ELDEN RING – Player Finds a Surprise in Siofra River Well

ELDEN RING – Player Finds a Surprise in Siofra River Well 1 - steamlists.com
ELDEN RING – Player Finds a Surprise in Siofra River Well 1 - steamlists.com

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One Elden Ring player finds an unusual occurrence in the Siofra River Well region. Elden Ring is a vast, wide-open world that offers a variety of environments. It includes the difficult terrains of Caelid, the snowy Mountaintops and The Giants, and the beautiful but dangerous lands of Liurnia Of The Lakes. The open world of Elden Ring encourages players to explore the unknown. Limgrave is the starting point for Elden Ring adventurers. Valleys, shallow rivers, and dense forests of Mistwood characterize this region.

The Siofra River Well is a man-made structure that Elden Ring adventurers will find when they delve into Mistwood. This structure is the entrance to the Siofra River. It is a previously unknown underground area. The Siofra River is essential for related side quests of major Elden Ring NPCs such as Blaidd and Ranni the Witch, but it is unnecessary to complete the primary campaign. Players must use the elevator in the well to continue their underground journey. This lift is normally safe from enemies, but Elden Ring fans would disagree.

Reddit user crispixel, rode the elevator at Eldenring’s Siofra River Well and was met with an unpleasant shock. Their character was in an elevator when they captured the bizarre event and posted it on the Elden Ring forum. The bear slams down on top of the Elden Ring player as it descends, creating an effect similar to a jump scare in horror films. The bear does not die instantly from the impact of the fall, but he lets out a terrifying scream that only increases the anxiety and tension in the room.


My heart from Eldenring

Crispixel was unharmed but clearly shaken by the experience. The Elden Ring subreddit community felt sorry for the original poster and speculated on what might have happened if the bear had not died. Some Internet users joked that Elden Ring players should sue FromSoftware for the events shown in the video. Elden Ring players are exploring The Lands Between the need to take note of the Crispixel video. It shows that you never let your guard down.

The dramatic scene in the video was captured after the player from Mistwood followed the bear. The bear may have become disoriented and fallen through a lift’s opening. You can also spot bears in Limgrave and other parts of Elden Ring, like the Capital Outskirts, Moonlight Altar, Altus Plateau, and Weeping Peninsula. Although they aren’t as dangerous as Runebears or as deadly as Runebears, these bears still pose a serious threat to players of low HP.

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