ELDEN RING – Tips How to beat the soldier of Godrick

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ELDEN RING – Tips How to beat the soldier of Godrick 1 - steamlists.com

How to become overcome the largest hurdle in soulsborne history >_<

Setting the scene

Imagine if you will…
I have been playing fromsoft games for over ten years, and like many of you, these games are a massive treat. The environments, the mechanics, the characters, the lore. It is all top tier and a realm of it’s own. The most important thing to these games if you ask most people, are the bosses. Elden Ring does not disappoint. Elden ring harbors some brutally difficult challenges that can really test some veterans of the series. Everything from the very first grafted scion to Melania all have something to offer. However…
Ask any maidenless non giga chad who the hardest boss is and you’ll hear a few different results. Melania, Malekith, the Elden Beast. Honestly have these people played a proper souls game like dark souls 2? Seriously people, get with the times. A true fan would know these are by definition NOT the hardest bosses in the game. They are hard for sure, but nowhere near the hardest. Closer contenders are definitely the Mimic Tear for the fact it is a copy of you, but is better than you in every way, kinda like dark link if Nintendo had any good ideas; Blame Reggie. Another would be Manus, who dwells at the bottom of Oolicile, in the abyss. To be fair, he is a pretty tough mid game boss for Elden Ring. Just a few examples of far superior bosses in terms of the mechanics of Elden Ring and what it demands of its players.
As much as we would like to say otherwise, the soldier of Godrick has claimed more lives than any encounter in Elden Ring has so far. It’s a fact…
The soldier of Godrick is a secret legacy dungeon boss that surprisingly can be accessed as early as the start of the game after the far easier grafted scion boss. This boss is easily missable, but can be attempted straight away. Most players that stumble upon the first site of grace that leads to the soldier are often forced to create fresh saves, as he often locks players inside his hole with no way out in a desperate “Git Gud” straight from the developers. This is the moment you realize. Elden Ring is not going to play nice from here on out. You already completed the tutorial… welcome to die.
In this guide, I am going to help you take on the soldier and properly prepare for the challenges he brings, as we want to defeat him for the item he guards. I will be going over some basic starter tips, as well as advanced strategies on how to properly prepare for this fight. I will also be going over what class is the best one to start with, what keepsake will be best for the situation, and I am going to begin the guide straight from the point after beating the grafted scion (cause lets be honest, if you can’t beat him, you stand no match against Godrick’s chosen champian). Just know that it will only make the boss more manageable, not easy.
You have been warned.

Starter class/ keepsake

Starter Class
Elden ring starts you off with creating a character and choosing your class. There are 10 classes. Count ’em. Ten. These classes are samurai, and the other nine. Seriously, for this guide, we are going to start with the samurai, as the uchigatana not only has great baseline stats, but also allows for bleed buildup, which is absolutely vital to this strategy. You can also upgrade the uchigatana much easier since it uses smithing stones as opposed to somber smithing stones. This is also vital as we want to upgrade our weapon without having to go after the bell bearings that allow us to recieve the somber stones. The samurai also comes with a bow, which is perfect for assaulting our ranged attackers without having to risk a rush.
These weapons are temporary, as we are going to find better gear for the trials ahead, but for now they are the best to start with.The main reason to use the samurai other than the weapons is the fact that the samurai is cool, so that already gives us extra giga chad points, so you will be ever closer to attaining giga chad stature, which makes the soldier much more manageable.
I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. Grab the golden seed. Most players without knowledge as to what a golden seed are will probably look at the other glistening goodies that hide in the keepsake screen. The golden seed for the maidenless is a way to allow the player to hold more healing items. This is important, as we will be able to start the game with an extra crimson/cerulean flask, whichever you prefer, but for this guide, we will be sticking to crimson flasks as we don’t exactly need the fp refill right now.
Now that we have the starting class and keepsake figured out, Lets go to our next section:


