FINAL FANTASY VI – Missable and Optional Content Guide

FINAL FANTASY VI – Missable and Optional Content Guide 1 -
FINAL FANTASY VI – Missable and Optional Content Guide 1 -

A simple guide to missable and optional content in FF6


This is my first guide, so don’t expect it to be amazing. This is made to *hopefully* replace Abyss’s guide.
Friendly reminder, you have 20 save slots, USE THEM, this will help prevent you from accidentally skipping missable content.
There WILL be spoilers in this guide, so don’t go down in the comments whining like a child that I spoiled the game for you
Final bit for the intro, this may not be 100% complete right away, as parts of it may be done while I play through again
Edit: Guide is now 100% finished, if I missed anything, let me know in the coments

Figaro Castle 1

On your first visit here make sure to collect the phoenix down above the throne room and the chests in each of the shops. Not sure if these are missable, but will mark anyways
When battling the Magitech armor x2, make sure to have Terra cast a spell. this though is 100% missable compared to the treasure

Figaro Cave 1

Make sure to NOT collect any of these chests yet, as they will give something nicer later. Unless you are just crazy and want some cheap items
Anyways, only reason this is here because the mobs in here can be missed if you do not get the entry before a point in the story. These mobs appear on the Veldt too so make sure to encounter them for rages

South Figaro Region

There should be a house north of South Figaro. Enter it and make sure to rest. Afterwards leave and make sure to speak to the old man for some backstory on and upcoming boss and party member.
Also don’t forget the potion near the furnace

The Returners’ Hideout

There is a scene here if you check near the top of the table, and chose to leave the paper. Another is also from denying Banon 3 times, though you receive a much less rare Gengi Glove

Lethe River

The enemies here are a bit frustrating. Lots of darkness to go around, so make sure to bring eye drops.
The boss here isn’t too notable, though make sure to use fire on him for some extra dialogue

Senario Selection

Not anything missable yet, though you may not pick the same scenario as me, and that’s fine. I will mark which scenario each missable item is behind going on. And don’t worry everyone rejoins again

Narshe Mines 2: Terra Scenario

Yay more 1 time areas, though this time its just 1 section
Enemies: Valeor, Wild Rat, Dark Side. Specter, Eukaryote
Only for right now the last 3 are missable, because of the security check point. Make sure to fail to encounter the 3 mobs for the Veldt
Also do NOT open the chest in the Moogle cave, yet at least

Imperial Camp Region: Sabin’s Scenario

Make sure to recruit Shadow, as he will help a lot with this next section, also enter the house for a scene

Imperial Camp: Sabin’s Scenario

Damn, another one time area?
Enemies: Soldiers, Leader, Magitech Armor, Doberman, Satellite, Templar, Cadet, Kefka?
Items: Black Belt x1, Star Pendent x1, Mythril Glove x1, Green Beret x1, Barrier Ring x1, Remedy
Ok so to receive the star pendent and Doberman entry, make sure to chose the top option, for the Satellite, Green Beret and Mythril Glove, make sure to enter the left tent after fighting Kefka ONCE. Finally, make sure to jump off the ledge north of this tent and receive the Barrier Ring

Phantom Train: Sabin’s Scenario

Damn another 1 time area after another?
Enemies: Apparition, Ghost, Poplium, Bomb, Angel Whisper, Cloud, Living Dead, Oversoul,
Bosses: Siegfried, Phantom Train
Items: Tent x2, Earrings x1, Green Cherry x1, Phoenix Down x2, Sniper Sight x1, Hyper Wrist x1
Ok where to start, make sure to go to the backmost car for both a scene and a item on the ground. In the private compartments make sure to fight Siegfried and the Apparition in chests. Also Suplex the train for old times sake

Mobilz: Saben’s Scenario

Nothing major here, just the Wounded Soldier side quest. If you need to know all you need to do is walk between his house and the post office basically. Make sure to say hello to the shop keepers after delivering each letter

Nikeah: Sabin’s Senario

Nothing major here, just a scene with Sabin and Cyan

Figaro Cave 2: Locke’s Scenario

Hey a return to this cave… and hopefully you remembered to go back and encounter the enemies in here before, as we have some new ones
Enemies: Cartagara, Gold Bear, Acrophies
Boss: Tunnel Armor
Same way just in reverse. You have a choice to get 2 chests but they have a X-Potion and Lightning Rod. So don’t be dumb and save the lightning rod for later, you can buy them soon anyways 🙂

The Battle for the Esper

And the end of the scenarios, anyways this area has some enemies you need to make sure to kill
Enemies: Corporal, Hunting Hound, Fidor, Heavy Armor
Mini Boss: Hell’s Rider; make sure to steal from him
Boss: Kefka?
Items: None
Simple battle, same as the one near the start of the game just a bit harder

