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Fallout 4 – Comprehensive Guide 1 - steamlists.com
A guide that covers where you can build, possible companions (Including DLC’s), where to find them and what they like/dislike. Plus, useful console commands and how to use them.


First off, a little intro.

Hello citizens of the Commonwealth. This is my first guide, although Fallout 4 has many guides by now that cover pretty much the same stuff and probably much better than mine, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make one myself. Hope you find it as useful as I do, I put a bit of effort into it :)! 


First companion you will likely come across with no prerequisite quests is Dogmeat. 
He has no likes, or dislikes, so he is literally Man’s (Or Woman’s) best friend. He will never abandon you. 
You can get him some nice armour too. 


Because everyone loves to travel with their very own robot butler. 
Before traveling with Codsworth you have to first, complete quest Out of Time
Once that’s complete you can travel with him whenever you want. 
Codsworth Loves it when you make weapon and armour modifications. 
He also Likes when you do generous acts, act friendly around settlers who require help, and give items like a Nuka-Cola to Sheffield in Diamond City. 
He Dislikes it when you are selfish or mean around settlers, dislikes it when you provide/use or get addicted to chems. Also dislikes lockpicking Owned items, theft and pickpocketing. 
He Hates murdering non-hostiles like settlers. 
If travelling with Codsworth, he likes the Minutemen faction, and would rarely, if ever dislike you for doing their quests. 

Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is the first Minuteman you come across, he is in Concord’s Museum of Freedom and surrounded by Raiders. Save him, complete When Freedom Calls, and then he will travel to Sanctuary. Travel over there, and then complete The First Step. You can now travel with him, yay, endless settlements need our help, he’ll pester you with that one forever. 
Preston Likes generosity, peaceful acts, helping helpless settlers and weapon modification. 
He Dislikes selfish acts, comments that provoke violence, chem addiction, cannibalism, lockpicking owned items, stealing, pickpocketing and giving drugs to people like Mama Murphy. 
He Hates killing non-hostiles like settlers. 
He doesn’t like the Brotherhood Of Steel (BoS), and will dislike it if you join Buzz Lightyear Paladin Danse. 
Not sure why you’d want too, but the option is there to Romance Preston. 

Piper Wright

Piper Wright is a Reporter in Diamond City and a part of the main quest line, you can’t miss her. 
When you first meet her, it’s outside the gates and she’s yelling at the security guard to let her back into Diamond City because she lives there. 
She drags you into a con to open the gates, and there you meet the Mayor himself. 
Once in, after talking to the Mayor she’ll ask you to provide her a story about your time in Vault 111, in return, she’ll travel with you throughout the commonwealth. 
Complete Story Of The Century, and then she’ll be available. 
Piper Likes it when you’re nice to people, provide generous acts, give items like Nuka-Cola to peasants with shot livers, some sarcastic comments and lockpicking un-owned items. 
She Dislikes it when you are Selfish, mean, overly violent, steal from and pickpocket people. 
Hates random murdering of non-hostiles. 
Faction Likes are The Railroad and The Minutemen. 
Faction Dislikes are the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute. 
Piper can be romanced. 

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is tied to the main quest-line and thus, you’ll come across him eventually when you decide to progress through it. 
Nick can be found in the Subway converted Vault 114. 
To obtain Nick as a companion, you must first complete Unlikely Valentine and Getting a Clue
Once completed, you can travel with him whenever you wish. 
Mr. Valentine here, Likes it when you’re nice, mean, giving people items that they request and successfully hacking terminals. 
He Doesn’t like when you act peaceful, or violent, act like a cannibal, steal or pickpocket. 
Also, he Hates the murder of non-hostiles. 
He dislikes the Brotherhood of Steel. 
Can’t be romanced, he’s a bot. A really, really old bot at that. 

Robert Joseph MacCready

Hey, who remembers that kid from Little Lamplight in the Capital Wasteland? 
Welp, he’s all grown up now, and he’s… in the Commonwealth… and a possible companion… 
Anyways, you can find MacCready in the back of The Third Rail in Goodneighbor. 
All you need to recruit him is 250 caps or 200 caps if you pass the speech check. 
As a companion, he will provide you with his own quest Long Road Ahead, that is, once you’ve reached the appropriate affinity with him. You’ll need to do that to max him out and get the Perk he provides. 
He Likes Selfish and violent acts, sarcasm, all speech success, theft/pickpocketing and lockpicking NPC owned items. 
However, he Dislikes it when you’re nice, unnecessarily mean, giving items to people who request it and chem addiction. 
He Hates murdering non-hostiles and when you flirt with other people in front of him whilst being romanced. 
MacCready can be romanced and likes the Minutemen faction. 

John Hancock

To gain Hancock as a follower, you must first complete The Big Dig for Bobbi No Nose in Goodneighbor. You can find her in the back alleys. 
Now, you can complete that quest either way, it’s down to you. 
Once your done there, he’ll either be at the entrance to Goodneighbor where you first got asked for Insurance or in the Town House, he’ll have a chat with you and ask to come along in your travels. 
Now, Hancock, he’s a man of taste, he likes generosity, being mean (when it’s called for), being peaceful, providing, using and getting addicted to chems and nudity. (Yup Nudity). 
He Dislikes theft, being mean without reason and being selfish. 
He Hates murdering non-hostiles and pretty much like everyone else, hates it when you flirt in front of them when you’re romancing them. 
Hancock, obviously dislikes the Institute. Can also be romanced. 


