Eternal Edge – Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide

Eternal Edge – Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide 7 -
Eternal Edge – Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide 7 -

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Story/ Unmissable

Part 1

You will visit four large places in the initial portion of the main quest, each having its own major mission to access the local dungeon and battle the boss.

You will receive certain things required for the quests as part of them. (Bombs, Falconite Revolver, Cloak of Void Walking, Hood of Phase Warping).

You will receive the following milestones for doing so.

  • Baby StepsTake your firsts steps into the Kingdom of Beor.
  • Errand BoyThe Kingdom of Beor is filled with people who need your assistance. Complete one of these Quests.
    For getting the Items.
  • KaboomFind your first Bomb.
  • Pew PewFind the Falconite Revolver.
  • Look At Me NowFind the Cloak of Void Walking.
  • Now You See MeFind the Hood of Phase Warping.
    To complete the dungeons.
  • Misty CavernsClear Misty Caverns.
  • Black Crow KeepClear Black Crow Keep.
  • The UndercityClear the Undercity.
  • The Aeviternal TreeClear the Aeviternal Tree.
    For finding the villages/ towns and the manor.
  • The ExpanseExplore the Expanse and discover High High Tower.
  • The Great PlainsExplore the Great Plains and discover New Haven.
  • The Southern SandsExplore the Southern Sands and discover Tinkertown.
  • The Woeful WoodsExplore the Woeful Woods and discover Mourner’s Manor.

Part 2

After completing all 4 dungeons and getting the orbs, you can wake up your wife, get her gear back, and finally defeat the Skeleton King.

This will give you the following achievements.

  • Wakey WakeyYour Wife, Evelyn, has been asleep for decades. Gather the Cursed Orbs and wake her from her slumber.
  • Grande, PleaseClear the Grand Vaults of the Skeleton King.
  • The Forsaken StrandEnter the Forsaken Strand.

    (Can be done before, as nothing blocks you from entering this area.)

  • The Grounds of the CitadelClear the Grounds of the Citadel.
  • Ring-a-Ding-Ding Mr. KingIt’s a long and arduous journey. The Skeleton King awaits you on his Forsaken Throne. Can you defeat him?


Hard to miss

  • I’m Mr. Fix-ItCraft an item at a Smithing Station or Chemistry Station.
  • I’m Mr. Fix-ItCraft 50 items at Smithing Stations or Chemistry Stations.

You’ll need lots of ammo and bombs and some healing potions.

  • Duuuuuude… EpicCraft an Epic piece of Gear at a Smithing Station.
  • Legen- … Wait for itCraft a Legendary piece of Gear at a Smithing Station.

The crafting recipes depend on the crafting station/area. New Haven (a village on the west side of the map) has epic and legendary crafting recipes.

  • Can I Get Skim With That?Get Coffee at Moonbucks.

Eternal Edge - Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide - Hard to miss - 6B0973C

In the villages/towns and even in one of the dungeons, you will find the Moonbucks cafe. The first cafe is in the High High Tower. Buy a coffee there for the achievement.

  • LoadedObtain 10,000 Quill.
  • Light SpenderSpend 1,000 Quill.
  • Shopping SpreeSpend 50,000 Quill.

I had over 60,000 Quill by the end of the game.

You can buy some weapons to level them up or some crafting materials.

  • Getting Up ThereReach Level 50.
  • Uh Oh Mr. KingReach Level 100.

As long as you do all quests and world events and open all chests, you will have level 100 before the end of the game.

  • Five Birds, One KaboomDefeat 6 Enemies with one Bomb.
  • Four Birds, One BulletDefeat 4 Enemies with a single bullet.

After unlocking the bombs, return to the starting area and run around to get aggro from the flying pumpkins. If a bunch of them follow you just drop a bomb while running away.

Once you unlock the gun and explosive ammo (much later in the game) you can follow the above instructions again to get the Four Birds, One Bullet achievement.


