buff, reduced teleportation fees, Free Company housing and a network of players that will help you out in dungeons and trials. However, with a community comes people. If you prefer to solo, joining a FC isn’t necessary, though having companions and making friends is a good bonus on top of the other perks!

  • How to use your quest tracker

    The quest tracker will tell you two things: The title of the quest in gold and the short description in blue. The map system in FFXIV can be a bit confusing for the first few levels, but the easiest way to tell where to go for a quest is by clicking either the blue description text on your quest tracker (this opens the quest map) or by clicking the title and then pressing the map button under the full description. Quest markers and mobs will be noted either by a red circle on the map or by a gold Q with a wing like shape in it. FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 2: Getting off the boat (or the cart) - 9028ED9


Chapter 3: Goals, Dungeons and Leveling

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 3: Goals, Dungeons and Leveling - 17E83BC
(currently being edited)

    When do I get ______

    There are several “checkpoints” to your experience in the game. I’d like to call these goals and let’s answer ’em here!

  • Dungeons

    You unlock your first dungeon at level 15 (if you’ve been keeping up with your main scenario quests) The first dungeon you unlock is called Satasha. There are 3 ways to enter it:
    • Duty Finder: Pull up your duty finder, check Satasha and wait! Duty finder checks all the servers in your data center for people queued for that dungeon and builds an appropriate party from it.
    • Party Finder: This is server based and can be found under your social tab. It is mostly used for end-game groups and fate parties, though it can be used to gather a group of 4 for low level
    • Gather your own party of 4 by inviting people to a party! Do this and then select the Duty Finder, and you’ll be good to go. You can use any composition of party with this method, but try to stick with the Trinity (unless you’re just goofin’ off)

  • Guildhests, levequests and Trials

    You unlock Guildhests and levequests at level 10 (a*suming you’re following your main scenario quest line). Guildhests are like little mini-dungeons that help teach basic mechanics and are required for a few quests later on.
    Levequests are quests that you can pick up in an area for several reasons. 1. In case you’ve blown through all the quests in that area. 2. If you are wanting to level a crafting cla*s, levequests help give another method for getting experience. Levequests use allowances. You obtain a few allowances a day and they will cap at 99 allowances. Levequests are quick and easy for when you need that extra little boost to level!
    Trials are like dungeons but they are just a single boss fight. You queue up for them the same way as you would a dungeon!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 3: Goals, Dungeons and Leveling - 53DC9BE

  • Joining a Grand Company (or “How I Met my Chocobro”)

    At level 20, you’ll have to join a Grand Company as part of your main story quest. The Grand Company you pick will allow you to use a currency called seals to purchase gear for yourself, as well as accessories and other perks. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose (I’d say pick the one you like best) but for the sake of Best in Slotting…here is what most people recommend.
    Maelstrom – Tanks
    Twin Adders – Physical DPS
    Immortal Flames – Mages
    Also at level 20, after picking your Grand Company and completing the first quest for it, you can unlock the quest for your Chocobo! (Your first mount) In order to purchase your chocobo license, you’ll need 200 Grand Company seals. You can earn these seals by doing Grand Company Levequests or by grinding fates (Fates are a much faster way to earn those seals).

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 3: Goals, Dungeons and Leveling - 5E2C550

  • Jobs, jobs and jobs! (and cross-cla*s)role abilities

    This will only be a cursory glance at the jobs. I’ll make a more in depth guide about individual jobs later on.
    It takes two cla*ses to unlock a job. A third cla*s (tertiary) can be used for cross-cla*s abilities, but two cla*ses are mandatory per job that you wish to unlock. Jobs limit the amount of cross-cla*s skills you can use, but add a MASSIVE stats boost to your main stat +20! They also unlock additional skills that wouldn’t normally be found on the cla*s skill tree. 9 times out of 10, you’ll want to have your job stone equipped (SquareEnix may change something in the future to counteract this, but as of now not having those extra 20 stat points hurts!). There are instances where this may not apply, but it’s definitely worth using your job stone.
    Update: 2/1/2018 – It no longer takes two cla*ses to get a job. I guess the economy is booming in Eorzea now!
    The requirements for each job is as follows!
    Warrior: Marauder (Level 30)
    Paladin: Gladiator (Level 30)
    Bard: Archer (Level 30)
    Dragoon: Lancer (Level 30)
    Monk: Pugilist (Level 30)
    Scholar: Arcanist (Level 30)
    Summoner: Arcanist (Level 30)
    Black Mage: Thaumaturge (Level 30)
    White Mage: Conjurer (Level 30)
    Ninja: Rogue (Level 30)
    Expansion Jobs:
    Dark Knight: Any Disciple of War or Magic (Level 50)
    Astrologian: Any Disciple of War or Magic (Level 50)
    Machinist: Any Disciple of War or Magic (Level 50)
    Samurai: Any Disciple of War or Magic (Level 50)
    Red Mage: Any Disciple of War or Magic (Level 50)
    Note: You must finish all of your primary cla*s quests for the job you want in order to unlock the quest for that job!

