Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – In-depth guide and Walkthrough

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – In-depth guide and Walkthrough 1 -
Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – In-depth guide and Walkthrough 1 -

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Here is a quick instruction on the simple things you can do to advance in Farmer and Potato idle.


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After a few progresses in Farmer Against Potato Idle(FAPI), you might be wondering what you can do to speed it up and make it higher on the leaderboards. This guide will help you!

This guide is not intended to be an exhaustive one. This is a list listing the things you should do to make rapid progress in the games. FAPI mastery is a combination a number of small factors. Skipping even 1 often means much slower progress. This is an excellent starting list for quickly moving up to A11+. Don’t skip items! This guide contains some spoilers. Stop reading if late game content is not what you want.

1. Be a team player. Your pet team should offer as many bonuses to their members as possible. Pet bonuses are a key factor in achieving rapid progress. The ideal team might include Esus Vishnou (Tock), Tock, The Governess Garuda or Itzamna. This will give you 14 pet rewards. Better teams are those that can boost pet attacks or other aspects. These teams can be found on spreadsheets or game guides on the FAPI Discord server.

2. Multiple teams can be used. You will want a common team that covers most bonuses. You will then need to have specialized teams that can collect worms/larva as well as reincarnation and item points, milk farming, and whack scores.

3. Make sure that all pets you use in your expeditions are always with you. You want them to be as high-ranking as possible. You will want the best pets for your expedition team.

4. Be sure to cover all important bonus points. Missing even one bonus could be disastrous. I can give you an example: I was on a team with no confection pets and it took me 2 additional days to clear Ascension 10. You will have to add pets that have these bonuses if you are missing important bonuses.

5. Spend your talents in a wise way. You should spend your talent points according to priority. Get all the reincarnation nides trained first. Next, residue nodes. Finally, class xp. (Can be moved down the lists if needed). Then pet xp. After that, milk, max potatoes, and skulls. Each class and run should use the same talent priority to ensure that you don’t waste time doing runs that don’t lead to reincarnation (RL).

6. Before you reincarnate check that your reincarnation teams are fully prepared.

7. Make sure to update your equipment regularly. I farm a new set of equipment every day. Your item scores need to increase by 50% or more each day. Always farm gear at key HARD levels such a 3-9h-4-9h and 5-9h respectively.

8. Keep your runs shorter than 12 hours. Your score multiplier slows and efficiency drops off to a crawl after 12 hours.

9. Join the discord and follow the chats. There are tips given by high level players almost every minute. It is worth visiting the site to receive the most recent game news and information about upcoming content changes.

10. You can level up all your classes but you can use Freeloader most of time. Freeloader can give you a bonus in terms of how many items it drops. These items allow you upgrade your gear. This makes Freeloader a 2x or 3x superior class. You should perform class runs to upgrade your gear.

This is not an exhaustive guide. Join the Discord to receive more tips and up-to-date information.


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