ELDEN RING – Tips How to Draconic Tree Sentinel

ELDEN RING – Tips How to Draconic Tree Sentinel 1 - steamlists.com
ELDEN RING – Tips How to Draconic Tree Sentinel 1 - steamlists.com

Since the boss has a massive damage, its really hard to learn the fight, if you’re not up for a really mean match like me, this guide might help.

How to:

Get on your horse, grab a halberd or something.
At the start: run up to him stand on his right side (so you’re on the left and he’s on your right, opposite to his shield hand) and start hitting until the horse gets its legs up. Easy way to get some damage in.
Early Phase: keep fast on your horse, use dash. Keep some distance, wait out the fireballs, keep dodging them sideways. Ignore everything until he charges towards you. Charge towards him and get a single hit on his weapon side, his move has a longer launch so you can get your hit in without being hit back. Now its important to keep a lock on him and keep pressing forward, your camera will face him when he gets behind you and your horse will move towards him before he recovers from the attack and hit him on the back of his horse. As soon as the hit lands, move away with a dash. Easy two hits, and they’re easily repeatable. Also keep running forward if the boss stops in the middle of the charge attack, happens less but he will stop the fake charge and do a fireball attack.
Dodge lighting: He holds his shield upwards with red electricity. It will do a lighting attack on where-ever you are and its hard to dodge. The key is to look at the shield hand, he will bring it down and thats the key to dash out of the lightning
2nd Phase: Just keep doing the same attacks and chip his health down

Written by NightWarrior

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