    A few additional notes on cross cla*s skills [/h1]


  • Cla*ses can use other cla*ses skills (some of them).
    To see what abilities are available to you, open your “Actions and Traits” tab, go to cla*ses and you can pick and choose abilities from other cla*ses that you have leveled. A cla*s can equip up to 10 cross-cla*s abilities when reaching level 50.
    Jobs can only use cross cla*s abilities from 2 other cla*ses
    Jobs limit your cross-cla*s skills to 5 slots (at level 50) and only two other cla*ses (depending on the job stone you have equipped).

    Update 2/1/2018: At some point over the past 3 years, Cross-cla*s abilities were removed and replaced with Role Actions. I’m sure this was due to some redundancy and balancing, but by removing cross-cla*s abilities, it greatly simplified needs for leveling. Role Actions work the same as Cross-Cla*s used to, except no longer needing to get a specific cla*s up for a specific skill. At level 70, you can select up to 5 Role Abilities.
  • Color your World (Level 15 Dye quest)

    Ready to step into the fabulous world of coloring all of your gear Pink? Maybe you’d like to mix purple, green, red and yellow for a nice putrid color! Well you’re in luck, at level 15 you have to opportunity to unlock dyes in the easiest quest in the universe.
    First obtain an Orange juice. They are cheap and found on the Market Board and also on several food vendors around the world (Coffer and Coffin in Central Than*lan is one such vendor).
    Secondly, head on over to Vesper Bay (North of Horizon), and there’s a lovely Rhoegadyn that’s sitting on a bench in the court yard of Vesper Bay. Her name is Swyrgeim. She’s probably pretty thirsty too. Hook her up with that sweet orange juice and you unlock the ability to dye your armor!
    Easy peasy, lemon…erm orange squeezy.

  • Ahead of the Craft!

    Coming soon

  • Retainers and Marketboard!

    Coming soon


Chapter 4: FAQ’s and UI help




  • What are some basic chat commands?

    Here are some of the most common and quick commands for accessing the different chats.
    Party: /p or /party
    Linkshell: /l# or /linkshell# (The # represents what number LS it is. So if you’re trying to activate Linkshell 1 chat, just type /l1)
    Shout: Shout is zone general chat. (Dark orange by default) Mostly used for looking for groups, but can be full of banter as well. To access shout /shout
    Yell: Similar to /shout, but yellow text and only around a certain radius around you. /yell
    Alliance: Used in 24 man groups (such as Crystal Tower), /alliance
    Whisper: /tell Player Name

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 4: FAQ's and UI help - E747083

  • How does one exchange items between own characters?

    Unfortunately at this time, you cannot directly send items between two characters that are on the same account. You’ll have to get a friend to help you transfer (annoying, I know!)

  • More as they come!
    FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Chapter 4: FAQ's and UI help - B234C0F



I hope this guide has helped some of you getting started on your new adventure!
Thanks for reading, and I’ll address any questions you may have for me!
If you’d like to hit me up in game, shoot me a /tell!
Server: Gilgamesh
Name: Klein Beldyn
Happy Hunting!
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - Land of Eorzea Adventure - Beginners Gameplay Tips - Outro - E653996
Edit 5/18/2015: There have been a lot of changes to this game and I’ve been inactive in Eorzea for a while. I apologize for the lack of updates.
Edit 2/1/2018: I started playing again. Updating this because it’s real old. Be patient.

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