Fighting Fantasy Classics – Psi-Powers Walkthrough

Fighting Fantasy Classics – Psi-Powers Walkthrough 1 -
Fighting Fantasy Classics – Psi-Powers Walkthrough 1 -

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Psi-Powers Walkthru.

Day One.
Try to end the argument.

Change into your costume

The power of your psi can be used. -2 sta

+ information: FEAR could be connected to the shop of a pawnbroker

Get ready for work.

Go to the loo & change into your costume.

Your superpowers can be used to aid them.

You don’t have to be super strong or have ETS.

+1 hero point

It is much more important to stop an explosion from happening.

You don’t have ETS.

Be on the lookout for an extinguisher for fire.

+6 sta

Day Two.

Take a leap and see what’s happening.

Take the cat to a cat’s home.

You have psi power. (You don’t have time to make use of them).

Fight tiger cat: Sk 9 St 8

+ information: FEAR meeting on 5th avenue

+2 hero points, + info, +1 luck

Heading to work.

Begin as quickly as possible.

Visit Wisneyland.

The fun house

You have Psi power.

The rotating room is well worth having a visit.

+1 hero point

Visit the downtown area to do some shopping.

Ask questions at the bakery.

Use your Psi-powers. 2 sta

+info: FEAR meeting 209th street

“Phone the information to the police.

Have a look through the window of Epiphany’s.

+info and +1 chance


Day Three.

The natural history museum.

Reconstructions of dinosaurs using models

There’s no need to go to the zoo.

Visit Gerry the grass. + info, +1 luck


Day Four.

+ circuit jammer, + 5 hero points

Go to the police headquarters.

Make use of your psi-powers. 2 sta

+ info, +4 hero points

Visit the military base.

You don’t require super strength.

The army can take care of the issue.

+6 sta

Day Five.

Stay in the city.

FEAR meeting is at 5th Avenue. (enter 5 –

FEAR’s meeting will be held on 209th street. (enter 209 –

The Pawnbroker’s.

Use your power of psi. -2 sta

You have a circuit jammer.

Combat titanium cyborgs: Sk 9 St 10

+10 hero points

You have defeated the titanium cyborg & FEAR and saved Titan City. Yay!

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