Escape the Backrooms – New Update Information and Walkthrough

Escape the Backrooms – New Update Information and Walkthrough 1 -
Escape the Backrooms – New Update Information and Walkthrough 1 -

Welcome to Escape the Backrooms – New Update Information and Walkthrough Guide.

This guide is for Escape The Backrooms’ major update. I will keep updating the guide as I complete the updates.

Level 0 – Backrooms

Level 0:

You will spawn as a single player in a yellow, empty building. To the right of the map, go to the ladder pieces and build the ladder. Grab the key. Continue along the wall to the red door. You can attempt to cross the Pitfalls (I have failed), but falling in will take you to Part 2: The Backrooms.

Level 0 Part 2:

It is easy to find the Bacteria. However, you have infinite stamina when running away from a monster. You won’t lose it if your run continues after the monster is gone. Go upstairs to a door that looks like a living room without a kitchen.

Level 1 – Habitable Zone, Shapeshifter

Level 1:

It is safe to spawn in an empty garage. You will find a door with a window on the far right. Count the cars and remember the order. Cars are read left-to-right, up-down. Ex. Blue and green left, yellow right, the code for blue green yellow green is. Enter the code at the elevator near spawn. Remember to grab some water and a flashlight.

Level 1 Part 2:

This time you will have monsters. The monsters are equal to how many players. They are located on the far left. After exiting the elevator go straight to the first entrance. CHECK FOR KEYS! There are 4 keys in total. They can be found in random locations. It is possible that there are more than one key or even three to a room. You will see a fellow hazmat running towards you if you leave the room immediately after you have left it. Run. This is a monster. Monsters cannot open doors in the games, so keep them all open and close them when you enter a room. Six doors are available (except the entrance and exit), but not all have keys. Keys don’t take up inventory space. Once you have collected all keys, move to the room in middle of garage and place them in the key slots. To open the door, they must be turned simultaneously (within 3-5 second of the first key being turned).

Level 1 Part 3:

IT IS DARK. It is dark. A flashlight won’t do much, and you can’t see monsters. Crouching is slow, but it is recommended if you are not near a door. There are three levels to a garage. The top floor is where you will spawn. On the top floor, there are 2 doors. These doors are located on the right and left (spawn side). If they are not empty, you can go down a level. There are 3 doors on the same side where you spawn. If they are all empty, you can go down a level. The final level has 3 doors. If they are empty, you can go back up. One of the doors will conceal an elevator.

Level 2 – Tunnel

Level 2:

You will see a huge garage door. Go to the other door. You will be spawned in a tunnel with multiple doors. Match the code displayed with any codes you have. Turn the lights on by turning the green panel to the right. For now, the code is “itheardyou”. Type it into a computer. Click the file that says “Gate”. Click OK, then click Run.

Level 3 – Habitable Zone, Smilers

Level 3:

Pull the lever near the garage door to open it. Do not walk past the ramp’s end. Do not move if the lights go out. Run to the right into a lit hallway when the lights come on. If the lights flicker immediately after turning on, DO NOT run. You will only have 10 seconds to run if the normal light flickers. You have limited stamina as there is no active monster chasing after you. Smilers are only visible in this level when the lights go out. Each hallway has a different door. To reduce running distance, run from one door to the next in a normal flicker. Walk in to a door that has another corridor and pipes.

Level 4 – Pipe Dreams

Level 4:

There will be a sign that reads “Station <–“” and “Fun –>”.”. It’s not fun. There is no joy. Follow the path to the station. If you don’t have a flashlight, one will be available in the corner of the wall just before you enter the darkness. Once you enter the hallway, a Smiler will chase you. You cannot turn around as you can’t run backwards. Keep running until you reach a doorway on your left side.

Level 5 – Electrical Station

Level 5:

This level is safe. To open the door, go to the end. Fix the boxes with red lights on top and make them turn green. There are three to four boxes. On the last box, you will hear a gate opening. You will hear another gate open. Go through it and then through the door. There may be a box that you need to fix. You can go through the door, but don’t run down the hallway. Take a slow step until you hear the dogman (or Dogman) and then run back through the door. It is important to close the door. You can temporarily blind the Dogman with a flashlight, but it is best to have one for now. Once it leaves, the Dogman will disappear. Continue down the hall and go through the door to the left. Continue looking for boxes by going through the hole in wall. The Dogman will be found at the end of the hallway through the last door to the left. He will not leave you unless you are there. Do your best to fix the items.

