Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Fall Guys Season 4 New Mini Game Guide

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Fall Guys Season 4 New Mini Game Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Fall Guys Season 4 New Mini Game Guide 1 - steamlists.com


Similar to Fall Ball, but slightly less punishing, this mini-game tasks you with being the best bean basketballer around. Pitting two teams against one another, users will battle over three basketballs in the center. Once you grab a basketball, run it to your enemy’s side and throw it into one of three baskets in the gravity field. You can either just toss the ball or jump into the gravity field for a slam dunk. Keep your eye out for the golden balls, as these are worth three points instead of one! 

Roll on

A gauntlet show, players will need to race across a series of rotating platforms to the end. If you’ve played the Roll Off mini-game then you will be familiar with how to navigate through this obstacle course. The trick is to be patient and try to stay away from a ma*sive crowd. It’s very easy to get knocked off into the slime below, so don’t try to jump for platforms rotating near the edge. 

Short Circuit

Fall Guys’ first ever race. Short Circuit tasks you with running through a race track full of obstacles and completing two laps before a certain number of people qualify. This is easier said than done, as the various traps include mazes, gravity fields, lasers, flingers, and moving platforms. 

Power trip

Ever play Splatoon? Power Trip has two teams grabbing batteries at the start of the game and then running across tiles to turn them to their color. With two floors, this a frantic game mode that’s all about territory control and ensuring your team has more color tiles than the enemy. It’s a tricky balance to achieve, as you’ll need to both ensure that your playing defensive enough to cover your side, while also coating the enemy’s turf in your color. I recommend prioritizing the bottom floor at the beginning and then moving to the floating platform above when the round is about to end. Securing that area can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

Big Shots

You’re on a small tilting platform while being pelted with cannons. All you have to do is not get knocked into the Slime to succeed. Trust me, it’s way harder than it sounds — especially when you have 20+ players scrambling to dodge oncoming projectiles. 

Hoverboard Heroes

A survival mode, players start on a large hoverboard that slowly moves towards the finish line. Your task is to ride the hoverboard all the way to the end, while dodging lasers, conveyor belts, platforms, and other obstacles. This is a pretty tricky mode since you need to balance not being knocked off the map and keeping up with the moving hoverboard. Just remember, you only have to make it to the end and your placement across the finish line doesn’t matter. 

Skyline Stumble

Skyline Stumble has you jumping through gravity fields to climb higher and higher. Where things get fun, is there are several buttons you can press to launch projectiles at other players or mess with their path in a large maze. There’s a fun mix of interactivity and raw skilled involved with this mode, as you’ll need to perfectly time your gravity jumps if you hope to get ahead. Just make sure to ignore the flipper wall at the end, it’s much faster to take the “long” route on either side. 

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