Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner – Obtaining Greengrocer Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner – Obtaining Greengrocer Achievement Walkthrough Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner – Obtaining Greengrocer Achievement Walkthrough Guide 1 - steamlists.com

A walkthrough of the game using the least amount of carrots as possible! Still a work in progress. Walkthrough is finished up until the drinking game in the bar. I’m working on the final part now and expect that it should be up by July 12th.

1. Meeting the Neighborhood

Bannister Farm [1st Visit]

Billy’s Room

  • Follow the tutorial.
  • Grab the Rope off the bed frame.
  • Leave Billy’s room.


  • Grab the Apple off the counter next to Stella.
  • Exhaust all dialogue with Stella.
  • Open the Drawer next to the fireplace and find 4$.
  • Put on your hat.
  • Leave the house.


  • Pick up the Bucket next to the outhouse.
  • Pick up the Log next to the tree by the outhouse.
  • Grab your Saddle, a Rope, and a Saw from inside the stable.
  • Look inside the clothes basket by the carrot patch and pick up the Sock.

Fill your bucket with water and start farming those carrots!
I suggest getting 19 but the game won’t disqualify you if you have more.
As long as you do not give your horse more than 20 carrots you’ll be fine.


  • Feed your horse 5 carrots.
  • Saddle your horse and continue on to….


Jones Farm [1st Visit]


  • Open both drawers of the table that Alvin and Joe are sitting at to find 3$.
  • Grab the Lever next to the fireplace.
  • Open the Closet by the stairs to find 3$.
  • Go upstairs.


  • Grab the Basket on the ground.
  • Open the dresser drawers to find a total of 12$!
  • Head downstairs and outside.


  • Behind the fence to the right of the house is an ACME Logholder.
  • Use the log you found earlier on the Logholder.
  • Use the saw on the log and pickup two Cut Logs! (This will save us a trip later in the game)
  • Get back on your horse, Rayo, and move on to the…


School [1st Visit]


  • Meet the lovely Miss Rhiannon and promptly get swept off your feet.
  • Grab your “guns” and your hat from the floor when you awaken.
  • Walk over to Rhiannon’s desk.
  • Open the right drawer to find a Pen.
  • Open the left drawer to find 5$.
  • Open the back left desk (back right if you’re facing the blackboard) and find a Folding Ruler.
  • Head outside.


  • Talk to Annie, the girl in the playground, to learn of her infatuation with Jessie James.
  • Hop on your horse and head onwards to the Town!


2. Getting down to Business

Town [1st Visit]

There is a lot to get done in town but before anything else we need to earn some money! Head inside of Jackson’s Store. It’s the building down the street on the right.
Jackson’s Store

    On the counter are some newspapers…

  • Purchase the Evening Star (story about the robbery).
  • Purchase the Morning Sun (story about the bridge).
  • Click the newspapers in your inventory until there is no new text.
  • Leave the store.

Main Street

  • Aunt Filomena (costs 2$)
  • Mr. President (costs 4$)
  • Graduate Bull (costs 1$)
  • Doctor Hengelhoffer (costs 3$)

Telegrams will arrive every time you re-enter the Main Street.
Ask the Telegraphist if he has anything new for you.
Go back into the train station, leave the train station and repeat until you have no new telegrams.
With this money we can get everything we need from the store in advance! This is important as it will save us multiple trips back into town.
Jacksons Store

  • Tyrolean Harness (5$, next to front door)
  • Hydraulic Jack (8$, near the front door)
  • Pliers (2$, next to the dressing room)
  • Mobile Phone (8$, next to the newspapers)
  • Dressing Room Access (5$, try the door and the shop keeper will sell you this)

Main Street

  • Walk behind the Sheriffs office next door.
  • Talk to Tom, the prisoner, and exhaust all dialogue.
  • Head into the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Office

  • Exhaust all dialogue.
  • Head across the street to the Saloon.