Ahh, our lovely little Irish lass kicker. 
Cait can be found in the Combat Zone, and can be recruited once all the raiders are wiped out. 
Now Cait, she’s a lady of simple tastes, she Likes to be selfish, mean, violent, likes it when you provide, use and get addicted to chems and when you pickpocket and lockpick pretty much anything, owned by NPC or not. 
But, and this is a big but, she only likes the chem stuff, prior to her personal quest. She Dislikes your generous, peaceful nature, dislikes cannibalism (I know, it’s an acquired taste). 
Hates? Flirting with anyone else in front of her whilst romanced and uh… Murder of random settlers. 
Faction dislikes… Pretty much everyone. Doesn’t like the Railroad, the Minutemen, the Institute or the Brotherhood… For the last one I assume it’s because it’s not called the Sisterhood? Eh who knows, who cares. 


Yay our little French Madam. 
Curie, can be found in Vault 81 in the Hidden Section. 
She can be obtained after completion of Hole in the Wall
She Likes generosity, being nice and mean, giving items that are requested and saying nice thing’s about synths. 
She Doesn’t like selfish, violent dialogues, chem addictions, theft and pickpockets. 
Hates Flirting with others, and murdering poor little settlers. 
She does give a quest, which can only be done at a certain point in the story and requires the Railroad to be fully alive and functioning. 
Likes The Railroad and Brotherhood of Steel. 
Doesn’t like the Institute. 
She can be romanced. 


Ah, our resident green giant knuckle head…Strong. 
Can be found at the top of Trinity Tower during the quest Curtain Call
Now Strong is… hard to please. He’s got a few likes… But so many dislikes it’s pretty hard to max him out (in my opinion). 
He Loves murdering non hostiles. 
Likes to see cannibalism, violence, giving requested items and generosity. 
Dislikes Selfish, mean, Speech success, lockpicking anything, Theft/pickpocket and the use of everyone’s favourite toys… Power armour and Vertibirds. 
He’s not a big fan of the either Brotherhood or the Institute. 

Paladin Danse

Early on in the game, near Cambridge, you will pick up Military Frequency AF95, tune into it and head towards Cambridge Police Station. Oh look, goodie, it’s our very favourite knights in shining armour… Well not literally… There’s only one knight, he’s a ♥♥♥♥, one Paladin who looks like Buzz Lightyear very respectable and a Field Scribe, all over-whelmed by Feral Ghouls. 
Turn up, save the day, answer Danse’s ridiculous questions, do his quests, join the BoS as an initiate. Now just proceed the main story until the Prydwen turns up at Boston Airport. Now, after all that, you still gotta do another quest before you can get him as a companion. Kill those Muties! (Sorry Strong). 
Anyway, Paladin Danse can now be your companion, he loves armour modifications. 
He also Likes the use of Power armour, Vertibirds and weapon modifications. 
His dislikes are synth praises, chem usage/addiction, being mean, theft, cannibalism and after Blind Betrayal badmouthing synths. 
Hates Murder of settlers and flirting like every other companion. 
He likes the factions of the BoS and the Minutemen, although he despises the Institute. 


To obtain Deacon as a companion, you must first find the Railroad HQ by walking The Freedom Trail. Then, by completing Tradecraft you’ll have him available. 
Yayy, you have one very love-able bald man in your company. 
Deacon Likes to play nice and mean. Peaceful too, has a charitable side, enjoys a good speech success and likes it when you hack into stuff. Don’t forget to break into anything with a lock, he likes it even if it’s owned by an NPC. 
He doesn’t like violence, or being mean. He turns hostile if you murder a member of the Railroad or a settler. Doesn’t like chem usage/addiction or cannibalism. 
It goes without saying that he likes the Railroad, and dislikes the institute. 


X6-88 is available after when you get into the Institute and do a few quests for them… One of the quests will be Synth Retention. Return the synth to the Institute, and then return yourself. X6-88 will then show you your own personal living quarters and be available as a companion. 
He quite Likes Selfish responses, being peaceful, Speech success, hacking, weapon and armour modifications and the use of Power Armour. 
Dislikes being generous, nice, giving items, chem usage/addiction, nudity and Vertibirds. 
Surprisingly though, he hates murder. I thought that was the Coursers main Job description. 
Unsurprisingly, he likes the Institute faction and dislikes the BoS and the Railroad. 

DLC – Automatrons/ADA

Has no Likes or Dislikes. 
Provides a decent quest and settlement though. 

DLC – Old Longfellow

Can be found in the Last Plank (Mitch’s Bar) on Far Harbour. Must complete quest Walk in the Park and then he’ll be available. 
He Loves the destruction of the Nucleus and the Children of Atom. 
He Likes to be nice, give items and consume strong alcoholic beverages (Vodka, Whisky, Rum). 
Has a dislike of being mean, peaceful, overly violent, giving and use of chems, cannibalism, theft and pickpockets. 
Doesn’t like or dislike the main factions of the game. He just really hates those Atom worshipping loonies. 