Level 5 Part 2:

Once you have found the boxes, go back to the gate that you walked through and open the new gate. BEFORE YOU GO IN, GRAB A FLASHLIGHT. There will ALWAYS at least one on each level. Turn the corner gently and shine your light on Dogman. He will “chase”, so run back through the gate and wait for him despawn. Open the door and return to the room. There is no help here. You will need to use your skill and luck. You will need to not only avoid Dogman but also find three more boxes to fix. The first and second rooms have two doors. The first room has two doors. Running straight will take you to a hallway. Turning left will take you to a room. The second room will be the same. The entrance door is on your left, and the room door is on your left (entrance door). Remember that boxes can randomly spawn. Dogman will appear in your last room. Close the door and wait for him to despawn. Continue on and crouch down through the left hole until you find the gate with the boxes. You can blind Dogman. You should be aware that he will glitch in certain areas and may not despawn or reset back to neutral. Once the gate is opened, return to level 5 and go through the previously closed gate to move onto level 6.

Level 6 – Abandoned offices

Level 6:

You will spawn in an empty building. There are (theoretically) no entities. However, if you look through the doors and find one that leads back into the tunnel, you’ll see a file that warns you to avoid unblacked windows. The first puzzle is to count the number of items in a room, and then enter them to their respective vending machines. The button that resets cameras will be the next puzzle. Avoid being spotted by cameras. If you are spotted, reset the cameras. You will be able to see if you were spotted in the security area. After you have pa*sed all the cameras, you can enter the next level.

Level 7 – Terror Hotel

Level 7:

In the lobby of the hotel, there is a puzzle. To open the door, click on the buttons below the picture. Take the bug spray along with you. To get 3 keys, search for moth swarms. There are no monsters.

Level 7 Part 2:

There are two monsters: the Dogman and the Shapeshifter. There are mailboxes at the front of spawn. You must visit those rooms to find the letters. Place the letters in the boxes, and then enter the code for that white door. SANITY DRAINS FAST. Make sure to drink as much almond water as you can. You can also leave all doors unlocked and hide in your closets.

Level 8 – Boiler room

Level 8:

A table is placed in front of you and a thermometer is on it. You can see the danger, so it is not necessary. These monsters are giant moths. If you get too close to them, your screen will heat up and you may have to crouch to avoid them. You must find the true exit door.

Directions to the map:

Right, left. Straight, left. Right, straight. Left, right. Straight (through the doorway). Continue going through doors. Straight, right.

Level 9 – Pipe Dreams 2.

Level 9:

You will again enter the pipe tunnel, but this time you will choose “Fun –>”.”. It is the same layout as “Station <–“.”.

Level 10 – Party Room

Level 10:

Before the update, I spent five hours on this level and became a master. Major changes have been made. Liquid Pain, a legendary item that can spawn, is able to cause death if you consume it. Or do, it’s your restart.

After you spawn, walk down the hall and crouch underneath the first table. Run to the second table and crouch. Turn around and walk forward to attract the attention of a PartyGoer. Then, go back under the table to “reset” them. Next, crouch down to the opposite side of the room. Don’t get too close.

If you have played before, you can continue on the normal path until reaching the Big Room with 7 Party Goers.

If you haven’t, crouch along the length of the wall. DO NOT TURN AT THE FIRST CORNER. The hallway you want to enter is on your left side. However, do not crouch on any wall. Continue this until you reach a large room.

Big Room:

Continue straight along the left wall, and then head into the hallway to the left. After the Party Goers reset, exit the hallway and run straight along the left side. Continue running on the left side, and then turn left into the left hallway. To reset, hide under the table. As before, crouch along the right sidewall.

Continue through the doors to find a room filled with balloons. You will find a tiled wall.

Level 11 – Swimming Pool Rooms

Level 11:

The Pool Rooms are one of the most beautiful spots in the game. There are no entities.

After the level 10 mind-numbing music, I recommend that you go on your own to find the exit.

You can also head straight to spawn and climb the long steps to find a Tunnel Door.

The exit is located at the farthest point from spawn and is surrounded by red lights.

Level 12 – Run For Your Life

This is the goal.

Keep the “right, left” tabs in your head.

Level 13 – The End

Level 13:

There is a monster, but it can’t see you. It is possible to be close to it, but you will die if it touches your skin. After turning on the computer, collect 24 tapes. You will lose your sanity and the lights will go out.


Written by AbsoluteFool

This is all about Escape the Backrooms – New Update Information and Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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