    Saloon Downstairs

  • Try to head upstairs and be stopped by the Bartender.
  • Purchase a bath.
  • Talk to the man in the white suit, next to the fireplace.
  • Talk to the bartender and exhaust all dialogue
  • Use your Dollars on the bartender and tip him at least 5.
  • Head upstairs.


    Saloon Upstairs

  • Enter the first room on the left (Doctors Office)
  • Exhaust all dialogue.
  • Leave through the door opposite the desk.
  • Grab the Case from the bed and the Key from the table.
  • Go across the hall and enter the pink room.
  • Grab the Cushion from the chair next to the bed.
  • Leave the room
  • Use the Master Key on the door opposite the doctors office.
  • In the steam you’ll find Soap on a table.
  • Walk to the other side of the room to find Matches on the chair.
  • Go downstairs and purchase Whiskey from the Bartender.
  • Head back upstairs and enter the doctors office.
  • Talk to him and perform the surgery.
  • While he’s unconscious, grab the Portrait of Jessie James.
  • Go back downstairs.


    Saloon Downstairs

  • Talk to Willy (White Suit)
  • Ask about the TNT Permit and tell him you don’t have more than 10.
  • Purchase the permit for 25$ and leave.

Main Street

  • Go behind Jackson’s store.
  • Use one of your ropes on the pulley above the gate.
  • Open the gate and go inside.
  • Pickup the Climbing Belt and the Rope.
  • Go outside and hop on the Maintenance Truck.
  • Pull the right lever.


  • Use your Climbing Belt to climb the Post on the opposite side of the train tracks.
  • Use your Mobile Phone with the Connection.
  • The only telegram we need to send is to Sheriff Slocum.
  • Climb down the post and head down the hill to the left.
  • Use your Basket with the beach.

This next part is frustrating. You’ll need to position yourself in the water facing toward the beach, and smack(left click) the Trout when it swims in front of you. Watch the Trout as it swims, it repeats the same route so you can wait in one spot for it to swim by.

  • Once you successfully catch the trout, pickup your Basket and get back on the Maintenance Truck.
  • Pull the left lever to get to the other side of the bridge.

Bridge (Other Side)

  • Grab the Axe and Rope leaning next to the door.
  • Hop on the Maintenance Truck and ride back to town.

Town [2nd Visit]

After returning from the bridge go speak to the Telegraphist.
He’ll have an urgent telegram for the Sheriff. Lets deliver it right away!
Sheriffs Office

  • Give Sheriff Slocum the telegram.
  • As you leave so does he, locking the door behind him.

Main Street

  • Go behind the Sheriffs Office and give Tom the Folding Ruler.
  • He’ll use it to grab an Iron Key off the wall. It doesn’t fit the cell so he gives it to you!
  • Use your newly acquired Iron Key on the front door of the Sheriffs Office.

Sheriffs Office

  • Grab the Sheriff’s Appointment off the wall.
  • Open the middle drawer of the gun cabinet to find a Red Cape.
  • Leave the Sheriffs Office.

Main Street

  • Go behind the Sheriffs Office and use the Red Cape on the Bull.
  • With Tom now free we are finished with the Town until later.
  • Mount your horse and ride to the School.


3. Infiltrating Starek Ranch

School [2nd Visit]


  • Go to the playground on the right of the school.
  • Give Anne the Portrait of Jessie James.
  • Use your Sock on Toby the Dog.
  • Follow Toby to find the Entrance to Billy’s hideout.
  • Use some Rope with the Entrance in the tree.
  • Climb up and confront the boys.
    Say “Give me my guns.”
    Say “Billy, tell Tommy to give me back my guns.”
  • Climb back up the rope after a moment has passed.
    Ask “Billy, have you persuaded Tommy?”
  • Finally, we can go get our guns! Go to the left of the school and enter the outhouse. (Open the door and click the wood inside)

On your way back to your horse, you’ll witness (or rather cause) an accident!