Figaro Castle 2

Oh… those treasures aren’t missable, anyways just doing this for a scene. Make sure to have Edgar and Sabin then rest in the hotel

Opera House 1

Oh yeah, forgot this place existed despite it being the staple of the game
Enemies Stunner, Goetia
Boss: Ultros
Oh boy, make sure to get the 2 rats for collection, and this time Ultros is a bit more dangerous, so just keep an eye on him

Vector/Magitek Facility

Oh boy, we have a doosy here, quite a long area too
Enemies: Belzecue, Chaser, Derstroyer, Flan, General, Guard, Lenergia, Magna Roader, Mega Armor, Onion Knight, Proto Armor, Sergeant, Trapper, Chaser
Bosses: Cranes, Ifrit and Shiva, Number 024, Number 128
Impossible fights: Guardian
Items: Flametongue, Ether, Remedy, Thunder Blade, Icebrannd x2, Dragoon Boots, Zephyr Cloak, Golden Helm, Golden Armor, Tent, Golden Sheild, X-Potion, Stoneblade
Very long dungeon here, be sure to encounter the flan in the garbage chute. Also if you encounter Guardian just run, you can not defeat it… yet
Final note, make sure to encounter the chaser during your exit

Narshe Mines 3

Welp here we go again
Linear path, make sure to save Mog rather than take the gold hairpin, unless you are mentally insane, in that case feel free to take the gold hairpin

Grenade Forest

Ok so this is only missable after a certain point, but its just frustrating to get. West of the Veldt is a lone forest, you should encounter bombs here. Your goal is to encounter a grenade, as you will need it for 100%

Triangle Island

Oh boy… here we go
I have no tips here, but your goal is to encounter the Intangir.
Make sure to kill it if possible, if not just encounter it and run away, though not sure if that counts for bestiary

Vector 2

Alrighty banquet time!
Talk to/ fight all 24 guards
And now for the answers:
To our hometowns
Leave him in jail
That was inexcusable!
Celes is one of us!
Now ask each question once and ONLY ONCE
Then lets talk about the espers
Yes, the Espers have gone too far.
Respond with the question you asked first
Take a break
Fight the Imperial Elites
That the war is truely over.
If you scored max make sure to loot the castle and the abandoned base

Burning House

100% one time location
Enemies: Balloon
Boss: Flame Eater
Items: Flame Rod, Ice Rod
Easy dungeon, just takes time, also try to learn explosion

Esper Caves

Ok so this is a one time dungeon so you know how it goes
Enemies: Adamankary, Bonnacon, Mandrake, Land Grillon, Venobennu
Boss: Ultros
Items: X-Potion, Healing Rod, Tabby Suit, Chocobo Suit
Anyways, this is one of the tougher dungeons, and this Ultros fight is one of the hardest. Make sure to be careful of the Adamankary as they can use sneeze. Reminder to pick up Pearl Wind from the Venobennu

End of WoB: Prep

Ok so now that you finished the sad scene with leo, reminder to receive all the missing entries or items in the dungeons I did not list, any Espers obtainable in WoB along with all the encounters on the overworld, as you can not return after defeatingUltima Weapon
Make sure to stop by Doma Castle before going to the Floating Continent

End of WoB: Floating Continent

Oh boy, this is 100% the toughest dungeon you will go through for a while, well till WoR kicks in
-Air sequence: Sky Armor, Spitfire
-Continent Pre-Escape: Apocrypha, Behemoth, Brainpan, Misfit, Dragon, Ninja, Platinum Dragon, Gigantos
-Continent Escape: Naude
-Air sequence: Ultros and Typhon, Air force and Lazer Gun and Missile Bay
-Esacpe: Nelapa
End of World Boss: Ultima Weapon
Items: Elixir, Murasame, Beret, Sasuke
Oh no, multiple bosses this time? Oh yeah
Be ready as after you start you have an endurance run until the 2nd boss is down, also did I mention the music for the Ending boss is Kickass? Anyways the enemies here are very rough, so stay in back row. For the Air sequence, Ultros is hella easy, but the boss after isn’t
Say hello to the Air Force, a very frustrating boss. Make sure to take out its Lazer gun AFTER the Missile Bay. Also after taking out the Lazer Gun, be smart and take out the Bit please, it absorbs magic with its inherit Runic status, so avoid using magic till its down
And now you are on the continent… welp it gets worse from here
Ninja’s first. They will throw Edges to hit your team for a good chunk of dmg, and can gain Clear status. Just hit them with low lv magic to clear this easy.
Now is the Platinum Dragon, just a tougher Wyvern
Apocrypha, normally not an issue as long as it is not the last thing to die, otherwise it will use either L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, or L.5 Doom, so very scarry
Behemoth, usses the tough attack Beatdown, along with countering everything with it. Avoid using summons on it too since it will counter with Meteor 🙂
Misfit uses Lifeshaver, so watch out for that
Brainpan casts stop on you team, along with using 1000 Needles
And the last enemy is the Dragon. Oh boy these guys, they have a chance to counter any attack with Sneeze, also uses a devistating physical Tail, also uses revenge to do more damage as it losses hp, and finally Blizzard and Cold dust to freeze the target
And finally… the boss, Ultima Weapon
This man is a literal beast. He uses massive attacks to sweep your party, and also has the HP of a late WoR boss. Man thanks game
He starts using physicals along with Flare and Blaze. After reaching 12,800 HP, he begins using a pattern, Quake, Bio, Meteor, and finally either a physical, or its special attack, Full Power. He then uses Fira on the full party, following with Mind Blast, then gives itself Protect, Shell, and Haste. Then finally… he charges for Flare Star his ultimate attack, which does unblock-able, and defense-ignoring Fire damage to all party members equal to 80* the level of a random party member divided by the number of party members.
And now for his 3 phase after reaching 6,144 HP. He uses his physical, Tornado, Gaviga, Rasp, and then Blaze. Also has a 1/3 chance of countering any attack with Blaze.
After this is the escape, should be easy until you reach Nelapa, who… just stalls for time
He has reflect. but only 2,800 HP so meh
Reminder to not go directly to the Elixir, you must walk around to it
Reminder, do NOT jump, Shadow will come in if you pick to wait for him, and you will go together
If you don’t wait for him he will die and be unusable for the rest of the game, leaving lots of scenes miss-able

