Eternal Dreamers – New players Guide and some Tips included

Eternal Dreamers – New players Guide and some Tips included 1 -
Eternal Dreamers – New players Guide and some Tips included 1 -

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Choose your Avatar (for reference I will use Avatar B Type D with my name).
During the skippable intro, you have no entry to the menu.
Only automatic saving available (so choose wisely).

Advent Headquarters of the Coma Dimension

Talk to the staff and follow Alexandra.
To use the Memorial you need to finish the “Player’s Trial” and you can’t enter the mall.
Talk to Alexandra to the south (notice the terminal next to her).
Your party members are Marlon (someone is waiting for him), Reiketsu (who seems a bit older than you), Forest (who has something against you), and Monolith (a shy young neet).
Remember that you came from the military and have set the contition to set your country free from Advent.

Battle Tutorial (skipable) with Marlon (recommended):

Let Marlon use the Multislash Lv.1 Book via items and use it!
Follow the commands like Focus, healing, Gauge and White Ablities.
You unlock the Forest, Terminal,Mall and Menu.
At the Terminal, you can change your party members, as only 4 can participate.
After the mission meet the head scientist at the bridge.

Quick Teleport Tutorial

Eternal Dreamers - New players Guide and some Tips included - Intro - D9BCF83
You will find a Player Guide at the Terminal which will explain what you have learnt so far and a bit more.
Choose Receive Gift at the Terminal to obtain 10x Socket Carbon and 100x Goddess Fragment (you see them in the currency part of the menu).
Before you start, talk to the other NPCs/party members.


The info desk tells you what shop (etc) you can find where.
The inn, cafeteria, and casino aren’t implemented or available yet.
Talk to the Advent Bookworm to obtain 5x Ability Fragment.
The item shop will sell EXP Charms once you have enough money.
Buy an Ability Book for one of your party members.
Talk to the Advent Romantic to learn about “Coaching” and obtain 5x Sympathy Crystal S.
Go near the door to the Beauty Saloon to witness a scene with Reiketsu.
Entry to named Saloon is 1000x Goddess Fragment.
Once you are prepared, enter the Teleporter next to the Terminal.

Coaching (without DLC-Characters)

Coaching Room (1st time)

Eternal Dreamers - New players Guide and some Tips included - Coaching (without DLC-Characters) - B0731DA
Eternal Dreamers - New players Guide and some Tips included - Coaching (without DLC-Characters) - CCA2CB7
Press X to return to the former choices.


Goal: Steadfeast Guardian Lv. 1

  • Sympathy Crystal S: +8%
  • Basketball: +8%
  • Sneakers: +16%



Goal: Iron Resolve Lv. 1

  • Sympathy Crystal S: +8%
  • Coconut Rice Pudding: +8%
  • Chicken Yassa: +16%



Goal: Path of the Ninja Lv. 1

  • Sympathy Crystal S: +8%
  • Lipstick: +8%
  • Makeup Set: +16%



Goal: Deep Void Lv. 1

  • Sympathy Crystal S: +8%
  • Lexikon: +8%

Some Gifts can be bought for money at the gift shop at random.
Remember to level up the skills when sympathy has reached 100%.
Also you will unlock Achievements once a character reaches level 10 (normal levels).

Main Quest Area 1 “Forest”

The Queen Bee

You will be thrown in battle with 4 rounds.
In the last round, you will encounter one of 2 bosses.
Boss Hornet Captain: Use Multistrike to get rid of the mobs.
Watch your HP (orange gauge) as the Captain can on-hit a party member.
Only Monolith can “revive” a party member, so best use your only Reviver on him.
Boss Queen Hornet: Stronger than the Captain.
Note: the stronger bosses will drop Goddess Fragements.

Advent Headquarters

Enter the bridge (see mall) and before you talk to Eurecta in the farthest west corridor, explore.
At the “mirror” you will meet the Black Market Dealer (you need special crystals to shop).
You need to buy the DLCs to awaken the currently 4 characters in the lab (Sakia, Natsume, Anna and Faeris).
You don’t need them or the Fashion DLC to finish the game and they have no extra content.
Talk to Ramiro and he will sell you Sockets for Socket Fragments.
You can repeat already finished quests for grinding and obtaining better gear/fragments or fighting stronger bosses.

The Alpha

You will be thrown in battle with 5 rounds.
Boss Alpha Shredd: inflict negative status ailments like burn or poison.
Boss Omega Shredd: stronger as the Alpha!
You will unlock the Quest Type “Player’s Trial”.

Dual-Axe Giant

You will be thrown in battle with 6 rounds.
Boss Minosta: Rescue Mimi but beware its AoE!
Boss Ancient Minosta: a stronger version of Minosta.
You will unlock the Excavation in the Mall (upstairs, indoor garden).