  • Place your Hydraulic Jack under the damaged cart.
  • Use the Hydraulic Jack.
  • Exhaust all Dialogue with Livy.
  • Walk around to the other side of the cart.
  • Take the Doctors Jacket.
  • Finally, feed your horse 5 more carrots and travel to the Bannisters Farm.
    At this point you’ve given your horse 10 carrots.

Bannister Farm [2nd Visit]


  • Use a Cut Log with the white Tree Stump.
  • Use your Axe on the Cut Log.
  • Do this twice to get 4 Split Logs.
  • Walk over to the sink and use your Soap on it.
  • Place the Dirty Jacket in the Clothes Basket.
  • Head indoors.


  • Talk to Stella and ask her to wash the jacket outside.
  • Head outside and stand by her until she finishes. Collect the Wet Jacket and go back inside.
  • Pick up the Bellows next to the fireplace.
  • Place your Split Logs in the fireplace.
  • Use the Matches on the Split Logs followed by the Bellows.
  • Place the Wet Jacket on the stand.
  • Wait until it dries. (Meter above the jacket will be gray)
  • Grab your newly dried Jacket and head back to your horse!
  • Continue down the road to Alvin Jones Farm.


Jones Farm [2nd Visit]


  • Go inside the building attached to the pig pen.
  • Get ready. Place your Trout in the bowl….
  • …and quickly shut the Hatch on the pig when it comes over to eat!
  • Go inside the house.

If the pig gets the fish, you’ll have to reload your save because we can’t catch another and still get the Greengrocer Achievement.

  • Go upstairs and enter the bedroom.
  • Open the closet to find Tom.
  • Give him the TNT Permit, the Sheriff Appointment, and the Pen.
  • Open the closet to receive a Signed TNT Permit.
  • Move the stairs in the other room if you haven’t already.
  • Climb out the window. (Don’t forget your hat!)


  • Grab the Book on Ancient Greece from the chair in front of the desk.
  • Take the Camera from the sofa near the fire.
  • Enter the door on the right.


4. Winning the Minigames

Town [3rd Visit]

If you’re strapped for cash, you can visit the bank and open an account to get 30$ in loans.

  • Talk to the teller and say “I want to open an account”.
    Say “I only have a dollar”.
    Say “I live here, in town”.
  • Use the Hotel Room Key on the teller to open an account.
  • Talk to the seller again and exhaust all [I’d like to ask for a loan.] options.

Otherwise, proceed to Jackson’s store.
Jackson’s Store


  • Automatic Launcher (12$, to the right of the mobile phones)
  • Nightly Moon Newspaper (7$, story about the escape)

Main Street

  • Speak to the telegraphist again.
  • Send a telegram to Edgar Allen, Baltimore. (costs 2$)
  • Enter and exit the station and receive his response.

Now we have a bunch of answers to get us started in sarsaparilla dueling.
In order to unlock all the duelists for sarsaparilla dueling we must win the shooting gallery at the fairground.

  • Go behind Jackson’s Store and hop on the Maintenance Truck.
  • Pull the left lever to go to the Fairground.



Fairground[1st/Final Visit]

This minigame can be tough as there is no way to change your sensitivity in the game. If possible I recommend raising your mouse DPI speed. That helped me achieve a better score.
There are five rounds of increasing difficulty.
On the fifth round you’ll have to shoot 50 Targets to qualify.
If you find this too difficult, you can purchase Adulterated Oil from Willy in the Saloon for 20$.
Swapping the Adulterated Oil with the Robot Oil on the ground will cause the robot to malfunction on round five.
If you’re in need of money, you can play this game and repeatedly cash out on round 4 earning 8$ each time.
After winning the game you’ll receive the Winchester Rifle and be unable to play again.
With the shooting gallery finished, we can now begin sarsaparilla dueling.

This will take some time and a good portion of your money.
The goal of the game is to ask your opponent a question that they don’t know the correct response to. You learn new questions by being asked them (and subsequently losing the duel) and you can learn the answers to these questions by asking them.

Each time you lose, you lose 1$. You earn 1$ if you win.

