Fighting Fantasy Classics – Super Strength Walkthrough

Fighting Fantasy Classics – Super Strength Walkthrough 1 -
Fighting Fantasy Classics – Super Strength Walkthrough 1 -

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Tin Man Games’ “FF Classics” game “Appointment With FEAR” walkthrough.

Super Strength Walkthru.

Day One.
Purchase an article in the newspaper to learn about the robbery.

Find out what else is in this article.

+ ‘phone number Susan 5559999

(Ignore the hyphen in the number.)

Go to the bank.

The chief detective.

Do not go to the beach.

Take an easy route to the airport.

Susan is the name that has meaning to you.

Enter the ‘phone number 559999

The number is correct.

You are a super strong person. + more information (FEAR meeting is scheduled for 27th)

+2 hero points

+6 sta

Day Two.

Take note of the pickpocket.

Skill test. (Your skill is still 13, and you automatically get) : Fight pickpocket Sk 7 St 6

The cassette tape. + information, + 1 luck

Visit Wisneyland.

The fun house.

You have super strength.

You know where to find the scarlet prankster.

Fighting scarlet prankster: Sk 9 St 8

+ info (FEAR meeting 9 am)

+3 hero points

Go home and rest. +6 sta

Day Three.

Titan zoo.

Follow the directions and then go straight to the museum.

Ask him to send someone to show your way.

You are a super strong person.

Fight Mama: Sk 10, St 10 (reduce it to 4 sta)

+ info (FEAR meeting in executive jet)

+4 hero points

Visit the Titan central Library.

You’re not sure you’ll be able to handle this.

Visit the police headquarters.

Examine the case in the hospital.

Go to the morgue and check it out.

Tickets to Vulture Club are available in the heart of downtown.

+6 sta

Day Four.

Go to Whirl’s Court.

Help the visitors.

You are super strong. + circuit jammer, +4 hero points

Go to 7th Avenue for the presidential cavalcade.

Find a place in the crowd.

Assassin fight: Sk 7 St 6 for two rounds of attack (then complete the battle)

Day Five.

Parker Airport

Xavier hangar.

9 (am) + 27(th) + 394 = 430

You are a very tough person.

You have an electronic jammer.

Fighting titanium cyborgs: Sk9 St 10

+10 hero points

You saved Titan City by routing the titanium cyborg and FEAR. Yay!

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