FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide – 2021

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide – 2021 1 -
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide – 2021 1 -
This guide takes you through basics of clearing dungeons alone as sole Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XIV (mostly to get the associated skills from them). I’m going through all the suggested skills for the task and where/how to get them and how to utilize them in your solo runs.



Hello. I decided to write this guide after I recently soloed “The Burn” dungeon for the last skill I missed from my spellbook. I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly and have since soloed more than handful of others. 
If you prefer to go at it alone, or just have hard time finding groups to some dungeons, then this guide should help you get comfortable with beating the dungeons alone as Blue Mage. It should make gathering all those pesky skills that can’t be gotten anywhere else easy enough. 
Do note that while dungeons are generally soloable, trials and raids still mostly require groups and it’s recommended to do at least few of them for skills to make running dungeons easier. Thankfully they have groups up fairly often compared to some of the dungeons. 
Update: Some Trials and Raids might be soloable if they don’t have too tight DPS check or instant kill mechanics, it just takes quite a while synced. They can also be ran Unsynced for easier clears but instead of 100% chance of learning the skill, it will be lower. 
But without further ado, lets get down to business. 

Getting Started

For this guide I expect you to be max level Blue Mage (level 70 by the time of this guide) and have access to skills gained from the Open World monsters. Both of these are fairly simple though bit time consuming things to achieve. Leveling can be fast if you have friend that’s not in your party boosting you though. 
For skills – for figuring out if you can get them easily from the Open World or whether you have to delve in Dungeon or setup/join a group for Trial or Raid. 
My preferred approach to Soloing was to use Aetherial Mimicry to gain the Healer “stance” and utilize the easy mode MP management with very good survivability to basically outlast enemies and to ensure that I see the enemy cast the spells that I wanted to get from the dungeons I soloed. While this is probably also doable using the Tank “stance” with slightly different setup and maybe even DPS with proper burst, I found Healer to remain the safe and steady option. 
Now, let’s move onto the skills and stuff, the meat of the guide. 

Skills to use and where/how to get them

Blue Mage’s main advantage is being incredibly fluid and being able to swap spells from your book even mid dungeon. This way you can easily shelve some and pull out others if situation demands it, but lets take a look on some of your “bread and butter” core skills. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Basic Instinct is what makes soloing as Blue not only possible, but also efficient. You get this skill from Master Coeurl in Upper La Noscea (x8.9, y21.4). It will increase your movespeed and damage vastly, making everything so much easier. It also negates the penalty of Mighty Guard which is insanely useful for survival. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Mighty Guard as mentioned is one the keys to your survival with massive 40% damage reduction and making your spells not interrupt from damage taken. You get it from Whalaqee Totem that requires you to learn 10 Blue Magic Spells. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
The Ram’s Voice is the first part of your fast clearing combo, vast majority of dungeon enemies are vulnerable to being frozen by the Deep Freeze effect of this spell. It can be gained from many locations, but is probably easiest Solo from either Masked Carnivale (stage 21 or 25) or Go, Go, Gorgimera – Level 49 FATE in Northern Thanalan (x18,y13). If you can get group “A Relic Reborn: The Chimera” is easiest. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Ultravibration is the second part of easy mode clearing combo. It will instantly kill all enemies that are in Deep Freeze state close to you. It does have around 2 minutes cooldown though so you cannot kill everything with it unless you wait for the cooldown. But just being able to make a wall-to-wall or almost a pull and instantly clear it with Swiftcasted Ram followed by Vibra will make dungeons that much easier. You will gain the skill from Kongamato – Level 68 in The Peaks (x11,y25). 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Aetherial Mimicry makes you able to gain a “stance” that greatly improves your abilities related to it. For soloing as I mentioned before I prefer to use Healer one due its advantages. You gain this skill from Ghrah Luminary, First Boss in Pharos Sirius (Hard). I’m fairly sure you do not have to kill the Boss itself as I gained this ability when one of his tethered adds died, making it easy to get as you can just leave after you get it. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Pom Cure is one of the two main reasons to go for the Healer mimicry. It’s absolutely busted as it’s practically free MP cost and it will heal you to full or almost full from basically zero HP. 
Update: Others have mentioned that Thornmarch is soloable for the skill, you just need to get to the White Mage Moogle and let him cast it before you trash it. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Gobskin is the second reason to go with Healer mimicry. It makes you incredibly hard to kill as you can start refreshing it before the previous one has been broken. Also pre-casting it during Tank Buster moves from bosses is great way to ensure you will have the time to Pom Cure yourself up safely right after. Try to keep it up as much as possible. You can get it from 
Alexandrian Hider & Alexandrian Slider from Alexander – The Breath of the Creator, which are in the early trash packs. Just clear the other enemies and whittle their health down until they cast it and finish them off and leave. 
These are your core skills for soloing. Next up is your basic damage setup and general good to have skills. 
For basic damage you can use almost anything you like, though it’s recommended to have at least one fast casting skill like Sonic Boom (Anzu – Level 59 The Sea of Clouds x25,y6) for mobility, it’s also good as ranged skill to pick off weak add spawns and stuff. Though you generally want some 220 potency nuke to kill things slightly faster, you could in theory just use Sonic Boom for everything. 
Other really useful damage skills to have are Song of Torment (Siren, Last Boss from Pharos Sirius) as you can combine it with Bristle (Wild Boar – Level 20 East Shroud x18,y24) to constantly have decent DoT ticking on the bosses. 
On top of them, having basically any Primal damage skills from Trials is good, though they do require groups to clear. 
I recommend clearing some ARR Hard Trials as they require very little skills to take on and now reward you with some instant cast nukes. Some of them share cooldowns with each other though so having 1 of each set is enough to get started. I’d recommend clearing Ifrit, Ramuh (or Titan) and Leviathan as they don’t need you to use Extreme version like Shiva and Garuda do. 
If you can, pick up stuff like Ravana too. 
Having Primal spells is probably not as much a must (outside of Thornmarch for the Cure), but makes defeating bosses faster (and clearing trash if your Ultravibration is on cooldown) 
Now onto other generally good to have skills. Some of them might end up as must use in few fights, so be sure to at least pick them up in case you need them. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Diamondback let’s you survive things you have no business to tank through. It is required in some Masked Carnivale fights AND in some dungeons like The Burn where you have to fail a mechanic to get the spell. While this can be gotten from two places, for Solo I recommend The Steps of Faith trial. You need to clear some early packs of enemies while you wait for Horde Armored Dragon to spawn. 
Don’t worry about Dying as you can just keep respawning, though if you get too overwhelmed by other add spawns you might have to restart if they camp your spawn location too hard. Once you have Armored enemy, just wait until it casts Diamondback before killing it and leaving the instance. It will take few minutes to spawn, so be patient. 
This spell is also another reason to go Healer mimicry as it’s MP heavy in cost and having not to use White Wind saves a lot of MP. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Exuviation is your Esuna, it’s less commonly used than Diamondback but comes in handy to clear those rare few nasty debuffs or DoTs that can be cleared. You get it from 
Abalathian Wamoura – Level 57-58 The Sea of Clouds (x10,y17). It’s also required on few later Masked Carnivale stages. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Toad Oil is more optional ability, but it’s evasion can be incredibly broken if you manage to have something like Tank Buster miss. It’s another layer of survivability. Get it from Giggling Gigantoad – Level 24 Western Thanalan (x15,y7). 
Someone tipped me off that Toad Oil gets progressively worse past level 50, so it might end up as waste of button if you are tight on them. 
Rest is pretty much up to you, what you want to use. As mentioned before, you can’t really go wrong with Primal spells and you could add thing like Angel’s Snack for extra regen and stuff if you think you will need it. There’s also options with Tingle, Whistle, Off-Guard and Triple Trident for Burst damage. 
If you are having trouble with trash monsters outside of the instant-kill combo, something like Bad Breath or other status ailment skills could help. 
Update: You can try to get at least ARR Primal skills by running them Unsynced, the droprates can be quite poor but they should be mostly fairly easily soloable as level 70. 
People have also mentioned that both Missile and Doom work on some of the bosses and can make short work out of them. 