Here we start our quest. After beating the grafted scion, we fall off a cliff, and we end up waking up underground after witnessing future characters Melina and Torrent doing unspeakable things to our characters… well use your imagination you weirdo. You will wake up and begin to test the controls. As you look forward you should see a set of stairs that go up towards Limgrave, and then there is a ghost sitting in a chair. DO NOT DROP DOWN THE HOLE WHATEVER YOU DO!!! Unless you are a speedrunning god or the worlds worst masochist, do not attempt this. The soldier of Godrick slumbers down that hole. There is a site of grace that you can interact with when you drop down the hole, and if you rest, there is no turning back. Being unable to defeat the soldier after resting will permanently lock your save unless you restart and create a fresh save, or if you defeat him. Fun fact: Did you know that if you beat the soldier of Godrick straight off the start without leaving to enter Limgrave, you receive an apology? Crazy, I know. If you want a crack at him to test your pre ultra-instinct power level versus the power level that made Jiren run for his mother… oh wait… then go right ahead, but I strongly suggest not resting at the site of grace in case you do fail to defeat him, which you will.
Climbing up the stairs leads to a site of grace, and beyond that, is a lift that will take you to Limgrave. The first thing you should see is a masked man named Varre. He is going to aid you right after calling you a literal virgin, like ♥♥♥♥ that guy. He leads you on your way, and tells you of the site of grace mechanic and a little about the tarnished. After hitting it up with him, you should see a golden clad knight on a horse, with a fairly large divine halberd, and a very big circle. I do advise beating him, as the runes you attain will be very good for this early in the game, and if you can’t beat him, turn off the pc, you can’t handle the truth. The bosses name is the tree sentinel, and he should be fairly easy. If for some reason you are struggling with him, leave and continue with the guide, and come back when you feel you are ready ♥♥♥♥♥.
Past the tree sentinel you should find a church, and here there will be a merchant named Kale. He sells some pretty good stuff like some cookbooks, and the torch. These are essential items not only early game, but later game as well. This will aid you in the fight for Godrick. Congratulations though, as you have already gotten further than most who fall for fromsoft’s dangerous beginners trap. To the north of the church you should find dilapidated ruins that have a few knight enemies and carriages. If you found this, then you’re in the right place. There is a site of grace here. Rest, and you will speak to Melina, and she will give you torrent. Torrent is your companion that will allow you to reach the further most reaches of the lands between. After speaking to her and finishing the dialogue she gives you; Spend your runes in whatever stat you want, but the recommended stats are vigor, endurance, dexterity, and intelligence. Trust me, this ♥♥♥♥ will make sense at some point here. After leveling up, head down the road that leads into the ruins, and interact with the large memorial to receive your first map. After this we don’t need to worry about here anymore, and we can proceed.
Over where the site of grace was, there is a giant open gate. Proceed through here and continue down the road. Careful though, as a giant will jump down from the heavens themselves to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ rip you apart. Simply put: don’t stop running. Or riding, I don’t care, shut up. As you proceed, you should see a small, golden tree with an item drop at its base. This is another golden seed, and will allow you to reinforce your flask. Keep following the road, and you will reach a shack.Here we meet roderika, a very vital character in this guide, as she will be able to improve our ashes later.
A quick guide on ashes
For the uninitiated… Ashes are a new gameplay mechanic brought to Elden Ring to attempt to balance the Soldier of Godricks immense physical strength and vitality. After talking to Ranni and receiving the spirit calling bell, you are able to summon spirits that will aid you during certain encounters, primarily bosses, mini bosses, or any place where it is allowed, but it’s mainly bosses. We will come back to spirits later, but fair warning. Using summons of any kind or ashes is punishable by death by the community. Beware.
Exhaust Roderikas dialogue, and when she begins to repeat herself, follow the road even further. After defeating more soldier enemies, you will find a very ominous entrance, and down a hall, will find an open area that displays the upcoming area, stormveil castle. Here you will be meeting this ♥♥♥♥♥♥…
ELDEN RING - Tips How to beat the soldier of Godrick - Limgrave - 95BF440
This ♥♥♥♥ will be your first roadblock in our valiant quest. He can be fairly difficult for a boss this early, and it’s fine if you can’t get him right away.If you can’t beat him, go out and explore, then return when you feel you have a much better standing with him. Upgrading your weapons, upgrading stats through leveling, or finding new weapons and ashes all together are what are going to help you out the most from here on out. I am going to leave out the details, as that’s more up to the player rather than the guide, I am just pointing you in the right direction to anything that could help you out.
Margit is a fairly fast boss and does a lot of damage. He has lots of unpredictable combos that can spring into other combos, and it can be daunting. My first time was a nightmare, even for someone who has beaten every souls game dozens of times. It can be truly daunting to the uninitiated. Laying on damage is key, not only to reduce health, but constant damage can cause a posture break, which leaves an enemy stunned, usually kneeling down. Running up to a posture broken boss or enemy and hitting your primary attack button will cause a visceral attack that causes massive damage. Guard counters (blocking and immediately using a heavy attack) and jumping heavy attacks can quicker destroy an enemies posture. Learn margits attacks, and recognize the tells. Eventually, he will go down. Great job if you beat him.
If you want to run through stormveil castle, go ahead. If not, it really isn’t necessary at this point. You did a good. Take a breath, eat some food, TOUCH SOME ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ GRASS, and just enjoy the time you have left before you enter the void of eternal blackness 🙂

