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Grey Aliens are a diverse race with the ability to do science and ♥♥♥♥. Their biggest strength is also their greatest weakness. They have the ability to research every possible technology known to alienkind, however at the same time their industry is complete garbage and they lack the ability to actually construct those improvements. Some would say that the Sophonity is about building science and getting more science, but those people usually get raided by Cravers and don’t live long to tell their tale. Also, I have never heard anything like that of those people, because I don’t talk to people in the ES2 community unless it is about venting about the game’s weird mechanics.

Never ever about actually anything useful.


Circumventing the Industry problem.

Playing as the Sophonity lays before you the greatest issue ever, how the ♥♥♥♥ do I build anything? This problem has been studies by philosophers all the way from Poland and all the way from Atlantis, and the Sea of Gragas the Wise. None have been able to answer this question, even though they had hired the greatest of AIs, Doctor Jaraxxus.
Okay, enough ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
What the heck do you need to do to not have issues with the super slow start the Sophons have?
Here are some suggestions…

  • Move your population to a better planet, if you got one in your home system, if you had spawned on Boreal and right next to you you see a lava, forest or anything… Just move everyone there and have some bonus to your industry.
  • If Strategic Resources like Titanium or Hyperium are available on your system and some planet has them, move your population to the planet with Titanium and Hyperion and enable the second-level industrial party law that increases industry output by +10% per every strategic resource deposit. This will allow you to boost your construction speed of improvements on a system.
  • Instantly digi-struct (construct) Xeno-Industrial Industry Improvement and colonize all planets within the system after or before additionally constructing the +5 per cold, per hot and per planet agriculture improvement. Doing this will yield you +30 industry on your starting planet and additional 30+ temperate/cold and fertile planets, etc. etc. Just read the improvement. In short, this will allow you to actually do something in the early game.
  • INSTANTLY ENABLE THE TIER 1 SCIENCE PARTY LAW the science party law I’m talking about gives you -15% to industrial cost of improvements. Getting this law INSTANTLY ON SECOND TURN will allow you to greatly reduce the amount of time you need to construct system improvements, greatly boosting your speed in developing your empire during the early and even mid to late game stages of the game.
  • SET YOUR GOVERNMENT TO REPUBLIC AND LOBBY THE INDUSTRIAL PARTY you can change your government upon researching the THIRD-LEVEL TECHNOLOGY IN SCIENCE & DEVELOPMENT TECH TREE, WHICH IS IN THE WESTERN TECHNOLOGIES OF YOUR EMPIRE. Changing to a Republic will take away approvement bonuses, but will allow you to manipulate the elections and also will intensify your laws. Then, as soon as you get to lobby the industrial party, you’ll either get the PRIMARY – INDUSTRIAL PARTY and SECONDARY – SCIENTIFIC PARTY, but usually the other way around PRIMARY – SCIENTIFIC and SECONDARY – INDUSTRIAL.
    Having Industrial and Scientific you will now enact the two best laws for the Sophonity during the early game, it being the +1 strategic resource per strategic resource deposit and industry bonus per strategic deposit. AND THEN THE FIRST TIER SCIENCE LAW THAT GIVES REDUCTION TO INDUSTRY COST. I HAVE MENTIONED BOTH OF THESE LAWS EARLIER, FIND THEM AND ENACT THEM. REMEMBER TO BUILD INFLUENCE IMPROVEMENTS IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THEM…
    SPIN (INFLUENCE PLANET HARVESTING) and MUSEUMS (+2 per ECSTATIC population unit and +1 per HAPPY population unit). YOU’LL FIND IT.


How to get industry in short.


  • Get tier-1 science party law.
  • Build Xeno-Industrial (+10 per cold, temperate, fertile to industry)
  • Colonize every planet in your system.
  • Get +5 per cold, hot, planet to food improvement.
  • Get more population.
  • Gain access to a planet with strategic resource deposits IF AVAILABLE
  • Get +1 per population unit, +3 per population unit on planets with strategic deposit
  • If available enact the tier-2 industry party law.
  • OPTIONALLY set ruling system to REPUBLIC
    • Lobby the industrial party, set both the tier-1 science party law and tier-2 industry party law.


Completing the Sophonity quests.


