EVERSPACE™ 2 – How to one-shot almost everything.

EVERSPACE™ 2 – How to one-shot almost everything. 1 - steamlists.com
EVERSPACE™ 2 – How to one-shot almost everything. 1 - steamlists.com
An OP Scout ship build in Alpha 0.4.16214


Simple build explanation

How to build the ~4500 (Or ~8990 Kinetic+Energy) damage/shot, ship. (In my case, at lvl 12 with my gear)

What is needed:

  • Scout, with Ranger Special perk.
  • A railgun, preferably two, near your level.
  • A few augmentation points is a plus. Invest them into Firepower and Expertise.
  • Energized boost or teleporter technology.
  • Aim?

On a side note: Look out for items buffing the Firepower and Expertise stat! The railguns with the “20% extra damage when in sunlight” perk are also fantastic. And the “20% extra damage when standing still” booster, is fantastic too (Credit to @Zhurtek’s).

More in-depth

The Scout is an odd ship in Everspace. It does not like to stay close, even being the fastest and most agile ship. It’s special: “Ranger” actually gives 10% damage buff per 100m.

So what can we do with this tiny little boi? Snipe.

If you simply equip 2x Railguns (so that whenever you overheat on one, you swap to the other) and help yourself with a teleporter or a speed boost tech those few tiny times, when enemies either jump you or (somehow actually survive the onslaught?) and come close, just press 1 or 2 and continue destroying every single ship in your sight.

Just remember to engage your targets as far away as possible for the maximum damage boost.

BUT! That’s not all! What about Augmentation points you say?
Two words: Firepower, Expertise.

  • Firepower – is your standard damage buff. (And a big one too!)
  • Expertise – Longer range! Even more damage because of scout’s special!?!?


Some numbers

Me being a lvl 12, I do +265,9% damage (from firepower score 480 (2 points)) and have +42.5% more range (from Expertise 270 (1 point)). Although i have completely blue items with some red’s. Then on top of that I deal +10% damage every 100m.

This means:
The railgun (after the ship Expertise buff) has a range of 4987.5 m. I engage them at ~4900m. As much as I can to get the most out of the “Ranger” perk.
This in turn means a rare (blue) railgun shot, with 69 damage (both energy and kinetic), now deals:

  • 69 base damage * 265,9% firepower buff = 183.471 damage
  • 183.471 damage after firepower buff * 490% “Ranger” special buff = 899.0079 damage after the ship buffs.
  • 899.0079 post ship buff damage * 500% charge damage from the weapon itself = 4495.0395 TOTAL DAMAGE PER ELEMENT, per fully charged shot! (At 4900m from the target)
  • Or 4495.0395*2=8990.079 total damage. (Don’t know exactly how kinetic and energy damage is calculated on impact)


Closing notes

While the ship is OP, and i belive will be patched out rather quickly, it is a little bit fun to melt everything. But this “fun” is short-lived, as there really is no challenge to using this ship. So if you came here for the “fun factor”, this is a bad ship for the job.

I would however recommend trying it out, while it is still viable, just for the giggles hahaha. But refrain from using this ship as a main, as you will quickly get bored, probably.

I think many people have found this build, but did not bother making a guide. I simply made this public so that developers can take a look, and perhaps balance this a bit, as the ship is really not viable with many other weapons,except maybe pulse lasers? xD

But yeah I can reeeeaallly see how this can quickly get out of hand, as you reach higher levels, equip more red or even legendary items, and even more Augmentation points. Perhaps even one-shotting freighters, or even destroyers? (PS! This bit is just speculation. I have not tested this. Yet…)

Oh well. I hope I gave you guys some ideas for fun to be had 🙂

Suggestions for even more damage!

@Zhurtek – Adding the “20% extra damage when standing still booster”, for even more insanity!

This is all about EVERSPACE™ 2 – How to one-shot almost everything.; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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