Egypt: Old Kingdom – Complete Quiz & FAQS

Egypt: Old Kingdom – Complete Quiz & FAQS 1 -
Egypt: Old Kingdom – Complete Quiz & FAQS 1 -

I have compiled what I think is a complete guide to the Quizzes. If I’ve missed any, please comment and I’ll add it to the list 🙂
I’ve tried to list the answers more or less alphabetically, or at least according to the first word of the question. I haven’t corrected the spelling or grammar of the questions, and I’ve tried to present them as they are. The answers are verified through the in-game result after each quiz.
I hope it helps!


According to the Narmer Palette, how many heads of sheep and goats did the ruler take following victory over Lower Egypt? 1,422,000


During which dynasty did stepped pyramids appear? Third
During which dynasty did elephants leave Egypt? Before dynasties
During which dynasty was the largest pyramid built? Fourth
During which dynasty did Horus and Set rule Egypt together? Second
During which dynasty did Egyptians start to visit the land of Punt? Fourth
During which dynasty did the culture of Lower Nubia flourish? Fifth


Egyptian kings had many names, but which of the following wasn’t used by them? Ra Name
Even though Egyptologists can’t decide what the “white walls” were, they know what they weren’t. Which of these is NOT what the White Walls were thought to have been? City walls


From where did the Egyptians receive new knowledge, in their own opinion? Kings


How many seasons did ancient Egyptian have in a year? 3
How did the Egyptians view the coming of the First Intermediate Period? End of the World
How many days were there in a year in the ancient Egyptian calendar? 365


In which city were the statues of the god Min made? Coptos


King Menes ordered the construction of the Temple of Ptah. Where did it stand in relation to the position of Memphis’ city walls? To the south


Of which building was the mastaba a variation? Tomb


The kings of the 5th Dynasty were famous for claiming descent from a god. Which god was this? Ra
Through which Cataract of the Nile was the first navigable channel built? First
To which king did the official Harhuf give a pygmy? Pepy II


Upon which sort of terrain did Egyptians prefer to build their houses? Elevated


What was the main function of the king? To speak to the gods
What was the ancient Greek name for the Memphis region? Inbu-Hedj (not Greek, but ok)
What did Egyptians mine for in Libya? Cedar
What metal did the Egyptians use during the construction of the Great Pyramids? Copper
What did Egyptians call the Sea? The Great Green
What was Hathor a patron goddess of? Prosperity
What were Egyptian kings most afraid of? Oblivion
What did Egyptians mine for in the Sinai? Copper
What did not exist in Nubia during the Old Kingdom? Basalt
What other regions, besides Egypt, does the Nile flow through? Nubia
What was the surplus produce of ancient Egypt’s economy spent on? Ancestor cult
What was the aim of Egyptian rulers when they conquered the lands of the Nile Valley? Order
What was the most important quality to get a promotion in royal service in ancient Egypt? Royal kinship
What was the oldest existing papyrus about? Construction works
What spirits, apart from beer, did Egyptians drink? Wine
What was the easternmost region reachable to Egyptians during the Old Kingdom? Canaan
What was the southernmost region reachable to Egyptians during the Old Kingdom? Land of Punt
What animals did the Egyptians use for transportation during the Old Kingdom? Donkeys
What was the skin color of ancient Egyptians? Varied
What genres of literature were unknown during the Old Kingdom? Novels
What was the base length of the largest pyramid? 230
What or whom was “Heb-Sed” dedicated to? Royal Anniversary
What was the highest rank that an Egyptian official could achieve without being a king’s relative? Vizier
What usually pulled plows in ancient Egypt? People
What was the most expensive stone used to line pyramids? Granite
What was the name of the king who built a pyramid for his wife, Khamerernebty? Menkaura
What was the name of the main center of Ra worship? Heliopolis
What was the ancient homeland of the Egyptians? Upper Egypt
What was the name of the king who founded the capital of united Egypt? Menes


Where was the biggest source of gold known to Egyptians? Nubia
Where were the biggest copper deposits situated? Sinai
Where was Memphis situated? Lower Egypt


Which was the last dynasty of the Old Kingdom? Sixth
Which one of these Old Kingdom officials was deified by the Egyptians? Imhotep
Which of these kings built the most pyramids? Sneferu
Which deity helped the Egyptian troops in their struggle against Libyans? Neith
Which god’s name did Egyptian kinds bear while living? Horus
Which king moved the capital to Memphis? Menes
Which of these was not grown by the ancient Egyptians? Rice
Which king ordered the construction of a whole labyrinth of rooms and corridors under his tomb? Hetepsekhemwy
Which of these are not the achievements attributed to Imhotep? Warfare
Which king built the last pyramid at Saqqara? Ibi
Which of these was not a factor in the Old Kingdom’s downfall? Hyksos
Which of these animals did Egyptians consider to be the most dangerous? Lions
Which of these animals was a part of Narmer’s name? Catfish
Which god was the patron of Peribsen? Seth
Which king didn’t build a pyramid in the Giza necropolis? Djedefra
Which one of these weapon types was hardly ever used during the Old Kingdom? Sword
Which of these gods was considered to be the patron god of the Saqqara necropolis? Seker
Which material was not used by Egyptians in the mummification process? Beer
Which king built the northernmost pyramid in Egypt? Djedefra
Which artifact told scholars about the existence of Narmer? Palette
Which of these regions was not a part of the royal necropolis of Memphis? Buto
Which region wasn’t an important political center during predynastic times? Herakleopolis
Which of these chiefdoms did not participate in the struggle for hegemony in Upper Egypt during the foundation of the ancient Egyptian state? Abydos
Which of these dynasties granted the most power and autonomy to the nobility? Fifth
Which was the last dynasty of the Old Kingdom? Sixth
Which of these was not mentioned in the Palermo Stone annals? Beer
Which dynasty built the biggest pyramids? Fourth


While living the king was the god Horus, but which god did he become after his death? Osiris

Who, whose

Who was the god of writing and counting? Thoth
Who built the Great Pyramid? People
Whom did the Egyptians blame for disasters in their country? Kings
Who finally united all Egypt? Khasekhemwy
Who ruled all the desert of ancient Egypt? Seth
Who was considered to be the main source of woes in Egypt? Seth
Who lived to the east of Egypt? Asians
Who lived to the west of Egypt? Libyans
Who, most probably, united entire Egypt for the first time? Scorpion
Who were nomarchs? Governor
Who of these people was not a 5th dynasty king? Shepsekaf
Whose daughter was the wife of the dwarf Seneb? King


Written by Octarin

This is all about Egypt: Old Kingdom – Complete Quiz & FAQS ; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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