WoR info

Ok… so a lot of stuff here could be done in any order. So just a heads up I will label everything once again, so its easy to find

Tzen WoR 1: Collapsing House

Ok first 1 time area of WoR
Enemies: Nightwalker, Scorpion, Zokka
Items: Ether, Magicite Shard, Blood Sword, Healing Rod, Holy Rod, Hyper Wrist
May take a couple tries but it is possible to open every chest and still escape in time

Mobliz 1

Wow… this place is in ruins
Not sure if this is optional but I will put it down anyways
Boss: Humbaba?
Fairly tough boss, but you get Fenrir who can teach Warp, so might as well do it

WoR info 2

Technically everything after receiving the airship is optional, but that ruins the fun, so I will still list everything, but much of the side quests may be pulled from the wiki to save time


Ok pretty tough boss, though I’ll just link the wiki for this, since I can’t really explain how to find it
Deathgaze – [] 

Sabin’s Ultimate Blitz: South Firago Region

Once again, hard to explain, so I will link the wiki
Duncan’s Cabin – [] 

Solitary Island 2

Take a stop here to receive the Quetzalli esper to learn Slowga and Hastega

Mt. Zozo

May be optional but will list anyways
Recruit: Cyan
Enemies: Mugbear, Punisher, Glasya Labolas, Devil Fist, Luridan
Boss: Storm Dragon
Items: Ice Shield, Thunder Shield, Aegis Shield, Red Cap, Gold Hairpin, Key to Cyan’s Chest, Books
The Storm Dragon is in a chest near a save point
Storm Dragon – [] 

Narshe Mines WoR 1

Recruit: Mog
Items: Moggle Charm, Elixer, Pod Bracelet, Ribbon
For the Moggle Charm check where mog was standing, the other 3 items are obtained after opening the chests I told you to leave

Veldt 1 WoR: Cave on the Veldt

Recruit: Gau
Items: Berserker Ring, Ichigeki, Tigerfangs
Enemies: Twinscythe, Gorgimera
Mini boss: Death Warden
Boss: Behemoth King
Find Gau on the Veldt first by having 3 party members. Also if you forgot to wait for Shadow you will find Relm who you recruit later

Dragon’s neck Coliseum 1: Shadow Recruit

Recruit: Shadow
Ok first stop here in this guide, for now just bet the Ichigeki to recruit shadow

Mobliz 2

Recruit: Terra
Boss: Humbaba
Oh boy is he tough now, though you get Terra back so all is good I guess

Jidoor WoR 1: Owzer’s house

Recruit: Relm
Enemies: Blade Dancer, Caladrius, Coeurl Cat, Crusher, Misty, Rafflesia, Still Life
Boss: Chadarnook
Items: Emperor’s Letter, Ether x2, Gold Needle, Lakshmi Magicite, Lich Ring, Moogle Suit, Potion
Make sure to look at all the paintings for items and enemies

Narshe Mines WoR 2: Umaro

You MUST have Mog in order to recruit Umaro
Recruit: Umaro
-In town Garm, Lukhavi, Test Rider
-Northern Mines: Magna Roader
-Southern Mines: Garm, Wizard, Psychos
-Back Mines: Knotty, Illuyankas, Onion Dasher, Anemone, Tonberry
Bosses: Ice Dragon, Valigarmanda, Umaro
Items: Force Shield, Valigarmanda Esper, X-Ether, Gauntlet, Midgardsormr Esper