  • It’s the End, but Not for MeCraft one of the Final Legendary Weapons.
  • Can’t Touch ThisCraft one of the Final Legendary Shields.
  • Sharp-Dressed ManLookin’ Fancy? Craft one of the Final Legendary Armor Pieces.
  • Prom KingEquip a Full Final Legendary Armor Set. The Skeleton King won’t be able to compete.

At the end of the main quest, you will get a new crafting station (NPC) in Tinkertown (Desert Town) where you can craft your final legendary gear.

Eternal Edge - Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide - Grind - F26BDE3

As part of the recipes, you will need the Armour of the Ravager (legendary armor) and Bulwark of the Ravager (legendary shield) from the normal crafting station in this town, so don’t scrap them. For the final weapon, you need the eternal edge.

  • I’ve Seen WorseFind the Eternal Edge hidden in the Kingdom of Beor.

It’s on an island on the east side of the map.

  • Unlimited POWERFind all of the Eternal Essence hidden in Beor.

The Eternal Essences are hidden in golden chests worldwide, and you’ll get one for completing each Vault + Grand Vault. I found 2 additional essences. They are not marked on the map and there is no information on how many you are missing in an area. You can see a treasure chest icon on the mini-map (when they are nearby). This can be a regular or gold chest (but you need both to get a large amount of XP). Some golden chests are in the final area (Forsaken Strand) and some golden chests are buried under large boulders. Use your bombs to get rid of them.


  • Missed MeDodge 1 Attack Successfully.
  • Now You Gotta…Dodge 100 Attacks Successfully

These can easily be farmed at the flying pumpkins in the starting area.

When your health is low, rest at the nearby campfire.

  • A Little Flippy-Flip HereDefeat Enemies using the Ground Slam 100 times.

You have to hold down the block button (to focus the enemy) and the attack button (LT + X), your weapon will start to glow and after a few seconds the attack will be performed automatically.

This can be done in the starting area, but it is much easier and faster to do it in one of the world events (see Achievement Never Settling).

  • Not SettlingLevel Up one piece of Gear to MAX.
  • Never SettlingLevel Up 10 pieces of Gear to MAX.


There are 3 good ways to do this.

Buy some weapons in the store and keep leveling them up.

Or depending on how many crafting materials you have, you can craft and level up a gear, but keep in mind the max gear you want to craft.

The epic weapon you can craft in Tinkertown is easy to level up.

Or do the world event (level 45) “Defeat the machines” in the desert, but be careful. You can’t repeat the event.


Eternal Edge - Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide - Grind - B97737E

Eternal Edge - Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide - Grind - B625621


A large machine appears that you must defeat for the event. Don’t do this.

As long as the event is running, smaller machines will keep spawning. They will drop a lot of shields, armor, and weapons.

The event is great for farming items, maxing them out, and scraping them for crafting materials.

It’s also great for farming the 100 ground slams.

The only downside is that your inventory is constantly full.

The mecha shields they drop only need a few level-ups for max level.

  • Settling With BenefitsLevel Up one piece of Epic Gear to MAX.


Craft the epic weapon in Tinkertown.

Eternal Edge - Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide - Grind - 54AF897

It only needs a few level-ups for the max level.

  • ILike it When it WorksRepair your Shield 10 times.

Even the last legendary shield breaks with one hit.

So buy 10 repair kits and block some attacks.

  • What the VaultClear all 20 Vaults of the Skeleton King.

Eternal Edge - Story and Unmissable Achievements Guide - Grind - 9C30DE3

The vaults are scattered around the world.

4 are in the last area (Forsaken Strand) 2 on the left 2 on the right from where you enter (you have to swim to them).

There is no in-game checklist for them.

  • Now You’re a ProfessionalComplete all Quests in the Kingdom of Beor.

In each area (except the last one) are a few quests.

They’re hard to miss if you search the map for the golden chests and the vaults.

There are 2 more quests than needed for achievement.

  • Party HouseThere are many Events scattered across the Kingdom. Complete one.
  • BustedClear all Events in the Kingdom of Beor.

You will see many blue pillars of light worldwide, which are the markers for world events.

There are some events in the last area (Forsaken Strand).

If you miss some world events, rest at a campfire and switch the time to night or day.


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