Touching grass

For me, I spent a lot of time in the lands between. As a result, if you put nearly a*s much time as I did, I recommend touching grass, as the “touch grass” buff helps lower the soldier of Godricks defense by a whopping 69.420 percent. This will allow you to start shaving down his healthbar with much more efficiency. One way to earn the “Touch Grass” buff is to go and touch grass. An example of how to do this is demonstrated here:
ELDEN RING - Tips How to beat the soldier of Godrick - Touching grass - 287418F
Touching grass isn’t necessary for everyone, but it is recommended.
After touching grass, you should be ample ready for the path ahead. If you skipped this step, continue onward. If you are still following the guide, skip to the chapter called “later chapter”.

Stormveil Castle

Honestly I just wanted an excuse to use the “Margret the fell omen” meme

Crumbling Farum Azula

Now that we have prepared and beaten Margret, I feel we can skip just slightly ahead to better prepare you. You have already done most that you could do up to this point. If you want a fresh list of important keynotes and ingredients to unlocking eternal power, here is a quick checklist of things to get and accomplish before we continue onwards:
Beat Godrick (optional) and get the great rune of Godrick (also optional)
Explore the lands between
Visit the various churches of Marika to get sacred tears
Get Roderika’s quest done to improve ashes
Get the summoning bell from Ranni
Arrive at the roundtable hold
Get a good ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ weapon
Reach the Academy of Raya Lucaria
Beat the bosses in Raya Lucaria
Touch Grass
Smoke said grass
Probably play a different game
Go back cause you have a cripling addiction that needs to be quelled
I’ll never cheat on you again I swear
Travel back to the first area to obtain maidens blood
Invade some peeps
Die to said peeps cause you suck at pvp like me
Go after Mohg
Die to Mohg
Die to Mohg again
Tres. Duo. Unus
Leave Mohg for someone better
Ask out an actual girl
Get rejected by said girl
Cry in the corner
Reach the atlas plateau (good luck finding out how here ♥♥♥♥♥♥)
Beat the soldier of godrick
Find more golden seeds
Reinforce that good ol’ sunny D
Sunny D
Never gonna give you up
Find patches
Reason with Patches 🙂
Realize patches won’t reason with you 🙁
Realize you can make him submit to reason :0
Kill him cause you dropped your controller and it killed him ;-;
Play dark souls to see your favorite anti cleric fun man again 🙂
God I need to play something different and get some sleep
Go after the elden throne
Beat big yellow ghosty boy
Be happy that you found the Elden ring before Dunkey
Cry as you realize the ♥♥♥♥ is back and hes edven harder than ever
struggle against Morgot
cry against Morgot
Break your ♥♥♥♥ over Morgot
Realize this ♥♥♥♥ is pointless
Skip to farum azula because I am out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ jokes
There are many things you can do, and if you even did half of the things I list before, I can assure you are almost done and can enact the play against the soldier of Godrick. Proceed through the area, and keep running. The enemies are quite durable here, and hit extremely hard. By now you should be able to handle them, and they are going to be great warmups for the gauntlet coming up. We are in the endgame now.
Keep going until you reach a very open room with multiple platforms. This is a mandatory boss against the infamous godskin duo. Remember the golden rule, summon and you’re a ♥♥♥♥♥. If you don’t care about your self worth, summon mimic tear (which should be +10 now), and kick their asses. Congrats if you beat them, as you have overcome the third hardest hurdle, but it’s only going to escalate from here on out.
Rest at the nearby site of grace, and keep heading on through. The enemies here are incredibly annoying and can easily kill you without so much as a seconds glance. Rush through to preserve resources, and keep going through until you stumble across a lone crucible knight. These enemies are no joke, and can easily take you down. They are mini boss tier for difficulty, so just run past him as well. There are going to be multiple birds and a dragon trying to electrocute you, so just keep running.
You will eventually reach an elevator that will bring you to a site of grace. This site of grace is right before a bridge that has a draconic tree sentinel. Run past him, cause he isn’t worth your time, and you are almost finished at this point. Enter the fog gate, and prepare your a*s for dante himself.
Malekith the black blade is the second hardest challenge for this guide. If you can beat him, you have the skills required to beat the soldier of Godrick. Malekith is incredibly fast, however that may be, he starts off every attempt as the beast clergyman. This form is relatively difficult, but very manageable. Once he activates devil trigger you’re on your own bucko. This may be a guide but ♥♥♥♥ if I know what to do. I barely beat him solo, like good luck buddy. If you beat him, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bravo, cause jesus christ. Have fun, and take in the moment, cause you are almost done.
If you have been following this guide exactly, skip to the soldier of Godrick chapter, cause that’s where we are headed, to finish everything and become the mega chad you were always destined to be.

