Eggcelerate! – Tips and Tricks how to play the game Guide

Eggcelerate! – Tips and Tricks how to play the game Guide 1 -
Eggcelerate! – Tips and Tricks how to play the game Guide 1 -
Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve picked up and some ways to shave off those crucial hundredths of a second.

– When approaching a jump accelerate as fast as possible but touch the brake just before the back wheels get to the end of the ramp. You have to instantly smash the gas again to catch the egg up but it seems to balance the egg much better mid air.
– Line up the jump straight as anything else is just way to unpredictable as to where the egg is going to land. Eggy physics are awesome!

– Cutting corners can shave off some time but be weary as some corners are bumpy and can send your egg flying!
– Ride as high as possible on the banked corners. You can maintain maximum acceleration throughout the bend this way.

– The obstacles are timed to perfection in slowing you down. Learning the timing is critical to fast times. The saw seems to be a simple obstacle but Tim’s timing again is great and can really mess up your run. The saw moves quickly so sometimes heading straight for it is a great approach.
– I am not aware of how the collision coding was done but it seems to me there is scope of missing the hammer catching you if squeezed up as close as possible to its mounting point on the floor. Trying to go round it on the outside where the hammer head is seems to rattle the egg in its cage! But slipping under the hammer seems to work.

– As long as the egg makes it over the finish line you will complete the level.
– Being aware of the eggs position and rotation in the basket can really benefit in getting those fast times. Keep in mind that if the egg is rotated in a certain way and positioned in the egg crate perfectly you can get really fast round corners as its shape will hold better within the basket.

– I’m not aware if there is any advantage or disadvantage to choosing different cars or baskets as the relative position of the basket seems to be consistent as do the wheels, weight and physics in driving.
– Its also really worth noting that each vehicle has a specific shape. A chicken once told me some vehicles have useful angles to bounce the egg over the finish line better than others. But who’s to say!

I hope that helps get people started on getting some faster times!

EGGCELERATE yourself into the record books people and help us all by creating your own guides on how you get fast!!!



Written by ianwynn25

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Eggcelerate! – Tips and Tricks how to play the game Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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