In order to move on to the next opponent, you must learn all the answers and questions the current opponent knows. I will list all the questions and responses for each opponent as well as what to say to beat them.

  • Talk to Whiskers to start your first duel.
    I don’t quite think you can manage all that.
    I can see just how badly you’re shaking.
    It looks to me like you’re beaten already!
    It appears that you haven’t a thought in your head.

    That’s what you say but your words leave me flat.
    I would if you didn’t look just like a fish.

    To beat say “I can see how badly you’re shaking.”
  • Leave the saloon and come back to face your next opponent.
  • If the next opponent doesn’t appear, you haven’t learned all the questions/answers from the current opponent.
  • Talk to Fatty to start your next duel.
    It seems to me that you drink like a sissy.
    You should know this is not the right drink for a thug.
    They told me that you had a streak that was yellow.
    Are you ready to tell me your very last wish?

    You’d know about that, now wouldn’t you, missy?
    But perfect for dealing with each kind of slug.
    Tell me yours first, I can tell them you lied.

    To beat say “I heard you had a streak that was yellow.”
  • Leave the saloon and come back to face your next opponent.
  • Talk to the Fairman to start your third duel.
    Tell me your name, I’ll tell all how you died.
    You’d know how to rhyme if you’d studied at school.
    You look very pale, will you give up the fight?
    Do you want me to ask for a child’s bib for you?

    You shouldn’t take note. I’d just beaten the fellow!
    If you can’t do it, it proves you’re a fool!
    If I look so pale, then you must be Snow White.
    While you’re at it you could get your own Rattle, too!

    To beat say “Tell me your name, I’ll tell all how you died.”
  • We can now challenge the final duelist.. Shorty.
  • You do not have to learn all his questions you only have to beat him.
    With a man like you I have nothing to fear.
    I dare you to empty your glass on your head.
    Can you keep rhyming, it’s part of the rule?

    None to learn.
    To beat say “With a man like you I have nothing to fear.”
    With Shorty no longer following us around town we can rob the bank without him interfering!
  • Leave the Saloon and walk next door to the bank.


  • Use your Camera on the Bank Teller to receive a Photographic Plate
  • Leave the bank and go across the street to Jackson’s Store.

Jackson’s Store

  • Enter the dressing room, using the door on the left.
  • Climb down the ladder to find a photo studio.
  • Use your Photographic Plate on the Developing Machine.
  • Use the Developing Machine to receive the Bank Photo.
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Leave the store. Go back across the street to the bank.


  • Talk to the teller.
  • Ask him “You mind turning off the fans?”.
  • Quickly use your Bank Photo on the Security Camera.
  • When the Bank Teller returns stand in front of him and use your Revolvers.
  • Use a Lever on the door.
  • Walk behind the desk opposite the door.
  • Open the left drawer of the desk to find a SISA Card.
  • Open the right drawer to find a Check.
  • Exit the bank and go back to Jackson’s Store.
    We can now buy equipment to defend the farm and TNT to blow the bridge!

Jackson’s Store

  • Give your Signed Permit to the Storekeeper.
  • Give your Check to the Storekeeper.
  • Give your SISA Card to the Store keeper.
    Enjoy the cheesy yet funky cutscene!
    On your way back from the town, you’ll find yourself ambushed!

Ambush Outside Town
You’ll have to take our four enemies as you proceed along this path. Left click the enemies as they’re moving out of cover for optimal timing.
The only enemy you might have trouble with is the one on top of the cliff as you barely have time to see him before he shoots you back a few steps.
I recommend leaving your mouse over the spot he appears, the top middle of the screen, and spamming left click when you walk under the cliff.

  • Hop on the Maintenance Truck and proceed to the Bridge.


5. Preparing for the finale.

Under construction. Thank you for your patience!
I hope what I’ve left you so far has helped somewhat. Hoping to have these last two parts finished by the 10th.

Written by Noveus

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner – Obtaining Greengrocer Achievement Walkthrough Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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