The end of all challenges… the soldier of godrick

This is it. The final battle. This is where it ends.
From here on out, there is no return. You are committed from here on out. With your +25 weapon, azure comet, wondrous flask, armor, and maiden, you can warp back to stranded graveyard site of grace. This run is going to be grueling. Drop down the hole where we first started and rest at the site of grace. From here on out, there is no turning back.
There is going to be an enemy up ahead. Take him down. Use guard counters to break his posture, and get the visceral attack. He may try to retaliate, but keep up the pressure, and you will be fine. Past the first enemy will be a gank of two more enemies. This may be tricky, but use your spells and skills properly to divide agro between them to allow for better spacing. Once one is dead, you should be able to finish the second off without problem. Proceeding forward has no enemies in the tight corridor, but you will eventually reach the true test of this hell run. There is a soldier on a catwalk made of stone above, raining arrows down onto you. Letting up for even a second can result in near instant death. Run past him. You can’t fight him like this. Take cover and keep going until his ranged attacks can no longer reach you.
From here on out we are going to have more similar battles like what we have had earlier in the cave. Repeat what you have done, and be sure to take advantage of guard counters, and you will make it up top. Now to repay that archer. He has much lower health that other soldiers than before, but the arrows he shoots at you can still be a massive risk, so roll through the attacks and keep going. Once he is dead, you have one encounter left before the soldier standing guard over his dominion, as well as his treasure. There are many bushes in the upcoming room. Sneak through it sekiro style, and try to back stab the enemy that lies ahead without being noticed. He will instantly kill you if he sees you, like a g*y medusa. Get the back stab and suppress your emotions, because ♥♥♥♥ is about. to. go. down.
The soldier of godrick is the penultimate battle that you will face, and the premium crop for the boss quality in Elden Ring. He will begin across the arena, staring you down, analyzing you, as he prepares his first move. He stares, lowering your attack by half using the skill intimidate. You shudder in your boots, as your life flashes before your eyes, he zips across the arena to engage you head on. The soldier of godricks main gimmick is that of an R1 spammer. An R1 spammer is well known to be the fiercest of opponents one can face in a dark souls game. Keep distance, and try to get used to the parry timings. If you can pull off a parry, you can drastically reduce the length of the fight, which is vital for survival.
One strategy you can use to get even the slightest amount of damage is the wonderous flask/ azure comet combo. The way it works is you use the cerulean hidden tear on the flask, and it eliminates all fp usage for ten seconds. Azure comet is the sorcery to combine with this, as it is one of the most, if not the most powerful sorcery in game at this time. It uses a lot of fp however, so it is very impractical most of the time. The way to circumvent that is to use the flask to make using the sorcery cost nothing for a short time. As soon as you enter the arena, use the flask before he starts to rush you, and use azure meteor to deal as much damage as you can before the effect wears off.
Guard counters are also your friend here. Parrying is the better way to do damage, but learning the timings can prove to be extremely difficult, as missing a parry timing can leave you open for quite some time. Guard counters are going to be a slower way to damage the soldier, but at least the risk is slightly reduced. I recommend the use of the counters over the parry, but if you somehow manage to become god himself and be the parry god, then that will be the better choice for you.
That is basically it. From here on out it is just blood, sweat, grit, and determination, as you have to do your all to be able to do it. Once you do it… just… take a minute… you… ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥… did it. You absolute giga chad. Whos ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ maidenless. Not you you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ massive gamer.
ELDEN RING - Tips How to beat the soldier of Godrick - The end of all challenges... the soldier of godrick - F296693
From here, go past his domain, and claim your rightful reward. A ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ emote.
The moral of the story is there is no point in life. Hard work leads to dissapointment, and fromsoft owes me an apology because I deserve some form of happiness at this point.

Written by GCGBerserk

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about ELDEN RING – Tips How to beat the soldier of Godrick; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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