ELDEN RING – Combat Ordeal Tips and Tricks

ELDEN RING – Combat Ordeal Tips and Tricks 1 - steamlists.com
ELDEN RING – Combat Ordeal Tips and Tricks 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome to ELDEN RING – Combat Ordeal Tips and Tricks Guide. The people you’re fighting are having a better time in this Combat Ordeal. These sensible suggestions will greatly simplify everyone’s chaotic combat experience. This guide also includes the best combat builds and gameplay.

What is Combat Ordeal?

“Combat Ordeal” refers to the Free-For-All mode of the Eldenring Colosseum. This can be accessed by visiting the Limgrave Colosseum (, located north of Warmaster’s Shack).

You can either start combat there or go (back) the Roundtable Hold to talk to the Marika statue at the fireplace. All settings in the Limgrave Colosseum are added (, and each subsequent Colosseum is discovered).

The “Combat Ordeal”, played by 2, 4, or 6 players, becomes more chaotic with each player.

This mini-guide is intended to help you navigate the buzzsaw of action… and not be cut into too many pieces.

What is your build?

The best thing about Elden Ring? Any build can be made, even in this mode. It is up to you to be smart and join the action when it is most helpful.

Any build is possible, as before. However, Vigor must be maintained. Players can expect to have at least 40 Vigor in the PVP metagame.

There are also builds that are naturally sweaty, others that are sweaty depending upon how they are played, and some that were built according to a Youtube tutorial and are here to cause mayhem.

You must follow some minimums if you want to have fun with this mode.

  • Minimum 40 Vigor
  • You have enough mind to last until you respawn
  • You need enough endurance to be able to carry your best armor
  • You need to have enough of your primary stats to make a difference in the battle

Let’s now look at some things to remember when participating in the Combat Ordeal.

Combat Ordeal Tips and Tricks:

This should be a useful tool for your Combat Ordeal experience.

  • Expect to die a lot when you start. Even if your skills are good at PVE, this mode can be challenging. This mode becomes much more enjoyable than frustrating when you accept that dying is a way to learn how the game works.
  • Learn how to spot the sweeties. Sweaties are PVP players who are dedicated to winning and often maximize the game’s fun. Keep them out of your sight at all times. If they lock onto you, run into other people and hope someone else takes you down.
  • Another sweaty is “I’ll wait and spam area-of-effect attacks and farm deaths”: this one will use spells and incantations when everyone else has been softer. Always be at their side or behind them.
  • If a player is trying to pick off the (who uses range attack), that’s a (crab based on both “time and crab”). A crab doesn’t care about winning. They consider it their victory if the sweaty does not win. The crab is not likely to be your primary target. The crab is trying to make sure everyone else has fun, so don’t be too harsh on him.
  • Do not get in between two players fighting. Try to poke at them and get them in a position where you can move in and take the kill on one or both.
  • Learn to identify weak targets and how to read fight flow so you can move in quickly and take out as many opponents as possible. If they can use this knowledge correctly, someone who understands the rhythm of a fight will always be in a position of advantage.
  • Don’t use a lock-on. Honestly, you can learn to play without it. You will be flanked and backstabbed quickly if you focus on one opponent. Even if you are the designated crab in this Combat Ordeal, it is possible to play.
  • You should prioritize sweaty clothes over other items if you are sweaty. If you’re the only one sweating in the room, expect a crab. Bouts last five minutes so if you have the time, coast at the beginning and then hit the gas near the end for those last few kills.
  • Even if you’re a sweaty fighter, your ability to read the fight’s flow will not be of any benefit, especially in a situation where everyone is fighting for his own.


Closing thoughts

Combat Ordeal is only as fun as the community makes them believe it to be. So don’t worry about losing streaks, bad games, or sweaties with double Vykes or cross-naginata. This is the franchise’s unofficial theme song.


Written by Nitramy

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about ELDEN RING – Combat Ordeal Tips and Tricks; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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