FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Haukke Mannor Dungeon Info Guide

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Haukke Mannor Dungeon Info Guide 1 -
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Haukke Mannor Dungeon Info Guide 1 -
Hello this is just a simple guide to help new players to the game understand one dungeon called Haukke Mannor, since many new players skip some keys and get lost after the first boss.


The main things that needs to be done.

As soon as you start the dungeon, go left down the hallway there will be a door leading to the room to your left as soon as you start down that hallway, the group needs the key that is inside that room, so clear the room and grab the “tiny key” that is on the floor. After that go out of the room and continue down the hallway until you reach the room with the locked door (this is the door that needs the key.) 
Once you reached the first boss and defeated it, it should have dropped another item/key, pick it up and backtrack the way you came in because across the boss room entrance is another locked door which can be unlocked via the item the boss dropped. Open that door and go down those stairs. 
Once you have descended down the stairs mentioned in the previous paragraph you will go through another door with a large room in the middle with yet another locked door, you need to go left all the way around the middle room until you reach a pile of debris blocking the way forward, there is a room to the direct left of the debris with the key you need to open the main room, once you picked up the key, run over the debris and go to the locked door and take care of the boss encounter there. 
After the 2nd boss encounter, pick up the item it dropped, you need to return to the start of the dungeon now to go up the main grand staircase. A quick way to do this is just to use the /return command (type it in the chat window and press enter) this will take you back to the start of the dungeon, where you can go up the main stairway to the final boss room right at the top of the stairs. 
Notes: Many of the mobs in the dungeon will cast a giant circular aoe around them, these can easily be interrupted by skills like “low blow” “shield bash” etc. Even the bosses with similar aoe’s can be interrupted the same way to keep melee dps uptime. The final boss will get adds that look like it, they will buff the boss with “stoneskin” so try to kill them asap to stop them from casting it or to drop the buff faster. There are also 4 lamp lights in the final boss room, simply interact with them in each corner to stop them pulsing damage. 

Written by Renem

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – Haukke Mannor Dungeon Info Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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