EVERSPACE™ 2 – Commodity Trading Chart

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EVERSPACE™ 2 – Commodity Trading Chart 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, We hope you find this EVERSPACE™ 2 – Commodity Trading Chart guide useful.

The guide is still in the process as I have only made it to Khait Nebula. It will be updated when I’m able to access other systems.


Commodities demand is generally constant across systems and doesn’t change when you buy or sell stuff. Trading is an excellent method to build credit, particularly if you are beginning out and need to buy your first boat.

Demand for commodities

Systems are in order of discovery and progression (I believe). Commodities are listed alphabetically. Demand statuses are taken out of the inventory when there is sufficient space. If you have space to spare in your cargo, purchase low and sell high when you can. Profits will increase the more rare the product.

Rarity Ceto Union Zharkov Khait Nebula Khione Drake Aethon
Camdon Enzyme +++ High Normal Normal High
Clothing Normal Low High High
Cybernetic Implants ++ Low Normal High High
Earth Wine +++ High Low Normal High
Liquor Normal Low Normal High
Medicine Normal Normal High High
Mining Equipment High Normal Low Normal
Nanofibers ++ Normal Normal Normal Low
Ramen Normal Low Normal High
Seeds Normal Normal Normal Low
Small Arms + High Low Normal High
Solar Panels + Low Normal High Normal


Random Tips

  • When you first arrive at Prescott Base to look for Maddocks, you must go to all the ramen shops. This is the perfect time to stock up on cheap ramen you can sell when you return to Ceto.
  • Try the Beeline HIVE’s Autonomous Cargo Dispatcher perk upgrade, which lets you remotely ship cargo from your ship to your home base. I ended up using this to send a load of Earth Wine & Mining Equipment to my base and stop the purchase from picking it up and sell it when its storage space was full
  • In time, you’ll instantly gain access to move between systems without the need for jump gates. If you’re patient, you can be patient until then (but I’m at the 4th system about 25 hours in and haven’t received it yet)

Comment on any other helpful tips you have! Thank you for taking the time to read!

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