Forest King

You will be thrown in battle with 7 rounds.
In round 4 you will encounter the Captain Hornet or Queen Hornet.
Boss Forest King: Depending on your level it shouldn’t be a problem. But beware of Silence.
Boss Forest God: Stronger version of the Forest King.
You unlock an Achievement.
Talk to Alexandra at the Brigg.
If you have already finished the Player’s Trial you will obtain a Precious Memory.
You unlock the Main Quest Area “Mountain”, the Casino and can find more things.

Hidden/Bonus Quest

Don’t miss them!!!
Eternal Dreamers - New players Guide and some Tips included - Hidden/Bonus Quest - 14BC07A
Those hidden quests will grant you high EXP, strong Amplifier and Infection Fragments (for the black market) and are totally random.
But you can the chance can be upgraded later.
3 Spirits
Later you will have more rounds.

Player’s Trial

Eternal Dreamers - New players Guide and some Tips included - Player's Trial - 558DACA
You can choose when to challenge this (perhaps fight the Alpha some time more…).
Also have perhaps a better weapon for each and gear with gold and silver slots.
Also learn all available skills (either via drop or buy them) and learn some passives via Coaching.
Boss YOU (the Player)! You will inflict Marks (see terminal), Freeze and are accompanied by 2 robots. Use all your buffs, debuffs and AoE skills.
Congratulation, you are now a party member, unlock an Achievement, and made a Precious Memory.
Now you can use the Precious Memory at the Memorial to upgrade one of the Player’s skills.


Found at the indoor garden of the Mall after your 3rd Main Quest.
Talk to Mimi to beginn.

Depth 1

You obtain a 5x Pickaxe and can buy more from Mimi.
Blue Orbs will grant you more time (best run in a circle).
Mine as many rocks as you can.
Practice at the special rock first.
Talk to Mimi to leave.
Materials to mine: 14
To upgrade your facilities, talk to Alexandra at the comms (the building you have started).
You will unlock up to 3 Achievements for upgrading your facilities.

Depth 2

Better Minerals but Monsters!
Mimi will sell Good Pickaxe.
The minerals now need 6 entries to mine.

Main Quest Area 2 “Mountains”

Advent HQ

Find the Nimble Light Spirit (in order) and obtain a Precious Memory:

  1. Tree next to brigg
  2. Medical Bay
  3. Next to Weapon Shop
  4. Brigg, right room
  5. Casino, slot machines
  6. Indoor Garden

This Spirit is the only AoE Healer apart from Faeris (DLC).

Tundra Blade

4 Rounds.
From hear on you will get Tier 3 weapons as drops.
Boss Frostblade: weak to fire.
Boss Glacierblade: stronger than the Frostblade.

Frost Giant

5 Rounds.
Boss Yeti: weak to fire.
Boss Yotee: stronger version of Yeti.

High Priest

6 Rounds.
Boss High Priest: Weak to darkness. Time to put your AoE skills to use again.
Boss High Priestess: the female version of the Priest.

Occult Leaders

7 Rounds.
At round 4 you have to beat the Frostblade or Glacierblade again.
Boss Zanasu & Ephalia: Zanasu is weak to darkness and Ephalia to light. Be careful on when to summon your spirit!
This boss battle has no rare variant.
You unlock an Achievement and are requested to talk to Alexandra.
You obtain a Precious Memory and unlock the Main Quest Area “City”.
Depth 2 has been unlocked (Excavation) as well as the Quest Type “Spirit Hunt”.


You need to buy Play Token at the Exchanger’s.
Note the Special Pickaxe and King New Clothes!


They have 1x (maximal 3 Token), 10x (maximal 30 Token) and 100x payout (maximal 300 Token).
The lower 3 slot machines are 1x, the 2 middle ones 10x and the upper one 100x.


Turn 3 Cards and when they match, you win.


You can bet Straight (highest risk), Neighbor and half (lowest risk)

Treasure Hunt

You have only a 33% Chance to defeat the monster…


Will increase chosen stat for 20 battles.


Changes the music.

Main Quest Area: “City”

Advent HQ

You can exchange your rewards from the Spirit Hunt by Zanasu.
At the shops meet a Staff member and count the flowers (Red = 18, Blue = 12, White = 32) of the outdoor garden for her to obtain 5x Sympathy Crystal L and Precious Memory.

Spirit Hunt

You need the Spirit Fragments to summon spirits of 6 elements.
The more fragments you exchange the higher is the chance to obtain a better spirit but the stronger it will be.
So start with the lowest rank spirits!

Written by Firefly130984

This is all about Eternal Dreamers – New players Guide and some Tips included; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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