DLC – Porter Gage

Can be found at the Fizztop Grille after, running the Gangs torture maze Gauntlet. 
He can become your companion and help after meeting all the bosses of the park. 
He’s a Raider, and they like anything that isn’t legal… Even for wasteland standards. 
He likes to steal, pickpocket, be selfish and sarcastic. 
Doesn’t like to be nice, give or take drugs or cannibalism. 
His little posse of raider gangs don’t like The Minutemen, BoS, Institute or Railroad. 

Possible Build Locations

Now in the base game, there is 28 different locations for you to set up at a workshop. 
With the DLC’s as well, that total comes to 35. 
They are the following, 
1)Sanctuary Hills 
2)Red Rocket Truck Stop 
3)Abernathy Farm 
4)Sunshine Tidings Co-op 
5)Starlight Drive In 
6)Tenpines Bluff 
8)Oberland Stations 
9)Hangmans Alley 
10)Egret Tours Marina 
11)Sommerville Place 
12)Outpost Zimonja 
14)Taffington Boathouse 
15)Greentop Nursery 
16)The Slog 
17)County Crossing 
18)Coastal Cottage 
19)Kingsport Lighthouse 
20)Croup Manor 
21)Nordhagen Beach 
22)Jamaica Plain 
23)Murkwater Construction Site 
24)Warwick Homestead 
25)Spectacle Island 
26)The Castle 
27)Bunker Hill 
28)Boston Airport 
29)DLC – Mechanist Lair 
30)DLC – Longfellow’s Cabin 
31)DLC – National Park Visitors Center 
32)DLC – Dalton Farm 
33)DLC – Echo Lake Lumber Mill 
34)DLC – Vault 88 
35)DLC – Nuka World Red Rocket 
Boston Airport, can’t have any settlers or food, but can have a supply line if you have the local leader perk. Local leader perk is useful for connecting each workbench and sharing resources between settlements. Be that, junk, food and water. 

Console Commands and How to Use

So, there are different keyboards for different regions of the world. This means, that the people in Britain will have a different way of accessing the Console commands than those in America will. For Example, for me (Britain) I use the (@) button. In the USA, they’ll use the tidle key (`). If you’re not sure what the tidle is, look below the ESC button. 
Now, the Command Console can give plenty of benefits to those playing on PC. Here is a list of those that I find Useful or interesting. Side note: This doesn’t stop achievement progression. 
TGM – Total God Mode – Infinite health, ammo, carry weight. 
TCL – Toggle Clipping. Useful if you get stuck in awkward positions. (Turn it back on afterwards). 
TMM 1 – Toggle all map markers. 
COC qasmoke – Developers Room – all the items in – game 
Cow commonwealth 1 1 – Teleports you out of developers room, spawn near Railroad base Ticon. 
Player.setlevel 100 – Number can be changed to your preferred level, use with caution, too high can crash game. 
Kill – Whilst console is up, target someone with your mouse and press enter, kills specific target. 
Resurrect – Direct opposite of kill, brings dead NPC back to life. 
Killall – Everyone in immediate area dies, unless vital to story or companion. 
Lock/unlock – Can lock or Unlock a door, terminal or safe depending on what you target. 
Time for some very useful codes for base building and modifying weapons/armour. Number can be changed for desired amount of item. Use the up arrow key in console command to copy the last thing you typed in. Easy edits. 
000000. 2000 or just f 2000 = 2000 Caps 
001bf72d = Acid 
001bf72e = Adhesive 
001bf72f = Antiseptic 
001bf730 = Fertilizer 
001bf732 = Oil 
0006907. = Aluminium 
0006907. = Circuitry 
0006907. = Copper 
0006907. = Crystal 
0006907. = Plastic 
0006908. = Screw 
0006908. = Spring 
0006908. = Glass 
0006908. = Nuclear Material 
0006908. = Fiber Optics 
000aec5b = Ballistic Fiber 
000aec5c = Asbestos 
000aec5d = Bone 
000aec5e = Ceramic 
000aec5f = Cloth 
000aec60 = Cork 
000aec61 = Fiberglass 
000aec62 = Gold 
000aec63 = Lead 
000aec64 = Leather 
000731a3 = Wood 
000731a4 = Steel 
00106d98 = Rubber 
00106d99 = Concrete 

Achievement Guide

So there is 84 individual achievements in Fallout 4, which pretty much require all the DLC’s bar one I think. (No one cares but I’ma say go for the Season Pass on a sale). 
Now, It’s a lot of effort to put up an achievement guide like that, so I’m just gonna give credit too some one else’s for this part of the guide… 

Thankyou, that’s all.

That’s the end of my first guide, hope you liked it and found it helpful. 
I did get a few pieces of my guide from other Fallout Guides on Steam and the Internet. 

Written by Lord Itachi

This is all about Fallout 4 – Comprehensive Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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