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This is a CUSTOM lore guide on a kind of alternate reality story I made for FROST.

In this guide I will tell you the little story I made up about the world of FROST.


2070-2077, The beginning.

A full 7 years before the bombs fall the American government begin construction on a large device capable of removing radiation from an area. The device is destined to be installed on the Washington monument to ensure the Government can rebuild a small sector of the city and re-instate a diplomatic system. The device has pretty much travelled over the entire country with different parts being built in different places. The device is hidden to the public. 
In 2074 A small group learn of the device’s presence. The group would devise a plan to steal it and sell it to China. Though, they are quickly killed after their plans were discovered by Government special forces. One of them survived. 
The year 2076 roles around and a military naval parade is taking place in Boston. The U.S.S Fennin docks at a port. The device has arrived in Boston. The device needed one last piece, that was being developed in Boston. 
The day is 10/2/2077, a day before the bombs fall. The final piece is inserted into the device and the Fennin is ready to head for Washington D.C. The 3rd roles around and the bombs fall. The Fennin is beached near the Boston airport. Half of Boston’s population retreat to the safety of the metro tunnels. 

2077-2079, War never stops.

2077-2078, Over the next few years humanity struggles under constant rad-storms. They continue on living in the divided metro. Most of the high quality gas mask filters, rations and bullets are used over the years of 2077- 2078. In 2078 the first few proper “stations” begin to sprout, The most notable being Downtown, Prosper and Shanty-town. 
October, 2078. Humanity decides they want to live under a single banner, to unite once again for a better future. A man, Harrison Marchand births this uniting faction. The Metro Federation is born on October the 3rd, 2078. 
Not all agree with Harrison’s militaristic ideals so, a group lead by Matthew Aress, name themselves “The Aress Rebellion” A.K.A “TAR”. Over the remaining months of 2078, a brutal war takes place between the Federation and the rebellion. The most notable battle was the battle of Prosper. The Metro Federation had secured an old M60 and a suit of old banged up power armour. The armour is marched into the station as well as an armoured rail car. Nearly everyone is torn apart by the rebel’s armoured car and the Federation’s power armour. Finally after 3 hours of bullets flying. The shooting stops. The power armour, full of bullet holes and the armoured car, engine smoking, stare back at each other. A heavenly light shines through a hole in the roof. Exposing the hundreds of bodies and terrible destruction of the fighting. The man in the power armour exits the station, presumably dying on the surface. This would mark the end of the war between the Federation and Rebellion. Prosper is abandoned and the remainder of the Rebellion move to Shanty-town which is renamed “Andrew-Station” as well as the Rebellion becoming the Metro Alliance as they take over the remainder of the red line. 
207. Rolls around the metro continues on. 

2079-2081, New vision.

November, 2080. A group of survivors grow tired of waiting to die in the metro, one of them John Crinss an avid tunnel explorer discovers a secret government bunker. He finds a folder describing a device kept in the U.S.S Fennin. John would tell the rest of the survivors about the device who would albeit reluctantly, join John on his quest for the device. The 4 man group make it to the Fennin, fighting through the feral ghouls that once were the crew. One of them, Tony Laws is struck on his gas mask, breaking the glass. Tony is killed in the cargo hold of the ship. The group find a suit of old power armour in the cargo hold as well as the device. Using the power armour the 3 men make it to Trinity towers. They fight through mutants, ghouls and rad-storms, making it to the top. The device is activated. Though, it doesn’t do exactly what it’s intended to as the device was damaged by the explosion. A a rumbling bellows from beneath the earth as the device sends out a giant shock wave, killing 2 of them. A new year’s party is being held in Downtown, the capital of the federation when the boom is felt. Fearing it’s another nuclear attack, a few brave survivors suit up, leaving the Metro, to see the what is happening. Fearing the worse, they see it. The radiation clouds have parted and a heavenly white light is shining down upon the scorched earth. Snow begins to fall. The device had ran the clouds away and instead, bought a freezing cold snow. 
The year is now 2081, the present. Survivors have begun expeditions onto the surface, though it is still very hostile and dangerous, survivors are now able to venture out onto the surface without dying instantly. A new hope is born in the metro as new food begins to grow. Gas masks are now not needed as much in the metro. 
There is a sliver of a chance, that humanity may just live through this. 

2081-2087, Clear skies.

Over the years of 2081-2086 heavy snow fall continues to blanket the city. 
208. rolls around and white clear skies are finally spotted above Boston, is this the beginning of the new world? 

Written by Wombo

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Fallout 4 – FROST Custom lore, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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