  • If you want to study as many curiosities as possible, assign your starting hero to the fleet that contains your scouting ship. Go into his ship menu and replace his old engine with a new one, the engine your hero is using is a tier-0 engine that is worse than the one your scout is using, which will cause the hero to drag your fleet, because he is the slowest ship in it. Then also add two scanner modules to the hero ship. This will cost you 100 dust, the exact amount you get at the beginning of the game.
  • If you choose to have fights, then you must have fights, the best way to find fights is to attack pirates, pirates are common and can be destroyed even with unupgraded scout ships, however, you should upgrade them just in case. Having plasma cannons on scout ships is good, but that still won’t make them effective killing machines, so start logically gravitating to better military ships without accidentally collapsing your empire into an economic black hole.
  • If pirates are not available, remember that you can go after the minor races. Walk up to their system and blow up every single ship they got, remember to take the + dust and + science per destroyed enemy cp, this will yield your empire some benefits. The fleets of minor empires respawn often, so just blow them up once or twice to get closer to the condition of your quest.
  • If you need to convince a race, because you choose the third quest, then good job, this is the easiest quest to do out of the three, usually, all you have to do is walk up to a minor faction’s system and scan some curiosities, this will give you positive relationship with them increase for some time, also remember to pick up influence improvements like SPIN and raise your approvement level by doing the +20 approvement -10% industry law to further increase influence gain, also de-act other laws to increase influence gain. REMEMBER TO NOT DO THE QUEST BEFORE REACHING THE +80 OR SOMETHING RELATIONSHIP LEVEL, OTHERWISE, IF YOU ASSIMILATE THE FACTION BEFORE GETTING TO THAT, YOU WILL NOT COMPLETE THE QUEST.
  • If you need to discover systems outside your constellation, just send some probes outside and fly into them. You’ll find them in logical randomly generated places, there is no science to this.
  • If you have to get to some place on the other side of the universe, remember to enact the 2-tier science party law, it’ll allow you to do that quicker.


General military tips and things you ought to know.


  • The greatest Sophonity’s ships’ attribute is their speed. Their speed however is not a natural thing that all ships have, you need to earn it, in order to earn it, level up your hero to have bonuses to movement speed of your ships. the first level south-eastern area of your hero’s skills contains + to movement and vision.
  • During war enact the plus movement to ships law in order to get your ships around the galaxy much quicker, this will allow them to cover a wider area and either defend more effectively or conquer and destroy more rapidly.
  • When fighting a 1v1, remember to rush your opponent’s home system if possible. Capturing the home system will yield you an instant win on the next turn. In order to do that free move into your opponent’s home system when at closest possible to it system. Upon reaching it, declare war or just declare war right before launching your fleet into that system, if closed borders. Remember however that Sophon’s are weak fighters. Their infantry, tanks and fighters have -20% to health, so in order to counter that, invest resources in your military development menu into your army in order to give them better stats. Another thing is that during the early game you should change your army’s consistency from 100% infantry to 100% armored vehicles. Armored vehicles are very good at killing infantry and have no weaknesses until your enemy gets the technology that allows him to deploy fighters, after he does so, change your army to 50% infantry, 50% armored vehicles. After reaching fighters yourself get 35% infantry, 35% armored vehicles, 30% fighters… Or something.
  • Build companies as soon as it is logically possible. Trade companies are the best source of income, they will yield you hundreds of dust per turn allowing you to maintain your gigantic military. NEVER SKIP trade companies. NEVER FORGET to install them. DO THIS LOGICALLY, there are things more important than money, but don’t forget to do build TRADE COMPANIES sooner or later. THEY ARE NEVER TO BE UNDERESTIMATED.
  • If at economic crisis, enact the law that adds -20 to approvement level on systems and +2 or +3 dust production per population unit on systems. This will yield you at least a hundred dust more per turn, allowing you to avoid economic collapse. Find a different solution sooner or later however, this approvement bonus is painful to your science, food and influence production.
  • If you have assigned your first hero to a system, try to level up the science ability first and then the food and industry per population unit. You can do this the other way around. It’s not important. Just the… +5 per sterile and +5 per system skill seems fairly weak, but do what you want really.
  • When sieging systems that you really don’t care about bombard the ♥♥♥♥ out of them. And upon capture, if you don’t care, scrap every improvement they have, it doesn’t matter as long as you plan to lose that system or evacuate it as soon as you earn ownership.
  • To counter disapproval during overcolonization enact the +20 approvement and -10% industry law.



Waging war as the Sophonity is fairly easy. You use scientific development to build the most insane ships imaginable. I don’t want to spoil you the fun of being creative, so I am just going to share you the easiest possible thing to do there is.
Let’s call this guy “Verminator”. Verminator is a tier one ship based of the attack ship hull. What you do is research the railguns in your military tech tree and then give it proper defensive modules.
So… I’m going to send you a picture of the Verminator…
In order to construct the Verminator, research basic railgun. Later on replace the basic railgun with advanced railgun. You can find the advanced railgun at the top of your military tech tree. Use the basic attack ship model and then give it the basic railgun, give it an equal amount of defensive modules. Feel free to ignore the installation of an engine module, but always remember to use the 2-tier science law that increases movement speed of ships.
Upon improving the ship hull by researching Extreme Composites, add another railgun and give it more stuff.
If you want to produce Verminators more quickly, replace all their grey defensive modules with yellow and blue ones that use Hyperium and Titanium. These new defense modules will greatly reduce the industrial cost of your ships. Just remember to install strategic deposit improvement improvements on systems with strategic deposits in order to make up for the loses of this resource you’ll experience with the construction of these ships.


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Hope you enjoy the Guide about ENDLESS™ Space 2 – Pocket Guide to grey aliens (Sophonity), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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