WoR info 3

I will be linking the wiki from here to help with the many puzzles in these upcoming dungeons. I will still list all the enemies and bosses for easy access

Zone Eater’s Belly

Recruit: Gogo
Items: Hi-Either, Pinwheel, Magical Brush, Thunder Shield, Genji Armor, Red Jacket, Fake Moustache, Hero’s Ring, Zephyr Cloak
Enemies: Amduscias, Baalzephon, Covert, Kamui, Shambling Corpse, Wartpuck
Zone Eater’s Belly – [] 

Phoenix Cave

Recruit: Locke
Enemies: Chaos Dragon, Clymenus, Face, Galypdes, Necromancer, Ouroboros, Seaflower, Zeveak

Boss: Red Dragon
Phoenix Cave – [] 

Narshe WoR 3

Items: Ragnarok Esper OR Ragnarok Sword, Cursed Shield
You can receive the Sword or Esper by going into the weapon shops back room, and the shield by going into the relic shops back room

Veldt Region WoR: Gau’s Father

Once again, just linking wiki, make sure to bring Sabin and Gau for this though
Gau’s Father’s House – [] 

Cultists Tower

Recruit: Stratigo
Enemies: Lv 10 Magic, Lv 20 Magic, Lv 30 Magic, Lv 40 Magic, Lv 50 Magic, Lv 60 Magic, Lv 70 Magic, Lv 80 Magic, Lv 90 Magic, Magic Urn
Bosses: Magic Master, Holy Dragon
Make sure to have Relm to recruit Stratigo
Cultists Tower – [] 


One time dungeon here
-Dreamscape: Alluring Rider, Coco, Pandora, Parasite, Weredragon
-Train: Al Jabr, Samurai, Suriander
-Mines: Io, Pluto Armor, Schmidt
-Dreamscape: Laragorn, Curlax, and Moebius
-Doma Castle: Wrexsoul and Soul Saver x2
Reminder to puck up the Esper after leaving the dungeon
Dreamscape – [] 

Ancient Castle

May be one time? Treat it as it is though
-Cave area: Coco, Devil, Enuo, Figaro Lizard, Samurai, Suriander
-Castle area: Armored Weapon, Lunatys
Mini-Boss: Master Tonberry, Samurai Soul
Boss: Blue Dragon
Make sure to receive Oden, and to upgrade him at some point to Raiden
Ancient Castle – [] 

Ebot’s Rock

Enemies: Aspidochelon, Creature, Mahadeva, Medusa Chicken, Moonform, Sorath, Warlock
Boss: Hidon and Erebus x4
Optional Dungeon for Strago’s Ultimate Lore
Ebot’s Rock – [] 

Eight Legenday Dragons

Wiki for the 8 Dragons:
8 Dragons – [] 

Dragon’s Neck Coliseum 2

Betting Lists and rewards. For competitions.
Dragon’s Neck Coliseum – [] 
Betting Flowchart – [] 

Dinosaur forest

Come here to kill the 2 big dinos for bestiary completion
Enemies: Brachiosaur, Tyrannosaur
Dinosaur Forest – [] 

Final Dungeon Prep

Reminder, you will have 12 Characters for the Final dungeon out of the total 14, so be prepared for that. Make sure to have everything you need before hand and keep a save, to check for any missing entries after the dungeon.

Kefka’s Tower

This is it… the final stretch
-Outside: Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos
-Cave: Same as last excluding Vector Lythos, Primeval Dragon, Fiend Dragon, Vector Chimera, Landworm
-Factory: Duel Armor, Fortis, Death Machine, InnoSent, Metal Hitman, Mover, Junk, Muud Suud, Prometheus, Gamma
-Palace: Demon Knight, Yojimbo, Dark Force, Ahriman, Daedalus, Cherry, Outsider
-Outside: Demon (Party 2/3)
-Factory: Fiend (Party 1/3), Inferno Ketu and Rahu (3rd party)
-Palace: Ultima Buster (2nd party), Gold Dragon (2nd party), Skull Dragon (3rd party), Guardian (2/3 party), Goddess (1st/2nd party)
Final Bosses: Statue of the Gods
No tips here… best I can give is the wiki, but at this point you may not even need it
Kefka’s Tower – [] 

The End

Just a reminder the bestiary has a nifty tool that allows you to see any missing encounters on the map/in dungeons, it should be shown with a big ?
And a big thanks if you made it to the end, if anything else needs adding, let me know in the comments and I’ll get right to fixing it 🙂
Anyways big thanks to the wiki too as it is a great location to check information, as I used it to check the last 6 or so dungeons as they have a lot of stuff 🙂

Written by Super

Hope you enjoy the Guide about FINAL FANTASY VI – Missable and Optional Content Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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