FINAL FANTASY VII – Secret Scenes Spoilers

FINAL FANTASY VII – Secret Scenes Spoilers 1 -
FINAL FANTASY VII – Secret Scenes Spoilers 1 -
A list of the more obscure secret scenes in Final Fantasy VII. (Spoilers)



This guide is dedicated to lesser known scenes that are not tied to any particular gameplay objective. 
Therefore, I’m not including any scenes that are related to obtaining ultimate weapons or limit breaks, as everyone knows those already. 
Also, should be obvious, but spoiler warning. 
If you discover something new through this guide, feel free to leave a positive rating, and please let me know if I’ve missed any scenes. 

Meeting Zack’s parents

Viewable: On first visit to Gongaga (Disc 1). 
Criteria: Must have Aerith and/or Tifa in your party. 
Summary: In their Gongaga residence, an older couple recognise Cloud as a SOLDIER, and inquire if he knows Zack, their son. Hearing his name unnerves Aerith and Tifa, who rush outside. If Cloud asks Aerith about her connection with Zack, she explains that Zack was her first boyfriend, and that he had been reported missing for many years. If Cloud asks Tifa about her connection to Zack, she denies knowing him and changes the subject. 
This scene ties in with the Gold Saucer date mechanic, with the points allocation depending on your actions: 

Ignoring Aerith-3 Aerith
Ignoring Tifa-3 Tifa
Talking to Aerith, saying “Poor guy”+1 Aerith
Talking to Aerith, saying “(…jealous…envious…)”+2 Aerith
Talking to Tifa, saying “I just got lucky”+1 Tifa
Talking to Tifa, saying “I worked hard for it”+1 Tifa


Professor Gast’s recordings

Viewable: On first visit to Icicle Inn (Disc 2). 
Criteria: N/A 
Summary: In a vacant house at Icicle Inn, there’s a computer that can be interacted with. On it, you can view four separate scenes recorded by the disgraced Shinra scientist, Professor Gast. The purpose of the first two tapes is to document Ifalna’s knowledge of the Cetra, Jenova, and WEAPON. The third and fourth recordings take place an undisclosed amount of time later, where it is revealed that Gast and Ifalna fell in love and had a child, Aerith, only for Gast to be killed by Hojo shortly after her birth for trying to protect his family from Shinra. 

Cloud and Zack on the run

Viewable: On return visit to Nibelheim (Disc 2). 
Criteria: Must have rescued Cloud from the Lifestream. 
Summary: Upon entering the basement of the Shinra mansion, a flashback begins of Cloud and Zack escaping from captivity in Nibelheim. They manage to get a lift to Midgar, and Zack tells Cloud of his plans to re-connect with Aerith and become a mercenary, however they are ambushed by Shinra soldiers outside the city, who kill Zack and leave Cloud for dead. 
While technically not part of the flashback, many objects in the basement can be interacted with afterwards to reveal additional information – notably, the test tubes that Cloud and Zack were held in, which reveal that their breakout was planned through desperate messages scratched into the glass. Some of the book titles that Sephiroth reads preceding the Nibelheim Incident can be investigated as well. 

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