Running through Dungeon alone

Now that you are setup, it’s time to get into action. 
To get into dungeon Solo you have to activate the undersized party option. To get any skills with 100% chance you also have to activate the Level Sync option. You can run without Sync option but with vastly reduced chance of learning the skill. 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online - How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide - 2021 
Remember to get your Aetherial Mimicry: Healer by using the ability on any Healer Job person before entering the dungeon. 
As you zone in, activate Basic Instinct and Mighty Guard. 
Pop up your Toad Oil and Gobskin and start running through enemies until you either hit wall or have so many it’s rough to have them close enough to you. 
Swiftcast + Ram’s Voice to freeze them and use Ultravibration to kill the pack. 
Next pull you will whittle down with your other tools, don’t overpull without the combo. If you have really tough time, just wait for Ultravibration to come off cooldown. You should be able to clear single packs by utilizing your other skills though, if you have Primal skills you can go ham as their cooldowns aren’t that bad and as Healer mimicry you aren’t as reliant on them as DPS for bosses. They will come off CD mid fight at latest. 
Check out boss mechanics from wiki or video if you do not know them. It’s vital to know if there are things like Tank Busters so you can properly pre-cast Gobskin during it to recover easier and to avoid all avoidable damage to make it easier. Unless the boss has infinitely stacking abilities or some kind of hard dps check, you can just take your time and whittle them down while keeping yourself healthy and safe. 
When going for skills, remember to let the target cast it before killing them. 
Most dungeons are pretty straight forward business, but some can require slight planning. As example I recently soloed “The Burn” for the skill from last boss and he will hit you insanely hard at one point, leaving you with only few % of health and tight time window to recover. I got past it by saving Swiftcast for Pom Cure to pop it instantly when he dropped my HP to avoid getting killed by normal hit right after. 
That should be it for most runs. Remember that being in Healer “stance” you are in no rush to kill most things and you have sustain for days, take your time and play it safe with the bosses. 


I hope this guide has been useful to you. I decided to make it after not really finding much materials for soloing things as Blue Mage, as most of it was bit outdated or for unsynced in general. 
For other Blue information there’s a lot of resources around the internet, like recommended skill setups for each mimicry and tentative Best in Slot gear lists. 
Whether you like going in Solo or just can’t find groups, getting those Dungeon skills shouldn’t be a wall to monster of a Job like Blue Mage. 
Now go out there and dominate those dungeons. 
Have a nice day. 

Written by ThatCat

This is all about FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – How to Play Solo as Blue Mage in Dungeons Guide – 2021; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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