Fallout 4 – How to Get – Quest Blind Betrayal + Faction Guide

Fallout 4 – How to Get –  Quest Blind Betrayal + Faction Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Fallout 4 – How to Get – Quest Blind Betrayal + Faction Guide 1 - steamlists.com

You have sided with a faction other than the BoS (the moral choice). But NOW DANSE IS IGNORING YOU! WHAT! Even after Blind Betrayal, Danse will never ever talk to you again. He is so hot that you just have to restart the game.


Instructions (4 Steps)

The exact order matters, otherwise you don’t make the faction alignment loophole. Works with or without mods. Does not require any console.

Step 1

Complete Blind Betrayal.

To get the quest Blind Betrayal, you have to have done Show No Mercy and completed The Molecular Level with the Brotherhood. This means you told Maxson about the plans and Ingram has built them with you. Enter the Institute but don’t make the Institute hostile (I didn’t because I sided with them, just don’t, I’m not sure what will happen if you do). Then, come back to Maxson and he will task you with the quest From Within and Outside the Wire. Make sure you finish both of those quests, because that will trigger Liberty Reprimed. That is the last time you will see Danse for now. Next time you return to the Prydwen people are going to tell you he went AWOL because everyone found out he was a synth using the data you gave to Ingram on the holotape. Defend him against Elder Maxson and then take him as a companion. At this stage you are enemies with the Brotherhood only when you have Danse as a companion.

Step 2

Romance Danse.

Step 3

Dismiss Danse and go to Boston Airport so people aren’t hostile. I cleared out the entire Prydwen from the inside out, including the Airport. They will respawn for later but I think the priority is to kill HIGH RANKING ESSENTIAL MEMBERS like Elder Maxson, Ingram, Kells etc. These essentials will NOT respawn ever again. You need to make yourself permanently an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel in your own right. If you just kill a random scribe they’ll be non-hostile after 3 days, so you need to make sure the person you kill is irreplaceable. You’ll know once you see your Brotherhood quests fail one after the other. It doesn’t matter because that’s going to happen once you side against the Brotherhood. You’ll notice Danse doesn’t care that you’re now a permanent enemy of the Brotherhood, because he is too, and you haven’t sided with anyone before that.

This is probably the hardest step. If combat is too hard for you just kill Ingram and run away. She’s right there, just standing there, outside, not even on the Prydwen or anything. I kill Elder Maxson for the coat >:)

Step 4

Side with your preferred faction (which is obviously not BoS, otherwise you would not be up to here). I completed Nuclear Family and came back to Danse, still romanced, still able to be talked to and recruited! Also you can get the mod Danse GTFO Power Armor – [nexusmods.com]  for more immersion, there’s no requirements.

Written by Mimi, e009

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